The Best RV Jack Pads

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The best jacks for your RV are the snap pads.

It’s official, RV SnapPads are amazing! If you’re wondering what they are, they are permanent jack pads for your RV. Or as Jason likes to say, shoes for your jacks. We were lucky enough to receive a set of SnapPad Xtra from Origen RV Accessories LTD to try them out and write a review.

We say lucky because we’ve had our eye on this product for a while and are so pleased to finally add them to our arsenal of RV accessories. Running around the RV to align jack pads while setting up is something we’ve always hated doing, and SnapPads removes that dreaded task!

In addition, they are designed to stabilize your RV on any terrain. That’s right, they work on grass, dirt, sand, ice, snow, and even uneven gravel or asphalt. Put these bad boys on one time and you’re good to go.

Not to mention, they are extremely easy to put on… you might even say it’s a “snap” (sorry, couldn’t help myself). It’s recommended to put them on while on a level and paved ground, so we stopped at a rest stop during a travel day to pop them on.

Any RVer will know that added stops or delays on moving day is extremely unwanted, so being able to stop and put the SnapPads on without any additional headache is a miracle! It saved us so much time once we arrived at our new campsite because we were able to simply unhitch and hit auto level on our LCI leveling system.

The whole process of unhitching and getting the rig level took about 3 minutes instead of our typical 10-15 minutes of setting up levelers and running around to align jack pads (all while yelling at each other “ready?!” or “not yet!” or “okay, GO!”).

SnapPad Xtra Permanently Attached RV Leveling Jack Pad for 9 inch Round Landing Feet (6-Pack)
  • ✅ FIT - Xtra fits 9” round metal feet on many Class A and 5th Wheels RVs. Please verify size of jacks (9”) before...
  • ✅ PERMANENT - SnapPads can be installed in minutes but will stay on forever. Snap them on and rid yourself of all your...

Benefits & Features:

  • Once installed they add an extra 1.13″ to your jack thickness
  • 4.8 pounds per pad
  • Made from recycled tires
  • Works on any type of surface
  • Scientifically tested to maintain integrity at over 120 degrees F and below -40 degrees F
  • It takes over 1,300 pounds of vertical pressure to install SnapPads
  • Tested to withstand 50x the force of gravity (aka, they aren’t coming off when you hit that pothole)
  • Origen RV Accessories LTD offers a 2 year extended warranty on performance and defects. If your product fails within this 2-year timeframe, they’ll replace it for free!
  • Extremely easy to install
  • Saves time setting up and taking down camp


  • If you’re on extremely uneven terrain, you’ll still have to use leveling blocks on some of your jacks
  • More expensive than plastic jack pads or wood blocks
  • Doesn’t work on all jacks (take a look at their cheat sheet to see if it will work on your rig)

Snag a set for yourself on their website:

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  1. Hi Rae,
    Love your channel. My husband Mark and I were wondering what size Snappad would we need for our 2021 390RK?
    Thank you

    Our RV is on order and we probably won’t take delivery until Aug or Sept, but we are planning ahead. 🙂

    1. Hi Sharon,

      Thank you so much! I believe you would want the SnapPad XTRA. These are the pads we have and they are for 9″ round landing feet, so just confirm the size of your jack’s feet and you’re good to go. Also, SnapPad is being impacted by COVID and is out of stock currently but they should have things up and running again in a few weeks 🙂 Here’s the link to the XTRA’s:

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