A Breakdown of the Luxe Toy Hauler

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While many RV brands claim to build four-season campers or products for full-time living, many of these units still fall short of customer expectations.

If you’re looking for a toy hauler built for the long haul, constructed to withstand extreme temperatures, and full of residential amenities, it’s time you look at a Luxe.

These luxurious units will have everything you need and more, so your RV will feel more like a high-end apartment than a camper. Look at the Luxe Toy Hauler line and see if it’s right for you!

Who Is Luxe?

Luxe is a luxury fifth wheel manufacturer that specializes in high-end towable RVs. With residential amenities and luxurious finishes, Luxe’s fifth wheels are built for all seasons and full-time use.

You’ll find high-quality hardwoods, king beds, residential appliances, vacuum-bonded 3-inch walls and slide-outs, and more to make your Luxe truly a home on wheels.

But you won’t see these RVs on dealer lots. Another facet that differentiates Luxe is that all units are sold factory-direct to the consumer. Materials are fresh rather than stored in bulk. These models aren’t subject to the wear and tear of shipping, RV shows, and dealer walk-throughs.

Luxe manufactures three fifth wheel lines: the Luxe Gold, Luxe Elite, and Luxe Toy Hauler. The Luxe Gold fifth wheels are smaller than the Luxe Elite models but still offer residential packages and quality construction. The Luxe fifth wheels are some of the most luxurious options on the market.

Interior shot of a Luxe toy hauler with a gray kitchen, large living room and the back door to the toy hauler section on the left.
Source: Luxe

What’s the Difference Between the Luxe Toy Hauler and Their Other Brands? 

The Luxe Toy Haulers are much longer than the Luxe Elite and Luxe Gold fifth wheels. Ranging from 45 feet 6 inches to over 48 feet long, these toy haulers are beasts. They’re crafted with the same quality four-season construction as the fifth wheels but in a large package.

All of the Luxe Toy Haulers have rear garages. They range from 10 feet to over 16 feet, offering plenty of room to transport outdoor toys like ATVs, motorcycles, dirt bikes, golf carts, or kayaks.

These garages can also be renovated into additional sleeping spaces. Each unit has a set of electric bunks and an extra loft in the garage.

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What Makes Luxe Toy Haulers Unique

What makes the Luxe Toy Haulers unique is the same as what makes Luxe’s fifth wheels unique. The quality construction, attention to detail, and luxurious finishes set Luxe apart from other manufacturers.

You just won’t find the same quality from Forest River, Jayco, Grand Design, Keystone, or other leading brands.

You can also personalize your Luxe unit to suit your travel needs and style by using the “Build Your Own Luxe” tool. Choose your floor plan, and then select your interior decor. Cherry is standard, but higher quality finishes like Brazilian walnut and hickory are available.

Then add items like a stackable washer and dryer, a televator, a dishwasher, a macerator toilet, and dozens of other options.

Interior shot of a Luxe toy hauler with white interior and the door to the back patio section on the left.
Source: Luxe

A Breakdown of the Luxe Toy Hauler

Let’s look at the leading luxury toy haulers in the RV industry by Luxe. These five floorplans offer basic layouts but are customizable. Because the Luxe Toy Haulers range from 24,000-26,000 pounds, you’ll need a heavy-duty truck like a Ford F-450 to handle the load.

Luxe Toy Hauler 44FB

Length: 45 feet 6 inches
GVWR: 24,000 pounds
CCC: approximately 4,300 pounds
Sleeps: Seven to eight

Features: The 44FB features a 13.8-foot garage, a half bath, electric bunks, and a loft in the rear. The center of the unit has ample countertop space in the U-shaped kitchen that’s open to an L-shaped sectional and entertainment center.

A booth dinette completes the living area. In the front of this Luxe Toy Hauler is a king bed, a closet, washer and dryer hookups, and a dresser.

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Luxe Toy Hauler 45FB

Length: 45 feet 6 inches
GVWR: 24,000 pounds
CCC: approximately 4,300 pounds
Sleeps: Six to seven

Features: While the 45FB is the same size as the 44FB, it has a smaller garage and increased living space. The electric bunks are smaller in this unit to accommodate the smaller room.

The center of the unit has two sofas, a booth dinette, a kitchen peninsula, and an entertainment center. This is an ideal setup for larger families for mealtime or movie nights. The front of the Luxe Toy Hauler 45FB is about the same as the 44FB model.

Luxe Toy Hauler 46FB

Length: 48 feet 2 inches
GVWR: 25,999 pounds
CCC: approximately 4,500 pounds
Sleeps: Six to seven

Features: The Luxe Toy Hauler 46FB is one of the three largest options. The garage is 11 feet 8 inches long and has the same setup as the 45FB model.

Everything about the center of the unit is also the same as the 45FB. The front ensuite is the most significant difference in the longer 46FB toy hauler. It has a king bed and dresser like the other models but features a walk-through bathroom that leads into a walk-in closet.

The bathroom has a double vanity. The Luxe Toy Hauler 46FB is ideal for couples who want a large ensuite and don’t want to share a bathroom with guests.

Luxe Toy Hauler 47FB

Length: 48 feet 2 inches
GVWR: 25,999 pounds
CCC: approximately 4,500 pounds
Sleeps: Six to seven

Features: The Luxe Toy Hauler 47FB is very similar to the 46FB but has a larger garage, which measures 12 feet 6 inches long. To accommodate this larger space, the front ensuite is removed.

Instead, the 47FB has the standard bathroom setup at the steps before heading into the bedroom. There’s still a closet, a king bed, a dresser, and washer and dryer hookups. But it’s a smaller master bedroom.

Luxe Toy Hauler 48FB

Length: 48 feet 2 inches
GVWR: 25,999 pounds
CCC: approximately 4,500 pounds
Sleeps: Six to seven

Features: If you like the Luxe Toy Hauler 44FB but want a slightly larger unit, the 48FB is ideal. It features the largest garage of all the Luxe Toy Haulers at 16 feet 4 inches.

The electric bunks are larger, like in the 44FB model, and the center and front bedrooms are the same as well. However, the Luxe Toy Hauler 48FB is the only Luxe fifth wheel with a side patio. It extends from the garage to provide another outdoor space.

How Much Is A Luxe Toy Hauler?

The Luxe Toy Hauler 45FB starts at $214,168, while the Luxe Toy Hauler 46FB starts at $221,489. The other three models fall in between this range. However, these are the starting prices.

When you use the “Build Your Own Luxe” tool, you’ll see the add-ons and their pricing. For example, the Beachfront decor is $2,999 more, slide-out toppers are $1,950 more, an outside entertainment center is $1,700 more, and a gas generator is $7,000 more.

You could easily create a Luxe Toy Hauler that’s $250,000 or more.

Luxe Toy Haulers Are Some Of the Largest And Luxurious In the Industry

Do you want another air conditioning unit in the garage? Or would you like an “extreme traveler” solar package? Maybe you just want a MORryde sliding tray in the storage bay.

Luxe can deliver on almost anything you’d like to add to your toy hauler. The company prides itself on its quality construction and personalization so that your home on wheels is comfortable every season. But these luxurious toy haulers come at a price.

Is it a price you’re willing to pay?

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