5 Toy Hauler Motorhomes You Have to See

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the inside living and driving area of a thor outlaw a motorhome toy hauler

If you’re in the market for a toy hauler, you’re probably familiar with some of the most popular brands, like the Grand Design Momentum, the Heartland Torque, or the Dutchmen Voltage.

But these are all towable toy haulers. Did you know you can also get motorhome toy hauler options?

If you haven’t checked these out yet, make sure you do before you make that final decision. The luxury of a motorhome and the easy drivability make these five toy haulers great options. Let’s learn more.

What Is a Motorhome Toy Hauler?

You have three classes of motorhomes: Class A, B, and C. In addition to those, you’ll also see B+ and Super C models that fall within these categories. 

Class A and Class C motorhomes offer the most space and longer lengths to incorporate a rear garage. Class B camper vans just don’t have the space.

A motorhome toy hauler comes with a rear garage, usually at least 8 feet long. Sometimes it looks like an empty box for storage. These can easily fit a golf cart or motorcycle. 

Other times these garages have an electric lift with a bed or HappiJac sofas and a removable table. Still, others have overhead storage options or washer and dryer hookups.

Many motorhome toy haulers also have a rear patio extending out the coach’s back. This provides additional outdoor space. 

Owners often love to wake up and drink a cup of coffee on the patio, host friends for an afternoon card game, or spend the evening sipping wine and watching a sunset.

Does Anyone Make a Toy Hauler Motorhome?

You won’t find too many toy hauler motorhomes on the market. So you’ll have a smaller selection as you would with towable toy haulers. But a few brands manufacture motorhomes — Class A and Class C — that provides a rear garage. 

Thor and Newmar are probably two of the most recognizable names in the RV industry. But Renegade also produces a handful of toy hauler floorplans, and ShowHauler solely focuses on custom-built truck conversion toy haulers.

Pros of a Motorhome Toy Hauler 

A motorhome toy hauler works great for anyone who wants to bring along a motorcycle, kayaks, bicycles, or a golf cart.

The garage space provides an enclosed area to protect your big toys from the weather and provides a safe place to transport them from one location to another.

You also don’t have to deal with the hassle of toting around a dolly on the back of the motorhome. Or if you want to use a dolly to tow a vehicle or flat-tow, you have that option instead of taking up that space to haul a golf cart or motorcycle.

For owners who don’t necessarily want a garage for hauling purposes, these spaces offer a blank slate to create whatever room you desire. Some owners create an office; others create a home gym; larger families opt for additional sleeping space. 

You can customize the garage in a motorhome toy hauler if you don’t need it to haul larger equipment or vehicles.

Cons of a Motorhome Toy Hauler

The biggest con of any toy hauler — whether a travel trailer, fifth wheel, or motorhome — is the space given up inside the RV.

You don’t get the same living area in a toy hauler as in other models because the garage takes up so much space. 

Sometimes owners will convert the garage space into an additional sleeping area for kids or into an office or home gym, which can remedy this.

Another huge con of a towable toy hauler is the weight. You need a seriously heavy-duty truck to haul a toy hauler. Toy hauler motorhomes will also weigh more, meaning less fuel efficiency.

5 Toy Hauler Motorhomes You Have to See

Whether you want to stay under $200,000 or can spend the big bucks to get exactly what you want, these RV brands manufacture motorhome toy haulers. 

The mega-giant Thor has a Class A and Class C line, and the luxurious Newmar offers a beautiful option. Additionally, two lesser-known companies, Renegade and ShowHauler, also manufacture toy hauler motorhomes worth checking out.

Thor Outlaw Class A

MSRP: Starting at $290,000

Garage Size: 8 feet by 10 feet 2 inches

Total Length: 39 feet 10 inches

Floorplans: Two

Both the 38MB and 38KB provide a 7-foot-2-inch by 8-foot-4-inch patio deck off the rear garage. It also has a second entry door into the garage in both models. 

The 38KB offers additional storage above the garage and has two smaller slides extending along the driver’s side of the coach instead of the single long slide that the 38MB has.

The 38MB also has an additional slide on the passenger side for added room in the bedroom. Both come equipped with a 72-inch booth dinette and 66-inch sofa that oppose each other in the living space behind the cab. 

The kitchen splits in the 38KB and remains a galley-style in the 38MB, stretching along the driver’s side in the long slide.

the inside living and driving area of a thor outlaw a motorhome toy hauler

Thor Outlaw Class C

MSRP: Starting at $169,350

Garage Size: 8 feet by 8 feet or 8 feet by 10 feet

Total Length: 31 feet 2 inches

Floorplans: Two

These Class C units offer two different garages. The 29T has a large 8-foot-by-10-foot garage with a ramp out the rear of the coach. 

Because of this garage size, it doesn’t have a dedicated bedroom. Rather, you get a Murphy bed that extends over the sofa behind the cab. It also doesn’t have a dinette, but you do get a full kitchen and bathroom. 

The 29J has a completely different floorplan with a drop-down queen bed in the 8-foot-by-8-foot garage. It also has a 7-foot-2-inch by 6-foot-2-inch patio deck that extends out the rear of the coach. 

Behind the cab sits the living space, equipped with opposing sofas: a 70-inch jack-knife sofa and a 60-inch jack-knife sofa. This unit doesn’t have a dinette, but it features two removable pedestal tables.

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the inside living and driving area of a thor outlaw c motorhome toy hauler

Newmar Canyon Star

MSRP: Starting at $339,080

Garage Size: 8-foot or 10-foot options

Total Length: 37 feet 11 inches to 39 feet 11 inches

Floorplans: Three

If you want a luxury motorhome toy hauler, you can’t get much better than the Newmar Canyon Star. Built on a Freightliner MC Front-Engine Diesel Chassis, these motorhomes come equipped with a Cummins B diesel engine with 340HP. 

Owners can add bunk beds on an electric lift or a Splendid two-piece stackable washer and dryer in the garage. 

All three floorplans are very similar. The bedroom sits beside the garage with a king or queen bed extending out the passenger side of the coach in a slide-out. 

The kitchen and bathroom sit in the middle of the coach, which has a middle entry door. To the right of the door, you’ll find a booth dinette and a 74-inch sofa behind the cab.

inside Newmar Canyon Star motorhome toy hauler

Renegade Classic

MSRP: Inquire with your dealer.

Garage Size: These models come with 9 to 18-foot garage size options.

Total Length: 37 feet to 45 feet

Floorplans: Five

The garage and toter models are the 2509, 2509GS, 2609, CS120, and DL170. The 2509 and 2509GS are the same models, except the GS offers a bit more space with an additional slide-out in the kitchen. 

These floorplans and the 2609 model have a rear bedroom beside the garage. They have a queen bed and two opposing slides, one that extends the bed and one that extends the closet. 

The bathroom is split, with the shower on the driver’s side and the toilet and sink on the passenger’s side. A booth dinette and sofa sit beside each other across from the galley-style kitchen. 

The CS120 and DL170 models don’t have separate bedrooms. The CS120 is the smallest floorplan and doesn’t have a full kitchen. However, it does have a full bathroom, a sofa that converts into a bed, and a dinette. 

The DL170 has a full kitchen, bathroom, and two side-by-side sofas that each convert into a bed.

Each model of these motorhome toy haulers has a different size garage. The biggest with the 18-foot garage space can fit a small SUV. 

And the smallest toter option with the 9-foot garage can accommodate smaller toys like kayaks or motorbikes. You can also upgrade the garages with bunks, lights, and awnings.

ShowHauler Motorhomes

MSRP: Inquire with your dealer.

Garage Size: Custom

Total Length: Custom

Floorplans: Custom

ShowHauler motorhomes are built on tubular steel beams, making them one of the safest and more durable motorhomes in the industry. Weight is never a concern, so if you plan on hauling a race car, other heavy equipment, or recreational toys, a ShowHauler motorhome may work best. 

These models are also fully custom-built, so it doesn’t have specific floorplans or sizes. ShowHauler works with customers to bring their ideas to life. For the last 20 years, they’ve manufactured over 1,000 custom conversions.

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What Type of Traveler Is a Motorhome Toy Hauler Best For?

If you don’t want the hassle of hitching and unhitching, then consider a drivable RV.

And if you want to take your motorcycle out for amazing afternoon rides along scenic byways, you’ll likely need a motorhome toy hauler. Adventurers who wish to bring their kayaks and bicycles will also benefit from a toy hauler floorplan.

But even travelers who don’t have large equipment or outdoor toys can enjoy a motorhome toy hauler. Especially large families who need lots of sleeping space can use a motorhome toy hauler. 

The added space in the garage will provide enough room for several bunk beds. You can also convert these areas into an office for travelers who work from the road.

Take All Your Big Toys With You in a Motorhome Toy Hauler

From race cars to golf carts and everything in between, motorhome toy haulers make great options for bringing your big outdoor toys. 

You can better protect your gear from theft when you have an enclosed space to store them. Or you may choose to tote along a vehicle when you have a garage for your other gear.

So don’t leave anything at home. Make your adventures memorable, and pack up your equipment as you explore the country. Is a toy hauler motorhome in your future?

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