This Is How Easy It Is to Install a MORryde Sliding Cargo Tray

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MorRyde Sliding tray installed in storage bay of fifth wheel

Why is it important to know about the MORryde sliding cargo tray?

Well, you know those storage compartments in the belly of your RV?

Have you ever had trouble reaching the stuff you packed into the middle of those pass-through compartments?

You don’t have to risk hurting your back while venturing into the great beyond of your RV’s storage compartments. The MORryde sliding cargo tray is built to help.

What Is a MORryde Sliding Cargo Tray? 

A MORryde sliding cargo tray has the sole purpose of making it easier for you to access the things you store in the compartments underneath your RV.

It’s a heavy-duty metal tray with a carpet lining that sits on bearings that allow it to slide gracefully along a track.

The tray can be pulled out of either side of the compartment. 

There’s a good range of sizes offered as well. You can get a tray raging from 20 inches to 52 inches in width and 36 inches to 90 inches in length.

There is also a height extender available that will fix the issue of the tray getting caught on the lip of the compartment if you find yourself faced with that challenge. 

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A man demonstrating how a MORryde sliding cargo tray works.
Source: MORryde

About MORryde

MORryde is a pretty interesting company that’s been around for a while. It started out making suspension systems for trailers used to tow RVs.

MORryde has since branched out to provide numerous other services for those who love to play outdoors and need the tools to do it safely.

The company has grown a lot since it began in the late 60s, and they are known for excellent customer service.

The company mindset is officially, “What else can we do for you?” 

Pros of a Sliding Cargo Tray

Have you ever stuffed your cargo compartments full only to have to dig everything out to find what you need?

If yes, you already understand the most important perk of having a MORryde sliding cargo tray. Easy access is the most obvious pro to this addition. 

You can get a two-way tray that pulls out up to 60% on both sides of the RV, so there’s nothing you can’t reach.

You also get the cargo tray fully assembled for easy installation.

There’s a variation in the size of tray you can get from the company, and all of the trays can hold up to 800 lbs safely. 

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Cons of a Sliding Cargo Tray 

Now the MORryde sliding cargo tray isn’t all rainbows and sunshine. Every product has its drawbacks, and this one is no exception.

If you want to make a fair decision on whether or not it’s right for you, consider the ups and downs. 

For instance, the added finger pinching potential could be a really important element to consider before installing a sliding cargo tray.

You’ll want to consider the added weight of the installment as well. The trays consist of sturdy materials, but they aren’t lightweight.

Finally, you will lose a little storage space by adding the tray. You may consider the forfeiture worth the trade, but consider all angles before making a choice. 

How Do You Install a MORryde Cargo Slide? 

Installing the MORryde cargo slide is a two-person job, but it’s not difficult.

You simply need a second person to help with the heavy lifting so you don’t hurt yourself in the process.

You may need a few of your own tools too. Grab a drill and a tape measure, for starters. 

Use your tape measure to make sure the tray will fit before you use the energy to lift it into the cargo space.

Don’t cut the band on the unit, and place it inside the cargo space to make sure everything fits well.

Ensure that you test the fit with the tray extended as well. 

Take the unit out of the cargo compartment, and cut the safety band.

Remove the sliding tray from the railing by sliding the tray up over the stop bar and continuing to pull until the tray is free of the frame. 

Place the railing inside the compartment, and place it where you want it.

Check to make sure there’s no wiring or plumbing below where you will install the tray. That way, you won’t cause any damage securing the unit.

As long as you’re clear, go ahead and screw down the railing.

Put the tray back into the railing, check to make sure it slides out uninhibited, and you’re good to go. 

Source: MORRyde

How Much Does It Cost?

MORryde CTG602036W Cargo Slide,Silver,36" x 20"
  • Product Type: Auto Accessory
  • Package Quantity: 1

Your MORryde sliding cargo will cost depends on what size and model you need for your RV.

You could pay anywhere from $600 to $900 for a tray. 

Organize Your Understorage With a MORryde Sliding Cargo Tray

Ultimately, you know what you need to make your storage issue easier to handle.

Traveling and adventuring in your RV is more exciting when you bring company along, and you need an organized way to store all of your belongings as you go.

This sliding cargo tray does seem like a pretty sweet deal.

Do you own a MORryde sliding cargo tray?

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