What Is a Grand Design Reflection?

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Interior picture of a Grand Design Reflection

If you spend any amount of time in a campground, you might see at least a few Grand Design RVs. Grand Design has many great lines, including the Reflection, one of the most popular options. Today we will look at the Reflection RVs to determine if it’s the right choice for you. 

Who Is Grand Design?  

Winnebago owns Grand Design RV. Their corporate headquarters, including their manufacturing line, is located in Middlebury, Indiana. Grand Design, one of the newer manufacturers in the RV world, started in 2012. 

They have become well known for their quality and excellent customer service. Their website states, “At Grand Design, our goal is simple — continue leading the industry with quality products while improving the customer’s RV experience before, during, and after the sale.”

What Is the Grand Design Reflection Line? 

The Grand Design Reflection line is their mid-level option. It is sandwiched between their budget-friendly Imagine and Transcend lines and their more luxurious Solitude line. Plus, you can get the Reflection in a travel trailer and a fifth wheel. 

A Grand Design Reflection with it's awning out and setup at a campground

About Grand Design Reflection Travel Trailers

Many people prefer a travel trailer for many reasons, including truck size and travel style. Luckily, you can get a Reflection as a travel trailer. These units feature a lower hitch weight, making them accessible to more people. 

The Grand Design Reflection travel trailer line features three floorplans. The smallest Reflection measures 33 ft 11 inches, while the largest option is 37 ft 11 inches. Two of the three floorplans have three slide-outs, giving owners plenty of room to spread out. 

About Grand Design Reflection 150 Fifth Wheels

Those looking for a more manageable fifth wheel will appreciate the Reflection 150 series. You can typically tow it with a three-quarter-ton truck, making them more accessible to those who don’t want a large one-ton dually. Having a lightweight RV is often one of the most important requirements for customers. 

It has five floorplans. The smallest one measures 29 ft 9 inches, while the largest is 32 ft 11 inches. Most floor plans feature only one slide out, but the 295RL has two. This series has a slightly lower price range than the standard Reflection fifth wheel. 

About Grand Design Reflection Fifth Wheels

Grand Design Reflection fifth wheels weigh the most in the line. This series focuses on more room at the expense of added weight. This is worth it for many who desire a larger RV with more slide-outs. 

The Reflection lineup has eight floorplans. The smallest of this line comes in at 32 ft 9 inches, while the largest is an impressive 41 ft. Two of the floorplans have four slide-outs for ample space. While this series costs more, some may think it’s a worthwhile trade-off for the extra room.

How Much Does the Grand Design Reflection Line Cost? 

What will a Grand Design Reflection cost you? As with everything RV-related, it depends. Each series has a different starting price which fluctuates based on floor plans and options.

As a starting point, the Reflection travel trailers begin at $62,505 MSRP. The Reflection 150 has a starting MSRP of $60,608. Those hoping to get one of the standard Reflection fifth wheels will be looking at a starting MSRP of $70,817

A Grand Design Reflection setup at the campground

What’s the Difference Between the Reflection and Solitude Models? 

Have you looked at the Reflection and Solitude and wondered how they compare? The two lineups have similar floor plans and size options, which can confuse some customers. 

The first thing many people notice is that the Solitude costs more. Additionally, the Reflection offers travel trailers and fifth-wheels. The Solitude does not have a travel trailer option, but its fifth wheels have 16 floorplans with bodies 6 inches wider. 

The Solitude weighs more than the Reflection due to heavier construction materials and increased insulation. It also has a drop frame, giving it more basement storage space than the Reflection.   

Is a Grand Design Reflection Worth It? 

Grand Design is a well-loved manufacturer, and the Reflection line is a well-loved product. It provides the perfect combination of budget-friendly quality. The Grand Design Reflection may be worth a look. 

Do you have a Reflection? Would you recommend it to fellow RVers?

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