We Compare Differences of the Grand Design Solitude and Momentum

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Grand Design Solitude and Momentum compared

If big, bold, and beautiful are adjectives you are looking for in a fifth wheel, Grand Design has two models that will knock your socks off.  Their names are dead giveaways to each vehicle’s attitude and interior design, so let’s take a look at the differences between the Grand Design Solitude and Momentum. Then you can decide which better represents your camping style.

Solitude Fifth Wheel Standard Features

a Solitude floorplan to show the difference between grand design solitude and momentum
via Grand Design

The Grand Design Solitude is a gorgeous line of RVs. Sizes range from 34′ to 42′ and a gross vehicle weight rating from 15,000 lbs. to 16,800 lbs. The Solitude exhibits a more traditional design inside, with higher ceilings and taller, deeper cabinets, and finished carpentry. 

There are currently 15 different floorplans and Grand Design releases new models every year. Whether you’re gearing up for retirement or will be RVing with kids, there is a Solitude for you. Additional features include:

  • An oversized kitchen island and optional residential refrigerator makes food preparation much more enjoyable
  • Stainless steel appliances come standard
  • Hidden storage in every floorplan
  • Theater seating is abundant in the Solitude line
  • Full residential-style pantry in all floorplans
  • Full 6′ 8″ tall slide-outs
  • 6 point leveling system is standard
  • The width of the Solitude model measures a full 101 inches
  • Tank capacity is plentiful:
    • Freshwater: 93 gallons
    • Greywater: 100 gallons
    • Wastewater: 50 gallons

If you would like to see first hand the features of a 2020 Solitude, check out our tour of the 382WB we did at LazyDays Tampa.

Momentum Toy Hauler Standard Features

A momentum toy hauler floorplan to show the difference between grand design solitude and momentum
via Grand Design

The Momentum from Grand Design is their toy hauler line. The features in this design combine modern flavor with a somewhat rustic flair. While the Solitude line is more so tailored for retirees, the Momentum line is for the adventurous and families.

The Momentum lines range from 33’ to 44’ in length and a gross vehicle weight rating of 16,800 lbs. to 20,000 lbs. depending on the model. Currently, there are eight different Momentum floorplans, with new ones being released each year. Additional features include:

  • Stainless steel appliances come standard
  • An 18 cubic foot refrigerator is standard
  • Sofas come with heat and massage features
  • Most floorplans come with a half bath in the garage space
  • The garage area has an electric bunk system for extra sleeping space
  • The back ramp can double as a porch
  • 6 point leveling system is standard
  • Tank capacity is plentiful:
    • Freshwater: 100 gallons
    • Greywater: 74 gallons
    • Wastewater: 39 gallons

While the Momentum line features a garage for toys, current owners have been extremely versatile in what they use this space for. Just check out Changing Lane’s video to see how they utilize this space in their Momentum.

Final Thoughts on the Difference Between Grand Design Solitude and Momentum

In conclusion, when comparing the two Grand Design models, it is easy to see how the elegant traditional design of the Solitude set against the fast-paced sporty design of the Momentum might make it difficult to pick just one lifestyle vehicle. 

Maybe garage space in the Momentum will be the determining factor, or perhaps the kitchen space of the larger Solitude will woo the chef in your family. Whatever you decide, you can’t go wrong with these well-built recreational vehicles. Either one will provide a great home on wheels where you can create remarkable family memories for years to come!

If you’re looking for more detail on different floorplans within each line then don’t miss Best Grand Design Solitude Floorplans and Best Grand Design Momentum Floorplans.

  1. We have a 5th wheel toy hauler. We like having a totally separate bedroom when our grown children and their families camp with us. It’s like they have their own “wing” in our camper. Not to mention while traveling we carry our bikes, coolers, kayaks, etc in the garage.

  2. We chose the 2020 397TH mostly because we have a large Harley and didn’t want to get rid of her. But as you said the rig is fantastic we really enjoy her. In January we are installing 2400 watts of solar boondocking is the way to go

  3. We bought the Momentum TH because we are using it for a “MOM” hauler. We are a mother/adult daughter travelling together full time and have different needs than a couple.
    We wanted the second bathroom space next to my “bedroom/garage.

  4. Hey guys!

    My wife Donna and I looked at the 375 Solitude for several years but ended up buying an Arctic Fox 32-5M 5th wheel instead. One reason for switching was that the dealer mislead us on several occasions, and that the 375 meant that we would have to move to a dually, which wrote did not meant to do. That said, we have been full-timing in our Arctic Fox since May and are totally loving it. We are pulling it with a 2015 Ford F350. Hope to meet y’all someday!

  5. I chose the Solitude 374th which is a version of a toyhauler which I am very happy with. I liked the Solitude because it had the front window and is a little more homey looking. But I also like the Momentum because it has more garage space and can be used in more ways than the garage in the Solitude I have now.

  6. We chose the Grand Design Solitude 310 GK and now regret that we did not do the Momentum M-351 toy hauler because now we wish we had space for my husband to have his own office. We checked into doing a swap but we’d have to come up with another $45k to trade in and get the toy hauler, which is not happening. ;). If anyone wants to swap, let us know. Lol.

  7. We had a full size garage toyhauler and for us it was too much wasted space for just the two of us. We gave up a big living room fir a garage that was more storage space than we needed. We fulltime so carry everything we own with us. We Went with the momentum 376th which has a smaller garage 6×7 underneath the rear bedroom. Perfect fir all our extra clothes etc we carry and on pack up day everything outside goes right into the back so easily.

  8. We have the Momentum 376TH. Best rig for us right now. We had a full size toyhauler but the garage was wasted space since it only stored our Harley. With the smaller “toybox” we have enough room for the Harley and both e-bikes and have the added bonus of a separate front living room. With one couch removed from the LR slide and the dinette removed from the kitchen slide, we each have dedicated work spaces far enough away to not disrupt each other. Another bonus with the smaller garage is the space on either side of the garage. Storage on the drivers side and outdoor kitchen/entertainment center opposite. Having the raised rear bedroom also gives us a 2 full basement pass-thru, leaving the front one for our 10 BattleBorns, inverter and solar controllers. Absolutely LOVE our rig!

  9. I thought the same thing about toy haulers when we started looking at 5th wheel. I thought what would I do with that space. We don’t ride a motorcycle or 4 wheelers. Might be good for a golf cart, but we didn’t have one of those either. We bought a 5th wheel just like yours. 2019 GD Solitude 375 RES-R. Now that I watch so many toy hauler RVers I sometimes regret our decision. It would make a great office space and much easier for our grandsons to stay with us. Plus two bathrooms. But, I love our Solitude.

  10. My wife and I bought a 2016 Reflection 337RLS new that year and LOVE it. Just got back from a 2100 mile trip to Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone. More people than I thought were there but not too bad. Had a wonderful time.

  11. Jason,
    We were going to go with a toy hauler so we could haul our atv/utv with us. After lots of thought we decided not to go toy hauler as we thought for the price of the toy hauler a person could get a lot more in a regular 5th wheel. We decided to pull another trailer when we would need the toys.

  12. We live full time in our toy hauler. It holds our e-bikes, the eight drawer tool box full of tools I just couldn’t part with and 10 years of business tax records we are slowly digitizing. The long/short term plan is to use the space for kart racing as we travel. It’s also a great mud room inclement weather.

  13. While we like the two doors and two bathrooms as well as the versatility of the garage space, we did not choose the momentum because the living room/kitchen space is so small. Also the Garage space is too “garag-ey ” We prefer the more elegant finishes.

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