Best Grand Design Solitude Floorplans

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Grand Design is a popular brand of travel trailers and 5th wheels that routinely scores high with campers! Their Solitude lineup is the premium extended stay 5th wheel category that doesn’t forget any bells or whistles. Taller, wider, more slides, more insulation, and luxurious features mean you don’t need to miss anything from your sticks and bricks! Here we discuss some of the best Grand Design Solitude floorplans.

Grand Design Solitude 375RES

Grand Design Solitude 375RES Floorplan
Via Grand Design

The Grand Design Solitude 375RES is a 41’ 4” trailer that has an Unloaded Vehicle Weight (UVW) of 14,200 pounds and a hitch weight of 2,900 pounds and arguably the best floorplan that Grand Design makes but we may be biased (it is the one we have).

This 5th wheel showcases a double slide rear entertainment room with double fold-out sofas and theater seating and a fireplace with a hidden flat-screen behind it. Underneath is a massive amount of storage including a large slide-out rear storage tray.

Additionally, mid-trailer is the kitchen, with island, tons of storage, residential stove, and slide out dinette. In the front of the trailer is the master bedroom with a slide-out walk-around queen bed (upgradable to king) and ample closet storage.

The bathroom is between the kitchen and the master bedroom and accessible even when all the slides are in.

Check out some of our mods to make this amazing trailer even better.

Grand Design Solitude 380FL

Grand Design Solitude 380FL Floorplan
Via Grand Design

In the Solitude 380FL, the trailer is an inch longer than the 375RES at 41′ 5″, with a UVW of 14,866, and hitch weight of 3,052.

This front living room floorplan has the two fold-out sofas and twin theater seats in the front of the trailer, and the queen walk around bed towards the rear. Additionally, it has a spacious master bathroom at the very rear of the trailer.

This trailer also features a half bath between the kitchen and the master suite.

Grand Design Solitude 382WB

Grand Design Solitude 382WB Floorplan
Via Grand Design

Solitude 382WB floor plan is exactly the same as the 380FL, but instead of a half bath, there is a large beverage station in the kitchen area.

This comes in handy for entertaining!

Grand Design Solitude 390RK

Grand Design Solitude 390RK Floorplan
Via Grand Design

Grand Design has a rear kitchen floorplan in the Solitude 390RK. This 5th wheel is 14,6562 pounds UVW, and hitch weight of 2,794.

Also in the 41’5” zone, the rear kitchen is spacious, with a great picture window out the back, and bar seating.

Furthermore, in mid-cabin, the living area has the familiar two fold-out slide-out sofas, two theater chairs, a fireplace, and a flatscreen mounted on an accent wall.

Additionally, in the front of the unit is the walk-around queen bed, and the bathroom features two sinks!

Grand Design Solitude 310GK

Grand Design Solitude 310GK Floorplan
Via Grand Design

The Solitude 310GK is a smaller 5th wheel at 34’ 11” and a UVW of 12,100 pounds and a hitch weight of 2,350.

This amazing trailer has a combined living and kitchen area with a rear fold-out sofa, slide-out theater seating and freestanding dinette, and large kitchen island.

Moreover, the floorplan offers a mid-bath and a front queen walk-around bed in a slide format for plenty of bedroom space. It is one of the best selling floorplans!

Grand Design Solitude 370BH

Grand Design Solitude 370BH Floorplan
Via Grand Design

An additional floorplan in the Solitude line is the 370BH, a family unit, with rear bunk room.

With a length of 40’ 4”, a UVW of 13,884, and a hitch weight of 2,900 pounds, this trailer will sleep everyone.

Three standard bunks, a fold-down bunk, and a double fold-out bed are in the rear area of the trailer. Additionally, It has its own entrance and a half bath so the kids can have their own space.

Moreover, the mid-cabin showcases the kitchen, where an optional two theater seat/freestanding dinette with four chairs can be swapped for a super sofa with trifold bed and removable arm tables.

Lastly, The front of the unit has the queen walk around bed in the slide-out like the other Solitude units.

In conclusion, Grand Design has the quality and features 5th wheel owners are looking for with a wide variety of floor plans to suit the family or the empty-nesters, with rear living, rear bedroom or rear living rooms, and even a bunkhouse unit! No matter what your life situation, the Grand Design Solitude is sure to have a premium floorplan to suit your needs.

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  1. Our favorite is the 390RKR. That’s the model we bought in March to prepare for our full time RV retirement. Thanks to y’all and others, we went with GD.

  2. Great article Jason. We bought the 2020 GD Solitude 382WB-R and we couldn’t be happier. The coffee/wine/beer station is perfect. Not that we didn’t want the additional half bath but since it is just the wifey and I (most of the time) it is so nice to have the extra storage and wine fridge that comes with the bar. Look forward to more articles and hopefully see you on the road someday.

    1. You may be able to get to one side of the fridge but I do not think the bathroom is accessible because it is in the rear.

  3. As Weekend Warriors with a 19 yr old special needs son who is fully mobile & where we have tent camped up till recently we have been looking to go to a Solitude S Class. We must have a larger bathroom to be with him and clean him up which means two at once in the bathroom. The 2930RL & 3540GK is what we are leaning in purchasing. Great bathroom space and similar as a 310GK.

    Another issue with the Reflection 5vers for us is the foldaway collapsible steps would be an issue for our son.

    Reflection TTS are cool but floor plans are very limited.

    So we are debating if we want more closet space or a shorter RV. 🙂

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