Can You Walk on Your RV Roof?

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A man walking across an RV roof.

Owning an RV requires a bit of routine maintenance to ensure you’ll have many years to enjoy taking it on adventures. Maintenance isn’t only important to keep your RV running smoothly but also a requirement to keep your RV’s warranty valid. One of those important maintenance items takes you up to your RV’s roof. However, can you walk on your RV roof? Let’s take a look.

Can You Walk on the Roof of Any RV?

Not all RV roofs are walkable. Consult your RV’s manual to know if your RV roof is walkable or not. If it is, stay within the recommended weight limits. Otherwise, you could cause serious damage. In addition, you may void your warranty. This could lead to a denied insurance claim, which leaves you with a hefty repair bill.

When Would You Want to Walk on Your RV Roof?

RV roof maintenance is substantially easier when you can walk on the roof. It’s important to check your seals and recaulk them as needed every 90 days to avoid leaks. Many RV owners get up on their roofs when trees are nearby before pulling in their slides. Brushing off pine needles and any other debris ensures the seals aren’t damaged when slides retract. If you want to install new vent covers or a new air conditioning unit, you’ll also need to get on the roof.

How Much Weight Can an RV Roof Hold?

You can expect a walkable RV roof to hold a person weighing around 250 pounds. Each make and model will have unique capacities, so consult your manual for specific figures.

If your RV has a ladder, check the weight rating on the ladder, too. More often than not, your RV roof can handle at least the same weight as the ladder. If all else fails and you can’t find the weight, call the manufacturer.

Keep in mind that a walkable roof isn’t for a party deck. It provides access if you need to do maintenance.

Tips for Walking on the Roof of Your RV

Just because you can walk on the roof of your RV doesn’t mean you can throw all caution to the wind. There are a few things you should keep in mind when getting on an RV roof. 

Walk on the Strongest Areas

Even on walkable roofs, some areas are stronger than others. Attempt to limit your walking to the strongest parts of the roof. It may surprise you to learn that the center of your RV’s roof is not the best place to walk. There simply isn’t as much support in the center. The areas closest to the sidewalls and areas with walls directly under them will offer the most support. Be careful walking near cut-outs such as vents, as they’re weaker.

Keep Away When Wet

Climbing up to the roof of your RV while it’s still wet from a rainstorm isn’t the best idea. Walking on a wet roof could lead to a serious injury. In only a moment, you could slip and fall off. Waiting until the roof dries is worth it to avoid a serious accident. 

Don’t Lean Over the Side

It may seem obvious but resist the temptation to lean over the side. It won’t take much to lose your balance, and that’s a tumble no one wants to take. If you feel something on the side of your RV needs your attention, it’s much better to use a ladder from the ground to address it. 

Can You Damage Your RV by Walking on the Roof?

If you walk on a not-walkable roof, you could damage your RV. Even with a walkable roof, exceeding the weight rating could create soft spots and damage. You might even fall through, resulting in worse damage and injuries. Thankfully, these days, most RVs have walkable roofs for maintenance purposes. Does your RV have a walkabout roof? Have you had any issues with walking on it?

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