Potential Crashes Cause Grand Design to Recall Fifth Wheels

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Close up of a safety recall letter

Thousands of RVs are recalled each year due to problems with the unit’s structure, plumbing or electrical issues, or faulty components that could lead to potential accidents. One of the latest recalls came from Grand Design RV. 

If you own a Momentum or Solitude fifth wheel manufactured in the last three years, you’ll want to see if your unit is involved. Let’s look closer at RV recalls, how to find out if your unit is recalled, and what to do if it is. Let’s dive in!

Who Is Grand Design RV?

Grand Design RV is a popular brand in the towable RV industry. The company manufactures travel trailers, fifth wheels, and toy haulers. Its wide range of units and varying price points make Grand Design trailers an appealing option to many RVers.

Like many RV brands, Grand Design RV has its headquarters and manufacturing facilities in the Elkhart area of Indiana. This “RV Capital of the World” produces approximately 80% of the country’s RVs. 

Other popular brands like Keystone, Forest River, Winnebago, Heartland, and Alliance also have headquarters here.

What Types of RVs Does Grand Design Manufacture?

Grand Design has a vast selection of towable RVs ranging from entry-level travel trailers for the weekend warrior to luxurious, residential-style fifth wheels for full-timers. 

The Transcend and Transcend Xplor are entry-level travel trailers. The Imagine travel trailers are a mid-range line, and the Reflection travel trailer series is the most luxurious.

The Reflection 150 series fifth wheels are the most lightweight, while the Reflection fifth wheels offer luxury at a great value. The highest-end fifth wheels are the Solitude series, designed for extended stays and long-term use.

Finally, the toy haulers include the Momentum G-Class, a lightweight lineup that offers travel trailer and fifth-wheel options, and the Momentum M-Class. The M-Class is a much heavier, top-of-the-line fifth-wheel lineup with a rear garage separate from the main living space.

Why Did Grand Design Issue a Recall?

Grand Design RV has issued a recall for some 2021-2024 Momentum and Solitude fifth wheels. The U-bolts on the CURT axles may have been improperly tightened. 

This recall only affects models with specific CURT 7,000 and 8,000-pound axles. This tightening could cause the axle to shift, increasing the risk of an accident because the driver could lose control of the RV.

How Is Grand Design Fixing the Problem?

If you have one of these Momentum or Solitude units, you can take your RV to the nearest Grand Design dealer, where a technician will inspect the U-bolts and fix them if necessary. 

If it needs repairs, the manufacturer will complete them free of charge. Grand Design owners can call customer service at 1-574-825-9679 to get more information.

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Are RV Recalls Common?

Recalls aren’t common, but they aren’t uncommon either. Statistically, it’s not likely that your RV will be involved in a recall. But if your RV is recalled, it’s nothing to worry about. Manufacturers issue these announcements to prevent dangerous situations. 

So, it’s good if a manufacturer discovers that a component isn’t working correctly because they can then fix the problem.

We had two minor recalls regarding the LP hose and 110 wiring to our fridge on our 2017 Grand Design Solitude. Both were due to the hose/wire not being secured adequately, leading to a potentially dangerous situation. 

The technicians at the Grand Design Rallies addressed the issues. Typically, Grand Design looks up every RV attending a rally to ensure technicians address all the recalls before owners hit the road again.

How Do You Know If Your RV Is Recalled?

It’s important to check the NHTSA website regularly for recalls. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports recalls on all types of vehicles and equipment. So you can enter your VIN to learn if there’s a recall on your RV.

The NHTSA also has an app called SaferCar. You can download it and add your vehicles and other equipment like tires or car seats, and the app will alert you of any recalls.

Most manufacturers also have a recall list on their websites. You can call customer service to ask if your particular make and model has had any recalls. The agent will ask for your VIN to check the most up-to-date information.

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What to Do If Your RV Is Recalled

As mentioned, you don’t need to fret if your RV has a recall. But it’s not something you want to ignore. Call the manufacturer to find out specific instructions for the repair. Then, contact a local dealer to schedule an appointment.

If you’re on the road and can’t take it to a dealer or your local dealer has no availability for several months, call a mobile repair technician. But always ask if they can complete recall work before scheduling an appointment. 

Ensure your manufacturer will also honor the work since you’re not taking it to a dealer.

You may still have to pay the service call fee for a mobile technician, as most manufacturers don’t cover that. But the work should have no cost as long as your manufacturer agrees to pay a mobile technician.

Close up of a safety recall letter

Be Informed About RV Recalls to Stay Safe This Camping Season

RV recalls happen occasionally. Stay informed so you can take the necessary steps to resolve these issues. Don’t head out on a long trip without checking to see if your RV has a recall.

Don’t purchase a new or used RV without looking up the VIN for information about possible recalls.

Ensure that your RV is safe to enjoy camping this season! Have you ever taken your RV in for a recall repair? How was your experience?

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