What Is the Grand Design Solitude?

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Grand Design Solitude at the New Mexico Ballon Fiesta

If you’ve searched for campers, fifth wheels, or toy haulers for any length of time, you’ve come across the name Grand Design. This company produces everything from entry-level travel trailers up to luxurious fifth wheels. The Grand Design Solitude is the most spacious option of all of the units. Let’s take a closer look at the options and features of this fifth wheel.

Who Is Grand Design?

Ron and Bill Fenech, two brothers, and their close friend, Don Clark, founded Grand Design in 2012. One of the biggest initiatives they’ve started over the years is asking for customer feedback. Grand Design is serious about listening to their customers’ needs and wants to improve their products. As a result, they’re a leading manufacturer of travel trailers, fifth wheels, and toy haulers. 

Many seasoned RVers own a Grand Design because of their quality and excellent customer service. Grand Design stands by its products when things go wrong and offers the services and help needed to make improvements and get repairs done. Grand Design also offers warranties for full-time use. 

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Grand Design Solitude parked next to truck at RV camp site.

What Is the Solitude Line of Grand Design?

The Grand Design Solitude line features their most spacious fifth wheels. With taller ceilings, deeper cabinets, larger windows, and a 101-inch body width, the Solitude is an option for seasonal travel or full-time living. This line also features a MORryde rubber pin box, MORryde suspension system, master walk-in closet, Weather-Tek insulation, and more. Its residential finishes truly make you feel like you’re home.

There are 10 floorplans in the 2022 models ranging from about 35 feet to almost 42 feet. They also vary in weight, with the lightest GVWR at 15,000 pounds and the heaviest at 16,800 pounds. You’ll definitely need a heavy-duty truck to pull a Grand Design Solitude.

Depending on your needs, there’s a floor plan for you in this line of fifth wheels. The Grand Design Solitude offers a mid-bunk model, huge front living options, and smaller living/kitchen combination units. The only mid-bunk model is the 378MBS. The 373FB and the 380FL offer two very different floor plans, but they’re the only models with a second half-bath in the kitchen.

Grand Design Solitude kitchen
Source: www.granddesignrv.com

About the Solitude S-Class

The Grand Design Solitude S-Class series is a cheaper option for a fifth wheel. Because customers love the Solitude line, Grand Design wanted to create a series with a little less luxury and less standard options at a lower price point. You can still add on some of the more expensive elements, but they’re options and not standard equipment, so the base price isn’t quite as steep.

If you’re a family looking for adequate space, three of the five floorplans are bunk models. The Grand Design Solitude S-Class offers more options than the Solitude in terms of floor plans with a separate space for the kids. However, the length and weight of the Solitude S-Class is still about the same as the Solitude. So you’ll still need a heavy-duty truck to pull these fifth wheels.

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Grand Design Solitude bedroom
Source: www.granddesignrv.com

How Much Does the Solitude Cost?

The base price for a 2022 Solitude S-Class fifth wheel will start a little under $100,000. Different models will vary, and different dealers will offer varying prices, but for the most part, a new Solitude will cost anywhere from $98,000-$133,000. You can find used units at a discount.

What’s the Difference Between the Solitude and Reflection?

The main difference is the luxury. Grand Design has established its Solitude line as the most luxurious of its products. It’s a step above the Reflection. It’s also more spacious. The overall length and living space are larger than the Reflection units. With greater luxury and length, the Grand Design Solitude fifth wheels are also heavier.


Is a Grand Design Solitude Worth It?

As with any RV, there are some flaws in the design and manufacturing details. Things break or come apart sometimes when you’re traveling down the road at 60-65 mph. However, most Solitude owners are very happy with their purchases. If you can afford the price tag of the Solitude, you’ll enjoy a true “home” and residential finishes.

Also, since Grand Design is a respected and well-known brand, repairs shouldn’t be an issue. Dealers are familiar with Grand Design, and their service departments should be able to complete repairs. So what will your next fifth wheel purchase be? Will you have a Grand Design Solitude soon?

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