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We're Jason and Rae Miller the founders of Getaway Couple! We provide daily content covering all aspects of camping from the smallest tent stake to the largest luxury RV. We've been camping for over 30 years and love to share our knowledge with you on this blog on our YouTube channel. We also write for RVSnappad.com, HWY.co, and are correspondents for the RV Show USA radio show. If you're looking for a little more structured learning on RVing, you can also find us as course instructors on RVMasterclass.com. If you are looking for a winter snowbirding destination you may enjoy our book Snowbird Travel Guide: Arizona
Lynx Levelers set against a blue backdrop.
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Lynx Levelers Review

Getting your RV level on a wildly uneven site takes work. Often your electric leveling system won’t be…
A group of friends cook some delicious lunches over the campfire.
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10 Best Campfire Lunch Recipes

A mouthwatering campfire lunch can be one of the most sumptuous treats after a busy morning outdoors or…
Kids sit in front of a campfire roasting hot dogs but can upgrade their campfire dinners with one of these recipes!
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5 Best Campfire Dinner Recipes

If your typical campfire dinner is a charred hot dog cooked on a stick over flames, we have…
A 3500 truck tows a large trailer up a winding mountain road. Which is the best 3500 truck?
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Which 3500 Truck is the Best?

If you want to see a civil discussion turn into a dumpster fire, ask truck enthusiasts which 3500…