Is TrailManor RV Still in Business?

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A TrailManor RV outside

If you have been in the RVing world for a while, you have likely come across Trail Manor RV. The RV manufacturer is known for its pop-up designs and has been around (in one form or another) since the early 80s. 

The Great Recession and COVID-19 did a lot of damage to the nation’s small businesses, but it seems TrailManor is one of the survivors of the struggle. Stick around to learn a little more about the path of Trail Manor RV. 

About TrailManor 

William J. Hulsey founded TrailManor RV in 1983 after building the company’s prototype for his wife. She needed an upright travel trailer with hard walls and a bathroom. He made it happen. Hulsey got his education in metal engineering and he finally used it when he opened his RV manufacturing business. 

After 25 years of ownership, Bill became ill and passed the reins off to the company’s most successful salesman, Bob Eickhoff. Eickhoff moved the company from Lake City, Tenn., to Nebraska in 2014. And in 2017, a religious group called the Hutterite Colony took over operations. 

Is TrailManor Still in Business?

TrailManor RV is still in business today. The Hutterite Colony has done fairly well keeping the company’s affairs moving forward. Their website is up and running smoothly. A simple phone call to their contact number will prove that the company is definitely still in business. 

Where Is TrailManor Made?

Though TrailManor started production in Tennessee, it has migrated since its foundation. Nebraska was the company’s second manufacturing site. Currently, the company makes Trail Manor RVs at a production site in South Dakota. 

The TrailManor Lineup 

If you’re interested in seeing what the TrailManor lineup looks like today, you’re in luck. Here is a quick overview of their current options for your browsing pleasure. 

2518 Series

Number of Floorplans: The 2518 has three floor plans. 

MSRP: It’s approximately $40,000, depending on the floor plan. 

Towing Length Closed: The towing length when it’s closed is 18 feet. 

Length Opened: The unit’s length when opened is 21 feet 6 inches. 

Dry Weight: The dry weight of the 2528 series is 2,600 pounds. 

This is the smallest unit in the Trail Manor lineup. You can tow this trailer with a properly equipped minivan, crossover, or SUV. You don’t have to sink thousands into upgrading your vehicle to pull it. 

A 2518 Series TrailManor RV
Source: TrailManor RV

2720 Series

Number of Floorplans: There are three floor plans for the 2720 series. 

MSRP: This unit is just under $40,000, depending on the floor plan. 

Towing Length Closed: The closed towing length is 20 feet. 

Length Opened: When opened, the length stretches to 24 feet and 4 inches. 

Dry Weight: The dry weight of this travel trailer is between 2,960 and 3,040, depending on the chosen floor plan. 

This Trail Manor camper comes with a queen bed for sleeping, but you can add a double bed or a sofa bed with the other floor plan choices. You’ll also get a dinette, sink, stove, refrigerator, a full bathroom, a wardrobe, and a ton of storage. 

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Inside a bedroom and kitchen area of a 2720 Series TrailManor RV
Source: TrailManor RV

2922 Series 

Number of Floorplans: The 2922 has three different floor plans. 

MSRP: The MSRP on this series entry is approximately $37,500, depending on the floor plan. 

Towing Length Closed: The towing length when it’s closed is 22 feet. 

Length Opened: The opened length is 26 feet and 4 inches. 

Dry Weight: The dry weight is between 3,040 and 3,130 pounds. 

The 2922 is TrailManor’s answer to the request that their trailers accommodate larger sleeping quarters. There’s a king-size bed in this camper. You can also have a slide-out or a non-sliding version. 

A 2922 Series TrailManor RV
Source: TrailManor RV

3124 Series

Number of Floorplans: It has three floor plans from which to choose. 

MSRP: The approximate MSRP is around $42,000 to $45,000, depending on your chosen options. 

Towing Length Closed: The closed towing length of this model is 24 feet. 

Length Opened: It’s 28 feet and 4 inches long when it opens. 

Dry Weight: The dry weight of this series entry is 3,140 to 3,200 pounds. 

You have an option for a front slide on this Trail Manor model. The slide provides ample living room space and gives your travel party a little room to stretch their legs. 

A 3124 Series TrailManor RV outside
Source: TrailManor RV

What Is the Smallest TrailManor?

The smallest TrailManor camper is the 2518 series. Its dimensions are only 18 feet by 20 feet when it’s fully closed, so you can easily store this camper in your home’s garage. It’s lighter than the rest of the models, so towing is no complicated issue to manage. 

Do TrailManor Campers Leak? 

All campers can spring a leak somewhere in their design. Are Trail Manor campers known for springing leaks? No. The company made them in such a way that you can even set them up in the rain without soaking everything you have stored inside. 

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Where Can I Find a TrailManor Dealer? 

There are more than 20 different dealer options scoured across the United States. If you want to track down the one located nearest to you, you can visit the TrailManor website. They have a location tool that will quickly line you up with who to talk to and where to go to get your own Trail Manor RV. 

Expect to See More of TrailManor in the RV World 

Now that the company has gone through some rocky times, it seems they’ve had the opportunity to shore up its business model. You can expect to see more TrailManor models roaming around the RV world in the future. The real question you should ask is which model best serves your camping needs? 

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