Can You Put an RV on Airbnb?

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An airbnb rv rental

Home rentals on Airbnb have impacted hospitality markets across the world, giving travelers unique lodging options. So why shouldn’t RVers have the same opportunity to rent their rigs? Now you can with Airbnb’s “Unique Stays” filter. Place your motorhome or travel trailer on a property, making it stationary for rentals, and you have an Airbnb RV rental.

There are a few caveats, but we’ve ironed out the wrinkles for you! Let’s get started!

Can You Put an RV on Airbnb?

Like renting a cottage, apartment, or home on Airbnb, hosts can offer an RV as a lodging rental. However, they must have a fixed location for the RV. This rental would appear on Airbnb searches under the “Unique Stays” filter. Hosts should explain differences between sticks-and-bricks properties, like hot water limitations or solar power. The process is the same as renting a house or room.

How Does Airbnb Work?

Airbnb allows hosts to list a room, apartment, house, or stationary RV for rent through their website. A host must get permission from their landlord, homeowner’s association, or city and county governments to see if they’ll allow it. You might have to acquire a license or file. Once you’re in the clear, you should prepare and photograph the rental for a listing, then put it on the Airbnb website with a price per night.

When a renter reserves the listing, the host can accept or decline. They take a deposit two days before the renter’s arrival date. After the renter checks out of the property, if there are no problems with the rental state, Airbnb will deposit money into the host’s bank account, Paypal account, or via a bank transfer.

Pros for Putting Your RV on Airbnb

Listing a property on Airbnb has increased income for thousands who never considered renting unused rooms, cabins, barns, or RVs to travelers. Depending on the season, location, and the shape of your RV, you may make a couple of thousand dollars a month if you have a popular listing. 

Another benefit to listing your RV on Airbnb is that the vehicle won’t move. To qualify for the rental agency, it must be on a stationary property. You will not have to take the vehicle to a customer since they will come to the RV. Because it is not traveling, there will be less wear and tear on your investment, meaning fewer repairs. With a fixed location, you can not only fix up the RV but enhance the space around it to make a welcoming rental.

Cons for Putting Your RV on Airbnb

There are a few drawbacks to listing your RV on Airbnb, including that your trailer or motorhome will incur some use. Constant rentals can mean scuffs on the floor, worn fabrics, dirty air conditioner filters, and more. You may also have a problem accepting that people you don’t know will be staying in your home on wheels.

The most blatant negative about renting out your RV is that things break, wear out, or need replacing as people use them more frequently. Prepare to pay for a broken light or install a new water pump when required. If you started your hosting duties with a rig in good shape, the income you will make renting it out should be more than enough to cover maintenance and upkeep and provide you with some spending money.

Most hosts don’t enjoy doing laundry every day or two, but you will charge an extra fee for cleaning. Doing some dishes, emptying the black tank, or washing towels will become your daily ritual when renting your RV on Airbnb.

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Real RVs That Are on Airbnb

Here are just three listings for RVs that are currently available on Airbnb. Maybe yours should join them!

The Roaming Juan

This 23-foot-long Airstream trailer is within walking distance of the beach in Santa Rosa, Florida. It has an open deck, indoor and outdoor showers, and room for up to four people. It is on a property with two other unique Airbnb rentals, including a camper and a tiny house. The cost per night is $184.

An airbnb rv rental in a backyard
Source: Airbnb

Glamping ’60s Style

For a retro rental, check out this 1968 Tag-A-Long travel trailer 15 minutes from downtown Savannah, Georgia, and the beach at Tybee Island. With a double bed and sofa, a fully-equipped kitchen, and a private outdoor bath complete with a footed tub, this renovated camper reminds renters of bygone days. A courtyard with hammocks and a fire pit add to the ambiance, costing $124 per night.

A vintage airbnb rv rental in a back
Source: Airbnb

Kaedoe Peace & Quiet

This 30-foot-long 5th wheel is at a unique location. You can enjoy the quiet of camping in the Navajo Nation just south of Page, Arizona. The rig has a main bedroom with a queen bed and a bunkhouse with two extra double beds. The living room slide has a sofa bed and a dinette, and the kitchen has residential appliances. Enjoy the canyon country sunsets, knowing you are close to the famed Antelope Canyon and Lake Powell. The cost is $160 per night.

An airbnb rv rental
Source: Airbnb

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Can You Rent Your RV Outside Of Airbnb?

If a stationary RV isn’t doable for your Airbnb rental, you might consider listing it on an RV rental marketplace like Outdoorsy or RV Share. These peer-to-peer rentals allow you to rent your trailer to someone who wants to experience the mobile RV lifestyle. The marketplace is the go-between for you and a prospective renter. They provide insurance and handle the reservations and the mone.

You must accept or decline drivers/renters on a transportation background check. Once you accept, the renter will come to you for instruction on everything related to your RV. A face-to-face meeting allows you to show them how all systems work. This is an excellent option for those who don’t have a stationary place where they can rent their RV.

Is It Worth It to Rent Out Your RV?

An income generator like an Airbnb property can provide you with not only a generous savings account but can encourage you to use your RV as an asset. Rather than depreciating in your driveway, why not list your RV on Airbnb and provide a stationary destination for travelers? It could be a win-win. 

Would you rent an RV Airbnb for the night?

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