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If you’re tired of visiting the same old tourist traps and want to spice up your adventures, you might want to consider the Roadside America app. You can make every stop count and pass by those attractions that aren’t worth it. If you want to take your adventures to the next level, today’s article is for you!

Today, we’re looking at how you can find unique stops along your route by using the Roadside America app. Let’s get started!

What Is the Roadside America App?

The Roadside America app is a mobile application available for Apple devices. This road trip guide helps you find some of the country’s most unique and exciting attractions. Currently, the app is ranked fifth in the App Store under the travel category. Its 4.7 rating shows that users love using the app and find it incredibly helpful.

The app makes it easy to find attractions and things to see or do in an area. You can also input your future route to find possible stops along the way. Once you find a spot you want to visit, you can save it for your future trip. You can also pin locations where you’ve been to reflect on your travels later. 

Is the Roadside America App Free?

While some free resources are available, the Roadside America app is not one of them. However, this handy guide is worth $2.99 for the Basic options. The $2.99 basic features require users to select one of the seven regions in the country. Users can then purchase additional regions for $1.99 each or get full access to all seven regions for $6.99. It’s a small investment for a massive return on fun and excitement during your travels.

Is Roadside America App on Android?

Unfortunately,  the Roadside America app is only available in Apple’s App Store. Those running the app have researched and found that creating a functional app that works with all Android devices is incredibly challenging for them to support. 

There are a variety of platforms and operating systems that present challenges for their developers. They refuse to release an app that won’t provide a high-quality experience for their users. Their high standards won’t allow them to consider reducing the user experience.

A person using the roadside america app to find their next stop

How to Use The Roadside America App

There are several ways to use the Roadside America app. You can use your current location or type in a future destination. It will then show the results of any attractions in the area. You can mark locations for potential future visits or mark places you’ve previously visited. You can read reviews from other users to help you decide which attractions are best for you and your family.

Why You Should Use the Roadside America App

We think you should use the Roadside America app for a few reasons. Here’s why you shouldn’t wait to download this app to your Apple devices.

Loaded with Fun and Weird Tourist Stops

Some of the most fun and weird tourist stops across the country get little attention on social media. Many travelers plan their stops at places they’ve seen others stop during their travels. 

By using the Roadside America app, you can start being a leader instead of a follower. You and your family can be the ones posting pictures of places and having followers ask, “Where is this!?!?”

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The Museum of death, a tourist location recommended by roadside america app

Extremely Cost-Effective

You don’t have to break the bank to purchase this app. In fact, this app costs less than a gallon of gas in most places. However, the return on the investment is well worth it.

Once you purchase the app, you get access to it for life. While the database is constantly updated, there are no annual membership fees or recurring charges. You simply get access to the massive database for all of your future travels.

Never Miss Another Adventure

Once you download and sign up for this app, you’ll never miss another adventure. Anytime you’re looking for something to do, you can simply open the app and find it.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re on a cross-country trip or bored on a Saturday morning; there’s always something to do. The app’s database has thousands of spots to visit, and you never have an excuse to be bored.

An RV on a cross country road trip to visit their next stop using the roadside america app

Does Roadside America Make Other Apps?

The creators of Roadside America have been hard at work in creating an additional app. Roadside Presidents makes it easy to find just about anything that has to do with any of the presidents. You’ll find historical landmarks and silly sights ranging from George Washington to Joe Biden. You can use the app to find interesting sites based on a specific president or near you. There are over 1,300 attractions loaded into their database, waiting for you to experience them!

Similar to their famous Roadside America app, this app is $2.99 and is only available on iOS devices. However, the functionality and ease of use are exactly what you’d expect from them. If you’re into history or politics, this is a must-have app!

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Get Exploring With the Roadside America App

Roadside attractions can be a fun way to spice up your trip and add a bit of excitement to your adventures. However, finding unique places to stop that you’ve never heard of or experienced before can be challenging. Luckily, the Roadside America app is easy to use and does all the hard work for you. All you need to do is pick which spots sound interesting to you and travel there. We can’t wait to see some of the places you visit during your adventures!

Have you ever used the Roadside America app? What was your experience?

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