What the Heck Is a Treehouse Camper?

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If you want to transform your truck into a camping machine, we’ve got an option you might want to consider. Treehouse Campers are revolutionizing how and where people adventure and getting owners more excited about camping.

These campers work great for those who want to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. So what’s all the fuss about the Treehouse Camper? Let’s find out.

What Is a Treehouse Camper?

A Treehouse Camper is a custom truck cap with a clamshell camper. The construction materials result in an incredibly lightweight product you can easily add and remove from a truck. However, many users opt to leave their Treehouse Camper permanently attached, so they’re always ready for an adventure.

When fully extended, the Treehouse Camper provides enough room to walk upright for the entire length of your truck bed. You can easily sort through your gear and even prepare meals inside. 

At the end of the day, you can quickly and easily pull down the sleeping deck. These campers, weighing only 350 pounds, are incredible options for those looking to adventure in smaller trucks that don’t have a lot of payload capacity. 


Who Makes the Treehouse Camper?

The Treehouse Camper is a product of Snap! Outfitters. They focus on creating products that help people enjoy their outdoor experience. The company wants to make the difficult tasks often associated with camping as simple as snapping your fingers. So who is Snap! Outfitters?

About Snap! Outfitters

Snap! Outfitters is a Pennsylvania-based company that produces custom-made Treehouse Campers. It ensures each order fits perfectly. The company came about because the founder, Richard W. Dennis, wanted to make his weekend kayaking adventures easier. The process was rather tiresome, and he knew there had to be a better way.

He launched the company in January 2017 and produced approximately 60 different Treehouses between 2017 and 2020. Dennis and the team made changes and improved quality based on feedback they received from customers. 

However, in March of 2021, Ross, Roger, and Mary Kay purchased the company from Dennis.  Ross Kay had worked as a fabricator and welder on the Treehouse Campers. The brand continues under new ownership.

A treehouse camper attached to a truck

What Makes the Treehouse Camper Unique

Treehouse Campers are unique because each unit is custom-made per the owner’s request. It uses incredibly durable, lightweight, and weatherproof materials. Weighing only a few hundred pounds means you can install these on practically any truck you want.

These campers have custom-made frames and many customizable options. You’ll find everything from custom paint jobs to match your vehicle to a full-size barn door. The only limiting factor is your imagination and wallet. If you can imagine it and pay for it, Snap! Outfitters can make it happen.

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How Much Is a Snap Treehouse?

The Standard Treehouse starts at $11,500. However, you’ll likely want to make a few customizations to get the most out of your Snap! Treehouse.

You can consider add-ons like a winterizing kit ($650), pre-wire for solar panels ( $190), or an awning ($150). Depending on how much customization you do, the price and weight of your camper can significantly increase.

A treehouse camper attached to a truck

Where Are Treehouse Campers Made?

While most RV manufacturers are in Elkhart, Ind., that’s not the case with Treehouse Campers. The only location sits in the small town of Glenville, Pa. This town is home to approximately 2,300 residents and lies an hour from Harrisburg, Pa., and Baltimore, Md.

Benefits of a Treehouse Camper

You’ll find several benefits to choosing a Treehouse Camper if looking for a truck camper. Let’s look at why we think these are great options.


Truck campers can range from $8,000 to $40,000, depending on the size. Treehouse Campers start at $11,500. Despite their budget-friendly price, they use high-quality products built to last. If you want a long-lasting camper, you get plenty of bang for your buck by choosing a Treehouse.


Snap! Outfitters uses durable materials when manufacturing the Treehouse Camper. They use an aluminum outer shell and rugged HarborTime Edge marine fabric.

This allows people to use their Treehouse Camper in practically any weather condition and stay comfortable. Not having to cancel your camping reservations or plans because the weather is priceless. And you’ll have plenty of space to wait out the weather and continue your adventures.

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While some truck campers and other shells can be extremely heavy and even require a dually truck, Treehouse Campers only weigh a few hundred pounds. This means most trucks can haul them rather easily, and you won’t have to upgrade your truck just to take it on adventures. A smaller vehicle can allow you to access areas that aren’t possible with larger trucks. 

A treehouse camper attached to a truck

Get the Adventure Started With a Treehouse Camper

If you want to take your adventures to the next level, consider a Treehouse Camper. Snap! Outfitters do all the right things when making these campers and will work directly with you to ensure you get the perfect one. You’ll unlock a new world of camping, and your greatest challenge will be deciding where to take your Treehouse Camper next.

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