Small Campers With Bathrooms That Will Surprise You

Smaller camper with a bathroom

Small campers have become popular again and for a good reason! The main concern with smaller campers is the thing most folks don’t like to talk about: “where will we go to the bathroom?” But not to fear, there are many small campers with bathrooms for you to choose from. 

Benefits of Small Campers with Bathrooms

Smaller campers are adorable! But besides that, they can have a lot of benefits. You may already have a tow vehicle big enough to pull one. If storage is tight, a small camper can easily fit in a side yard or sometimes even a garage. If you live in town, a small trailer is more comfortable to navigate down subdivision or town streets.

A small camper can be plenty of space for a single, couple, or small family to enjoy the outdoors, and they tend to be cheaper to begin with than a huge trailer, besides saving money on a new tow vehicle if you’re not already a truck owner. If the trailer has fewer amenities, it will also be more comfortable and cheaper to maintain than a colossal RV or 5th wheel with multiple slides and major systems.

Woman sticking her head out of the door of a small camper with bathrooms

Difference Between Wet Bathrooms and Dry Bathrooms

One concern with small campers is the bathroom. While small campers have proportionally smaller bathrooms, they can still be quite functional. Terms you may hear in this category are “wet bath” and “dry bath.” A wet bath is where the toilet and maybe the sink are inside the shower area. This saves a lot of space in a trailer when the entire “wet” area is inside one shared space. A dry bath is where the toilet and shower are separated, and there is a “dry” area where there may be a vanity and sink area outside of the shower spray area.

Things to Consider When Buying Small Campers with Bathrooms


The size and shape of a trailer can be just the visuals, but it can also make a difference in wind resistance, tow weight, and layout. You can get small vintage trailers, modern campers, pop-ups, A-frames, hybrids, and even off-road styles. There are tons of options when it comes to small campers with bathrooms.


Some trailers in this category are made for off-road, boondocking, and other adventure activities. They have higher clearance and heavy-duty suspension, and bigger tanks for more time in the wilderness.


Some trailers in this category are less expensive, and those may not be as insulated for winter weather conditions. If you plan on camping in colder weather or live in a cold climate, make sure that your small camper is set up for these conditions!

Small camper with bathrooms in the snow with trees in the background.

How To Operate

Each trailer has its unique systems. Some smaller campers have all the bells and whistles, and some are very simple. Before committing to a small camper, make sure that the systems onboard are what you need for the camping style you wish to do. From simple, electric only, or off-grid boondocking for the long term.


Small campers with bathrooms can be less expensive than your typical RV. However, high-end small campers can cost more than low-end large trailers! Considering they have high-end finishes and a lot of features like a large RV or 5th wheel, just thoughtfully laid out in a tight footprint.

Small Campers with Bathrooms

KZ Escape Mini

This trailer weighs less than 2900 pounds unloaded, and there are four layouts and two decor options. Each trailer has a slide-out to add additional living space. All units have a queen bed and either a dinette or a sofa to add another sleeping area.

iCamp Elite

The iCamp Elite is a rounded silhouette trailer that weighs about 2900 pounds dry and is 14 feet long. A high gloss laminated fiberglass skin makes the trailer lightweight. It is aerodynamic and comfortable for smaller vehicles to tow, but the trailer still has numerous features. A dinette makes into a spacious bed, a wet bath, plenty of storage, and a full small kitchen along the trailer’s rear end. The vibe on these trailers is modern and playful with colorful accents.

Scamp Trailers

This classic trailer has been around for decades! These “egg” fiberglass trailers are easy to tow, aerodynamic, lightweight, and low maintenance. They have 13’, 16’, and 19’ models to suit your needs. From one without a shower and toilet, up to deluxe wood trim, three-way fridge, AC, full wet bathroom, and even a tiny 5th wheel option that can be towed by small trucks.

Forest River R-Pod

This option is a small luxury camper with numerous floor plans. Some floorplans include slide-outs, some without slides, queen beds, and even a bunk unit. The Ultra-Lite unit weighs 2504, and the more decked out models top 4600 pounds. The higher-end models have premium features like outdoor kitchens, walkthrough dry bathrooms, walk-around queen beds, and spacious closets. If you’re looking for tons of options for small campers with bathrooms, this is your brand.

Camp Lite Trailer by Livin Lite

Camp Lite trailers are aluminum and composite constructed and meant to be pulled by smaller vehicles. Even the cabinets in these trailers are made from aluminum, making them low maintenance and long-lasting. When it comes to small campers with bathrooms, this is a great option.

Some pop-up style trailers are exceptionally small, able to be towed by a car with a dry weight of just over 1,000 pounds. The smallest trailer is 11’ long and weighs under 2,000 pounds. A unique bunk model has room for up to 5 and is only 13’ and 2250 dry weight! Other floor plans are suitable for a couple with queen beds, and there are sizes to fit most tow vehicles.

Somerset Aliner Camping Trailer

These trailers range from 10.5’  to 14.5’ box and come in standard to deluxe. In other words, these options allow you to pick the trailer that fits your needs. Weighing as little as 1,225 pounds and with a low profile, this is a great starter option. These trailers have a “fold-up” style, so you have low wind resistance on towing, but can still stand upright in the trailer once setup. If pop up campers are your cup of tea, check out 7 Amazing Pop-Up Campers on the Market.

Small camper with bathrooms at night with string lights outside

Final Thoughts on Small Campers with Bathrooms

In conclusion, small campers with bathrooms can be great to fit into tight spaces, explore more remote locations, and tow with existing vehicles. Little trailers can have all the amenities you need, including bathrooms, and let you get camping with minimal fuss. With small campers, you can explore while getting precisely the level of features and trim you need!

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