What Are the Best RV Awning Lights?

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A dark blue night is lit up outside of an RV by the awning lights.

Using the space under your awning is like having an extra room outdoors. RV awning lights are a must-have to make the most of this space. How can you provide the perfect amount of illumination to your “front porch?” Let’s see why many RVers are adding lighting to their existing awnings.

Do All RVs Come with RV Awning Lights?

If you’re hoping to brighten up your evenings with automated awning lights, shop for newer RVs, as most manufacturers didn’t include them until recently. You’ll find abundant examples on many fifth-wheel and travel trailer awnings, as well as Class A motorhomes. Push-button lighting on these rigs comes preinstalled on many mechanized awnings, with light color and brightness options.

But don’t fret if your RV is missing this feature. There are several ways to add RV awning lights to your existing rig, including LED light kits and prestrung patio lights. Some kits offer lighting that’s wired into your electrical system, and others provide more temporary lighting options like light bars. Even hanging patio lights from your awning can lend a festive feeling to your campsite and give you the light you need on a dark summer night.

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String Versus LED RV Awning Lights

The biggest difference between string lights and their LED counterparts is the work required to set them up. LED awning lights are permanent fixtures wired into your electrical system. You’ll only need to flip a switch when you put out your awning. But you have to put up and take down string lights every time. You might need zip ties or clothespins to attach them. And what happens if you need to retract your awning when the wind picks up? There’s more work involved in taking the light strands down and storing them.

If you like to set up camp quickly and efficiently, an LED light strip could become your best friend. But a celebratory strand of Edison lights hanging from your RV awning and into the trees can set the mood for a cheery campsite if you don’t mind the extra effort.

Best RV Awning Lights to Light Up Your Night

RV awning lights indeed brighten up any campsite, and they can be a great piece of safety equipment, as well. But how can you choose from the variety of light options available if your existing rig doesn’t currently have awning lights? We’ve compiled information on several types of awning lights to help you separate your favorites.

MultiColor LED RV Awning Lights

LATCH.IT LED Lights for RV Awning | 2021 V2.0 DIY Kit | 20’ LED Awning Lights for RV & Campers | IP68 Waterproof RV Awning Lights | The Most Complete RV LED Awning Light Kit in The Market!
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Add your own lights to an existing awning with LATCH.IT’s waterproof multi-colored LED awning lights. This kit provides everything needed to install high-quality lighting, including a remote control. The LED strip fits inside a silicone tube and attaches securely to your RV for a dependable, permanent installation. You will receive a 20-foot strip, which you can cut to fit most awnings. Enjoy a brightness of up to 1,800 lumens, or use the remote to dim your light or change the color. The kit costs about $90.

RecPro Blue LED RV Awning Lights

RecPro RV Blue LED Awning Party Light 12V Mounting Channel - Black PCB (12')
  • Brand new, 12' blue with black pcb awning light and channel

Turn your outdoor space into a cool after-dark party site with bright blue LED lighting by RecPro. This strip of 12-volt lights attaches to your awning via a black polycarbonate channel inside a silicone sleeve, so they’re waterproof and long-lasting. The awning lights wire directly into your system, making this setup permanent — no taking them on and off when bringing in or extending the awning. A 12-foot strip costs $45.

Weatherproof Globe String Lights

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For a temporary festive flair at your campsite, hang Guddl string lights. These incandescent lights sit along a 25-foot strand and come with glass bulbs. Although they’re not a permanent solution to your awning light needs, some choose them to replicate the atmosphere of outdoor cafes and music venues. One strand costs $17, and it might take two strands to cover a typical patio area.

Dream Lighting RV LED Light Strips

Dream Lighting 12 Volt Auto Waterproof Awning Lights/Cool White RV Exterior LED Lighting for Marine Boat Camper Trailer and Motorhome 9.84 inch Black Shell Pack of 2
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For smaller areas, check out Dream Lighting’s LED strips, which you can attach to your awning or even a truck topper. They come in a pack of two, offering a total of 350 lumens of brightness. Wire these lights into your 12-volt system for a long lifespan. Each is 10 inches long and casts light downward, making them great door lights for entry spaces. You get two for $47.

Things to Consider When Purchasing RV Awning Lights

There are a few things to think about before deciding on adding RV awning lights to your rig. 


Colorful lights are an automatic magnet to your campsite. But selecting which color might have nothing to do with party atmospheres and everything to do with which types of animals you wish to attract. Lights that cast a white or bluish light are most attractive to insects, so stick with incandescent yellow or orange lights to limit your visitors to the two-legged kind.

Of course, some LED light strands give you the option to change colors whenever the mood strikes you, so consider adding them if you want to keep the lighting fresh.


If you use your outdoor space for specific activities after the sun goes down, you may want RV awning lights with more lumens to brighten the area. Conversely, your neighbors may hope you turn off those bright lights at bedtime. 

Mood lighting is an option if you purchase awning lights that have a remote control dimmer. This can be the best of both worlds, giving you the capability to turn up the light for family board game night at the picnic table and down for a romantic dinner on date night.

Energy Efficiency

Dispersed camping or boondocking requires a close look at our energy usage. If this is your preferred camp style, spend a little extra time studying the voltage and wattage of RV awning lights before you purchase. Discover which work with your 12-volt system, along with which offer less wattage use, preserving some power for your time off the grid. 

LED lights will be much more energy-efficient than incandescent bulbs. How long will you be using the lights? If you want to leave them on all night, consider whether you’re able to use a generator (no neighbors) or if your solar setup can recharge it in the morning. Otherwise, incandescent bulbs may work just fine for your needs.

Ease of Use

If you’re looking for “push-button RV awning lights,” a permanent light bar will offer the easiest solution. You can pull into any campsite, put your awning out, and flip a switch. No packing up lights or extension cords at the end of your stay.

But if you enjoy decorating your awning with hanging lights, your setup and takedown will be a little more involved. You’ll also need to consider storage space for the light strands and extension cords. And keep in mind that some lights like incandescent round bulbs and Edison lights are much more fragile when hanging and storing, as their globes may be made of glass. 

RV awning lights are a great addition to your vehicle. With such versatile options available, you can provide additional safety lighting while enjoying colorful displays at your campsite. What kind of lighting do you use for your awning?

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