Is the Capri Camper Really the “World’s Best Truck Camper?”

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A white Capri Camper on a white truck outside.

For RVers looking for a simple, well-functioning truck camper that can be stripped down to its basic amenities or tricked out with every comfort on the road, a Capri Camper is worth a look.

The company has a reputation for making dependable, high-quality retro truck campers that harken to the days of hard-riding rodeo travelers. Let’s see if the hype is justified and if Capri truly is the “world’s best truck camper”, as the company claims.

About Capri Campers

Starting in 1969 in Burleson, Texas, Capri Campers has been hand-creating truck campers for 53 years. It wasn’t until 2003 that they built a manufacturing facility in Bluff Dale, several miles west of their founding city.

That’s when people began to notice the custom campers for serious adventurers.

There’s no assembly line for these rigs. They are custom and hand-built, starting with solid wood frame construction. The truck campers are fully insulated, then wrapped in anodized aluminum with a one-piece aluminum roof, creating their vintage look.

With this customized approach, customers can expect a 90 to 120-day timeframe before receiving their hand-built rig.

Who Owns Capri Camper

In 2014, father and son team Pete and Tyson D’Acosta purchased Capri Camper. They took the custom-built truck camper company forward in the RV market.

Before their acquisition, Capri focused almost entirely on the rodeo cowboy market, which still gives the camper its retro look. But the D’Acostas introduced these lightweight hand-made truck campers to a broader market with an infusion of cash and a lot of hard work.

They still build the trailers one by one, but now more fans are buying their models!

A Capri Camper parked outside on a black truck.
Source: Capri Camper

The Capri Camper Line Up

Capri Camper has a standard lineup with three models. The company handmakes and tailors them to the owner’s needs. Let’s take a look at them all below.

Capri Camper Retreat

You can order this cabover model to fit midsize and full-size trucks. It comes with all the basics found in the Capri Camper Cowboy, except for the bed. The Retreat has a queen-size bed measuring 60” by 80” for comfort.

It also comes standard with a Formica countertop and matching Lagun table system with cushions for seats, plus four windows with screens.

People looking for elaborate add-ons can customize their rig with an air conditioner, refrigerator, stovetop, heater, and sink with a faucet.

You can also add an audio-video package and an indoor or outdoor shower, complete with a water pump and tank. Starting price on the Capri Camper Retreat is $16,995.

Capri Camper Cowboy

A retro truck camper with no cabover, the Capri Camper company named this model the Cowboy because of its popularity with rodeo cowboys and those who travel often and need a simple set-up.

The cowboy comes with a 48” by 80” bed, a battery charger for a complete electrical system that includes 12v and 110v (interior and exterior outlets), along with USB ports, three overhead cabinets, wood-grain flooring, two side windows with screens, and a back door with a screen door.

The camper also comes solar-ready, with lighting and a Fantastic Fan. Customers can customize the Cowboy with additions like an air conditioner unit, a sink and faucet, refrigerator, stovetop, heater, and even an audio-video package.

The price for the basic unit is $11,495.

Capri Camper Lonestar

The Capri Camper Lonestar is a back-country cabover camper ready to go off-road and off-grid. Like the Retreat, the Lonestar has a queen-size bed and a Lagun table system, but that’s where the comparisons end.

This lightweight camper comes with cabinets with cargo netting, a sink and faucet, a 175-watt solar panel, a waterproof fishing locker, and an exterior propane cabinet. Upgrades include a lithium battery, a Dometic cooler, a catalytic propane heater, manual jacks, and a portable toilet.

The base price for the Lonestar is $16,995. With all the extras, the price stands at $22,250.

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How Tall Is a Capri Camper?

All Capri Camper models are seven feet tall. The Retreat and The Cowboy have several plans that fit various truck bed sizes, varying in length from 72” to 101.”

The Lonestar comes in one size, measuring 80” in length. It can, however, fit 5.5-foot truck beds (with the tailgate down) up to full-size eight-foot beds.

Do These Campers Have Toilets?

None of the Campri Camper models come standard with a toilet or bathroom space. However, The Lonestar and The Cowboy models have an optional upgrade that includes a portable Dometic toilet.

The Lonestar even offers an upgrade for showering capabilities with a Rinse-Kit Pro.

The Retreat model also provides the toilet as an upgrade. It gives customers an optional complete indoor shower upgrade that includes a water heater, pump, a water tank, propane tank, and showerhead.

Pro Tip: Want to add a composting toilet to your Capri Camper but heard the rumors? Read RV Composting Toilet Myths That Need To Go Away before making your final decision!

How Much Does a Camper Cost?

The base price for The Retreat is $16,995. With full optional build-out, that price can double to $35,547. The Cowboy base price is $11,495, and if you added all options, the price would ring up at $25,671. The Lonestar has a base price of $15,995, and with all options would cost $22,250.

A black Capri Camper on a black truck.
Source: Capri Camper

Is the Capri Camper Really the “World’s Best Truck Camper”?

Most of the owners of a Capri Camper seem to love the product. This is evident by the few Capris on the used market. It is difficult to find a ‘broken in’ model these days, mainly because owners value this rig for its simplicity and hand-made quality. 

One customer stated that his Capri Retreat was a classic floorplan with old-school materials he’d integrated with new technologies and ideas. He called his truck camper “cutting edge.”

With a company that promises to build custom hand-made campers one at a time with high-quality materials, as well as customer service that involves the owners answering every phone call themselves, you have to believe that Capri Campers may be the world’s best truck camper. At the least, they’re well on their way! 

Capri Camper: Selling Campers for 50+ Years

With record sales covering more than 53 years, Capri Campers has experience producing one of the most popular truck campers.

The company handles all customers personally, from the first phone call for an order to delivering a personalized truck camper with vintage flair and outstanding artistry. What customizations would you add to your trailer? 

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