These Off-Road Camper Trailers Are Built for Adventure

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We have great news for those campers who love exploring remote locations. You no longer have to haul your bedroll along on a backpack! With a new off-road trailer, you can bring almost all of the comforts of home with you on any journey out on public motorized trails. Just hitch one of these tricked-out campers to a truck or high clearance vehicle, and pick your campsite in the backcountry.

What Is an Off-Road Trailer?

An off-road trailer is built for adventurers. Its rugged suspension, all-terrain tires, and smaller size make this type of camper more portable to destinations off the beaten path.

Many consists of aluminum or fiberglass bodies with slide-out kitchens, interior beds, and a shower and toilet. But minimal models include elevated tent platforms that attach to vehicle roofs or truck beds. 

Off-road trailers can make perfect homes for overlanders and those hoping to gain access to the world’s most remote campsites. Trails that require high clearance or tricky maneuvering over rocks or through low water won’t stop these campers, as they have knobby tires and durable construction materials. 

Off-roaders need good suspension. Many trailers have lifted axle-free or heavy-duty suspension to make ‘getting there’ a breeze. A welded chassis and an articulating hitch found on some off-road trailers also add to their ease of movement, while protecting trailer contents.

This new hybrid camper has opened RVing to more boondocking locations, as many come complete with heaters, air conditioners, and wired for solar power. It seems your off-road trailer will allow you to camp in the most remote locations. In fact, only the capacity of your towing vehicle will limit your ability to find a great campsite!

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Benefits of an Off-Road Trailer

Many non-conformist campers have no desire to stay in organized campgrounds, wishing only to see secluded destinations in isolated locations. Off-road trailers make a perfect match for these explorers, sometimes giving them the luxuries of a kitchen, bath, and bed in the most unique landscapes.

Because they can travel over all types of terrain, an off-road trailer complements jeepers, overlanders, and anyone who enjoys spending time in places difficult to access.

Best Off-Road Trailers for Camping in 2021

1. Taxa Cricket Overland

With a dry weight of 2,000 lbs, the Taxa Cricket Overland is lightweight but carries a big reputation in the off-road world. It’s flexible enough to sleep 2 adults and 2 children, measuring 15 ft long and 6 ft 7 inches wide. The top opens to 9 ft 10 inches. 

Campers will find a two-burner stove, sink, furnace, water heater, and air conditioner as great amenities in the backcountry. A portable toilet, room for a fridge/freezer, and tons of storage space make the Cricket Overland a favorite.

The axle-less design creates 14 inches of ground clearance, and the lock-and-roll hitch, combined with all-terrain tires gives this off-road trailer great maneuverability. It costs $38,950.

Three men and a dog sitting outside in the woods with their off-road trailer in the background
Image courtesy of Taxa Outdoors

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2. Bruder EXP-6

Enjoy a space-age capsule while exploring hard-to-visit locales in the Bruder EXP-6. This futuristic off-road trailer has all of the comforts of home, with the interior completely dedicated to living and sleeping areas. The EXP-6 kitchen opens from the outside, running along the exterior of the vehicle with cabinetry, a sink, an induction cooktop, and a self-standing grill. You can access these from the inside, as well. 

This off-road trailer sleeps up to 6 people comfortably. It has a toilet, sink and shower, and a massive amount of storage. But the real show stopper is Bruder’s contoured chassis and suspension. It can level out any campsite without the need for hydraulics or blocks, minimizing weight shifts. This beast sells for $68,000.

Woman cooking outside of her off-road trailer
Image courtesy of Bruder

3. Teton X Hybrid

Known as a compact powerhouse, the Teton X Hybrid is 10 feet long with an incredible 21.5 inches of ground clearance. You can choose from three models with differing bed configurations, and each comes with a slide-out kitchen. It has space for a 75-liter dual-zone refrigerator, sink, and stove. 

Making great use of small spaces, this off-road trailer has fold-out tables connected to its kitchen facilities. It also has a pop-top for ventilation and headspace and a generous awning. It comes wired for solar and has room inside for a dinette and a bathroom. With popular options, the Teton X sells for $39,995.

An off-road trailer all setup in the parking lot to show off it's features
Image courtesy of Teton X

4. Pando 2.0 Teardrop

A unique version of the classic teardrop camper, the Pando 2.0 single axle camper has 21 inches of ground clearance to make off-roading a cinch. Like more traditional campers, the kitchen, at the rear of the vehicle, reveals when you lift the trunk. It consists of stainless steel components, including a sink, two-burner stove, and a large refrigerator, plus plenty of storage for pots and pans. 

The interior holds a large bed and more than 20 cubic feet of storage. If the need arises for more sleeping space, the Pando has a wide variety of rooftop tent options. This off-road trailer comes wired for solar and has a 1,000-watt inverter to meet all of your power needs. It starts at $31,500.

Family out camping in their off-road trailer
Image courtesy of Off Grid Trailers

5. OPUS OP-15

With a huge outdoor kitchen large enough to make any chef jealous, the Opus OP-15 is the apex in luxury for off-road trailers. This off-road trailer has a three-burner stove, a large refrigerator, a dish drying shelf, and a hinge for a television. The interior shimmers with bamboo cabinetry, leatherette seating, and high-end electronics.

 A king-sized bed and two bunks provide plenty of sleeping space for the whole family. The camper comes standard with 300 watts of solar power, a water heater, and an air conditioner. A full bath with a shower and chemical toilet round out the inside offerings. The exterior construction of this 15-foot trailer includes a durable galvanized and welded chassis with gas shock absorbers. It sells at $57,000.

Truck towing an off-road trailer down a deep dirt road
Image courtesy of Opus

Time to Explore in Your Off-Road Trailer

When the journey to your camping destination has rugged, overgrown trails or involves fording a stream, an off-road trailer may fit just right for your needs and comfort. Take this new hybrid RV with you while exploring off the beaten path, knowing that you will have a comfortable place to sleep and eat wherever you end up. 

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