Why People Hate This Camping App

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There are some great camping apps out there. Unfortunately, there are also some real duds. People love sharing their bad experiences to save others the frustration of having the same experience, and one app people love to hate on is the Good Sam Camping app. 

Does the app actually deserve the terrible ratings? Let’s take a look at why people call the Good Sam camping app useless. 

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What Is the Good Sam Camping App?

The Good Sam camping app promises users important information such as directions and discounts for more than 12,500 campgrounds, RV parks, attractions, and service centers throughout North America. The app is free regardless of your Good Sam membership status. 

Meant to be a travel companion, the Good Sam Camping app is supposed to help you prepare for a trip and improve your travels. 

Why Do People Hate It So Much?

Frankly, the app is useless and doesn’t meet the needs of users. 

The app has more one-star ratings than anything else. Most negative reviews have been within the last few years, meaning the app has taken a turn for the worse. 

Users often complain that they can’t log in to their accounts to access personalized account information. It also means none of the information syncs from the website platform, including trip planner features. 

Others find themselves frustrated with a lack of maneuverability within the app. Many reviewers complain they can’t perform basic tasks such as searching for a campground. The buttons within the app are frequently unresponsive and provide no value. Having an app that doesn’t function simply makes it a waste of phone space. 

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What Is the Good Sam Camping Club?

With such a frustrating app, you might be wondering about the organization behind it. 

The Good Sam Club started in 1966 and is an international organization of RV owners. In fact, it’s the largest organization of RV owners in the entire world. Its purpose is to make RVing safer and more enjoyable in addition to helping members save money via their benefits and services. There are approximately 2.1 million members. 

With that many users and the revenue they generate, you’d think they’d create a user-friendly app. 

Is Good Sam Club Part of Camping World?

Good Sam is not technically part of Camping World, but they do have close ties. Good Sam Enterprises, the company that owns Good Sam Club, also owns Camping World. 

Because of their connection, some often get confused and falsely believe that Camping World owns good Sam. Since members of Good Sam get a discount with Camping World as a part of their membership, it can lead to confusion. 

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Try These Camping Apps Instead

If the Good Sam app leaves a lot to be desired, what apps should RVers be using? We’ve got a few suggestions for great camping apps that are easy to use on the go. 

Check out our recommendations for the 5 best apps every RVer and camper should have.

RV Life

RV Life is an app designed by RVers, for RVers and is a part of the RV Life Pro Suite. This suite of apps work together to provide everything RVers need for safely and efficiently mapping out their route for a smooth RVing experience. You’ll find reviews, RVing articles, and over 70,000 tips regarding locations across the country.

RV Trip Wizard is one of the most popular apps within RV Life, which helps RVers plan their routes as safely as possible. The app lets you worry less about propane restrictions, low clearances, and even mountain passes. The turn-by-turn GPS navigation helps you traverse roads safely so you can focus on the experience.

With over 10 million points of campground data, you can research information about future campgrounds or other adventures. You’ll have a treasure chest of information available in the palm of your hand. We love that this app caters to all RVers, whether they have Apple or Android phones. 

And unlike the Good Sam camping app, RV Trip Wizard is very user-friendly.


Allstays also has a suite of apps to help with practically every aspect of RVing. Whether you’re trying to find a place to pitch a tent, dump your tanks, or park for the night, Allstays can help. The apps are easy to use and get straight to the point. With these apps, you can find reviews and easily locate exactly what you seek. 

RVers love using the Allstays apps because they can read reviews from other users. With the information found in this app, users can make informed decisions when it comes to their adventures. With every minute you save using the Allstays app, the more time you can spend enjoying the RVing lifestyle. Allstays makes the RVing lifestyle easier and more enjoyable, whether you’re traveling full time or on the weekends.

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Use an App You Can Trust to Find Camping Spots

The RV community has genuinely banded together to create excellent apps and content that others can benefit from. While the Good Sam camping app might fail, these apps can help you navigate to winning campgrounds with less fear of being misled. 

What are some of your favorite RVing apps that help you find a great spot?

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