5 Fantastic Reasons You Need Allstays Camp and RV

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If you have an RV, are planning a road trip, or just love the camp, then you need Allstays Camp and RV. It has a wealth of useful, up-to-date information that is hard to find anywhere else. The easy to use interface makes it easy for anyone to use it and find exactly what they are looking for.

Is Allstays Available For Android?

Unfortunately, it is currently only available in the Apple App Store but don’t worry Android users or those who like to use a computer to search for campgrounds.

Allstays Pro is available as a website and has the same features and more than the Allstays Camp and RV app. We have and use both and love them.

How Much Does Allstays Cost?

The Allstays Camp and RV app costs $9.99 and is available from the Apple App Store. The web browser version, Allstays Pro, cost $34.95 per year but they offer discounted rates for multi-year purchases.

1. Over 37,000 Campgrounds in the US and Canda

If you are looking for a campground in the US or Canada, look no further. Allstays Camp and RV has one of the largest databases of campgrounds available anywhere.

We find campgrounds that don’t even appear on Google! That is incredibly useful when we are planning last minute and many campgrounds are full.

Screenshot of Allstays Camp and RV app showing thousands of campgrounds on the west coast.
Here is just a sample of the campgrounds available in the west

Allstays doesn’t just list independent campgrounds and state/national park campgrounds. It lists many public land camping locations in the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) or National Forests if you’re looking for a more natural feel.

We personally love the County/City parks listed as secret campgrounds only locals usually know about. We have been able to get a waterfront site in Michigan on a holiday weekend last minute at a city park only listed on Allstays.

Does Allstays work in Canada?

Yes! Allstays Camp and RV has information on campgrounds, rest areas, free dump stations, and provincial parks in all the Canadian territories.

2. Steep Grades & Low Clearances

When you are driving out west you quickly realize that there are a lot of mountains. When making the drive in a car or truck, it’s not a big deal but when you are in a motorhome or towing a trailer they matter.

Allstays displays steep grades alongside its campgrounds so that you can make the decision to take another route if you want.

We are currently navigating around Colorado and the grades have come in super handy avoiding roads with steeper grades then we like that Google Maps is trying to route us down.

We are able to make a decision to take a less steep road before its too late.

Screenshot of Allstays Camp and RV app showing steep grades across the US

If the west has a steep grade problem, the east has a low clearance problem.

Allstays lists the low clearances in one-foot increments and allows you to specify which clearances you want to view. This is helpful for those of you without monster tall RVs like our 13′ 5″ Solitude to hide low clearances that your RV will fit under.

If you didn’t already know, its important to know your RVs height clearance.

We used this feature a lot when making our way around the east coast and it saved us from a major headache.

Screenshot of Allstays Camp and RV app showing low clearances on the east coast

3. Walmart, Cracker Barrels, and more

The Allstays Camp and RV app also includes the location of RV friendly stores like Walmart, Cracker Barrel, and Cabellas.

Are you looking to get a bite to eat while on the road? Lookup the nearest Cracker Barrel on the Allstays app to find one with RV parking.

Need a place to stop for the night? Check the app for a Walmart on your route. It even has the ability to show overnight friendly Walmarts.

Need a dump station? Look for the nearest Cabellas with a dump station near you.

This is just the beginning of the information this app lists. It has the location of RV dealers, RV service centers, truck stops, and pretty much anything you

4. Filtering in Allstays

The only issue with all of this information is that it would be easy to get overloaded. I mean, look at that first image showing the campgrounds. Can you find a campground to stay at in all that?

The great news is that they have built amazing filtering into the app.

Do you have a Thousand Trails membership? Have it show only those campgrounds.

Passport America? Filter only those.

If you prefer online booking, filter to only include campgrounds where you can book immediately.

They also allow you to search for campgrounds with a range of nightly rates from Free to $$$$$.

The filtering doesn’t end with campgrounds though. You can filter almost any place in Allstays. Maybe you need fuel and want to stop at a truck stop with your RV for easier maneuverability but you also need lunch and Mcdonald’s sounds good. You can filter on that. Seriously.

Need some service on your RV? Filter by RV dealers for your manufacture or just RV-certified techs.

5. Offline Access

What if you have no cell service? No worries! All of the Allstays data is available offline.

This was a lifesaver for us when looking for fuel while driving in the Upper Peninsula Michigan where cell service came and went along our route. This makes the app a must-have for RVers or campers.

Is Allstays Camp and RV Worth It?

We think so! There is so much information available in the app for the price it is hard to not recommend it. If you have an iPhone and are heading out on an RV camping trip, add this app to your must-have list.

  1. Hi, Jason!
    I’d like to see a You Tube on how you use AllStays. I have it, but I’m not getting exactly how it works, and I’m pretty good at internet stuff. I tried filtering TT and Passport America, etc. But I didn’t see anything come up right. LOL Maybe it’s my internet connection. We are at an RV Park where wifi is not great and only two bars on my Verizon. LOL

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