How to Find Free RV Dump Stations

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A black and white dump station sign and there are lots of resources to help you find a dump station for free!

If your camping style lends itself to RV parks or campgrounds, you may not have any problem dumping your RV tanks. Dumping waste becomes a bigger obstacle when you’re boondocking. Here’s a handful of resources and tips for when you need to find a free dump station during your travels.

Websites and Apps to Find Free Dump Stations

You may not realize that there’s plenty of resources out there dedicated to finding free dump stations. Let’s take a look! 

A man in an RV is looking on his phone for apps to find free RV dump stations.


Sanidumps is a free resource that relies on user-submitted information regarding dump stations. They currently list more than 17,000 dump stations. They update their database frequently to provide users with maintenance details. You can easily search by country or postal code. You can even submit a new dump station if you discover one that’s not listed.

Allstays RV Dumps App

The Allstays suite of apps is an excellent resource for RVers, but their RV Dumps app is particularly significant. It costs $2.99 and is only available in Apple’s App Store. Quickly and easily pull up the app when looking for a dump station along your route. The massive library of dump stations is excellent. You can even call up the dump stations to verify fees and hours, thanks to the phone number listed alongside many of them. The app offers turn-by-turn directions and can even work when there’s no cell service.

RV Dumps

RV Dumps is another excellent website relying on user-submitted information. Not only does this resource allow users to search for dump stations based on state or by viewing a map, but it also offers tips. When you search for a free dump station, you’ll get the phone number, longitude/latitude, fee information, and more. 

RV Dump Sites

This website offers a robust database of dump stations. There’s an app available in the Google Play Store, but recent reviews are less than favorable. The website itself color codes information to make it easy to identify free dump stations. It even lets users leave reviews of dump stations. This cuts down on unpleasant surprises. 


Campendium is well-known and well-loved by RVers for information on boondocking sites and campgrounds. It also relies on user-submitted information. One lesser-known feature is using the filters to search for dump stations. Users can provide feedback and reviews on campgrounds and dump stations. There’s an app that’s currently only available in Apple’s App Store. 

Alternative Methods to Find Free Dump Stations

You may find free dump stations in places you never thought to look. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind!

Check State Rest Stops

Did you know some states provide free RV dump stations at state-run rest stops? We’ve seen these a time or two in our travels, and they’re great. These locations are some of the best-kept secrets in RVing, so they’re often not busy. These can be hit or miss, as only some states have them.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled for Dump Station Signs

You may find a dump station that doesn’t appear in any database. Always keep your eyes peeled for signs indicating an RV dump station. These can be in cities, parks, gas stations, or anywhere else you’re traveling. After you finish dumping your tanks, be sure to submit the dump station to one of the popular resources so others can benefit from the information.

A blue RV dump station sign and can be a useful tool to finding a free dump station.

Free Dump Station Etiquette

There are a few unwritten rules when it comes to using free dump stations. You should dump your tanks quickly and efficiently. They’re meant for you to dump your tanks, not flush your entire system. While it’s essential to flush your tanks regularly, being mindful of others waiting their turn is equally important.

Flushing your system also requires a generous amount of water, which ultimately goes into the dump station. This excess water results in more frequent emptying of the dump station, which could eventually lead to restrictions or fees.

We also can’t understate the importance of cleaning up after yourself. It’s your responsibility to clean up any spills. When RVers leave messes behind, they risk everyone losing access to the dump station.

How Much Does it Cost to Dump an RV?

While we’re confident that your odds of finding a free dump station will significantly increase if you utilize the resources we’re providing, we know it’s not 100% guaranteed. There’s always a chance that the nearest free dump station could be a considerable distance away or inconvenient. It may not be cost-efficient to tow your RV far to utilize a free dump station. If you can’t find a free dump station, you can expect to pay an average of $10-$25 per dump. 

No one looks forward to dumping their wastewater tanks, but who doesn’t love saving a buck? These resources can help you find a free dump station and get you back to camping before you know it. What are some of your favorite tips for finding a free dump station when your tanks get full? Let us know in the comments!

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