Who Makes CrossRoads RV?

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When you start digging into RV brands, you realize how intertwined all the companies are. Several major players own multiple smaller brands. One of these smaller companies is Crossroads RV. 

But who makes Crossroads RV? That’s what we’ll cover in this article.

Who Is CrossRoads RV? 

CrossRoads RV makes travel trailers, fifth wheels, and toy haulers. The company was founded in 1996 and has grown significantly since then. CrossRoads works closely with dealers, which is good news for the consumer because it means the manufacturer better understands its customers’ wants. 

Through their observations of customer trends, CrossRoads has learned to focus on luxury and performance. They also offer several lightweight options, perfect for those with small towing packages. 

Who Makes CrossRoads RV?

Thor Industries makes CrossRoads RV. Thor owns many well-known and lesser-known RV manufacturers, including Airstream, Entegra Coach, Dutchmen, and so many more. This large family of brands has allowed them to become such a household name in the RV world. 

Thor acquired Crossroads in 2004. The purchase increased Thor’s line of towable RVs significantly.

About Thor Industries

Thor’s got it all. In fact, they’re the largest RV manufacturer in the world. In addition to the brands mentioned above, they also own recognizable brands like Jayco, Heartland Recreational Vehicles, Hymer, Four Winds, and more.

Thor’s primary purpose is to get people in RVs. But once they do that, they don’t leave their customers hanging. That’s why they’ve purchased several travel-related companies too. The most notable include Togo Group and RVillage

Togo Group is the creator of the popular Roadtrippers website dedicated to helping RVers plan the best trips for years. And RVillage is a social platform all about bringing people together, even when on the road.

Because of Thor’s diverse holdings, the company has become an industry leader that consumers can depend on. 

CrossRoads RV Lineup

Although Thor owns Crossroads RV, CrossRoads operates as its own company with its own recreational vehicles lineup. People know CrossRoads for its towable RVs, which include travel trailers and fifth wheels.  

Travel Trailers

Some of their more popular travel trailers include Zinger, Sunset Trail, Volante, Cruise Aire, and Hampton. These travel trailers come in a range of sizes and prices.

For example, the Zinger weighs just 3,343 pounds, is 21 feet long, and comes with a starting price of $15,000. On the other end of the spectrum is their massive Hampton destination trailer. It comes in at 40 ft 7 in, 10,978 pounds, and costs $57,500.

A Hampton RV on a navy and mint background. Thor is who makes crossroads RV.

Fifth Wheels

CrossRoads RV also has a line of fifth wheels. You might recognize names like Cameo, Cruiser, Cruiser Aire, Volante, and Redwood. If you visit the company website, you’ll find that the Cruiser and Volante are available in either a travel trailer or a fifth wheel.

The CrossRoads RV fifth wheels also offer variety. You can get something as small as the 27′ 10″ Volante with a starting price of $35,000. Or if you want something bigger and more luxurious, you also have options. The Redwood RV is a whopping 36′ 8″ long and starts at $97,999.

Regardless of what type or model of RV you choose, CrossRoads delivers quality. Most of their RV lineup also includes multiple floor plans so that you can pick the size and layout needed for your family.

A Brief History of CrossRoads RV

CrossRoads RV began in 1996, and Thor acquired it in 2004. Under the CrossRoads name, they employ over 600 workers in their Topeka, Indiana, office. They have a total of 5 facilities where they manufacture the RVs we mentioned above.

Another unique part of CrossRoads history is their dealer relationships. They’ve established protected territories for their dealers. This has helped individual dealerships experience more success with CrossRoads.


CrossRoads RV Quality and Craftsmanship

Quality and craftsmanship are one reason Thor wanted to own this popular company. Each of their RVs is hand-built for maximum performance. They use an all-aluminum construction to produce light-weight products. They advise potential customers “You will find many “extras” as standards throughout the CrossRoads RV lines. Fully laminated walls, seamless one-piece roof, Filon fiberglass exterior, and more.”

CrossRoads also focuses on a comfortable, modern design. These aren’t the RVs of the 90s and early 2000s. All the materials and design work will make your RV feel like an extension–or even a replacement–of a traditional home. 

A Redwood RV on a grey and mint background. Thor is who makes crossroads RV.

It’s Good To Know

To sum up, who makes CrossRoads RV? Thor Industries does and has since 2004. But that doesn’t take away from the unique design and branding that this manufacturer is known for. They build their RVs by hand with luxury in mind. You won’t find anything like it out there, and that’s why they pride themselves on offering the “CrossRoads difference.” 

Now that you know who makes CrossRoads RV, do you know Who Owns Grand Design RV? or Who Owns Forest River?

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