Who Owns National Indoor RV Center?

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Are you in the market for a motorhome? National Indoor RV Center is a one-stop-shop serving customers for years. They sell all classes of luxury RVs and offer first-class service. 

We’ll dive into what this company is and what they’re known for. We’ll also break down their services and what makes them unique. Let’s get started! 

What Is National Indoor RV Center?

National Indoor RV Center (NIRVC) is a motorhome dealer. They sell all classes of motorhomes. In addition, they provide storage options, a service center, and they wash motorhomes. NIRVC is in five states: Texas, Georgia, Nevada, Tennessee, and Arizona.

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Two RVs parked outside at a dealership ready to be purchased. National Indoor RV Center provides storage but also is a dealership as well.

Who Owns National Indoor RV Centers?

Brett Davis and partners founded NIRVC. It is a privately held company that first opened in Lewisville, Texas, in 2009. They offer concierge-level service for RV owners with hassle-free buying and customer service.

What Is National Indoor RV Center Known for?

Many know this company for its exceptional customer service. They provide service and sales under the same roof. Let’s take a closer look at what they offer.

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Sales at National Indoor RV Center include new and used motorhomes. They sell class A, C, and B motorhomes from various brands, including Winnebago, Newmar, Thor, Fleetwood, Pleasure-Way, Airstream, and more. NIRVC sales department goes above and beyond.

For example, they offer a fly-and-buy program. You choose the motorhome online, fly in to sign the paperwork, and complete the sale, and they’ll reimburse $500 off your flight.


National Indoor RV Center is a full-service shop. They do mechanical work, body repairs, and some interior renovations. It’s rare to find a place where you can take your motorhome to get the chassis and house for maintenance.

The service makes NIRVC an excellent option, so you’re not running to multiple shops. Their qualified technicians work on motorhomes all day long, which is an experience you don’t find everywhere. In addition, they do warranty work.

National Indoor RV Center also provides mechanical work and body repairs.


There are many RV storage facilities across the country, but finding indoor storage can be a little more challenging. National Indoor RV Center has storage facilities to protect your motorhome from the elements.

Rain, wind, and sun can damage an RV over time, which is why indoor storage is the best option for your coach. In addition, they monitor their storage facilities by video cameras and have entry codes, so they know who has been in and out of their buildings.

Paint and Body

NIRVC’s collision services include repair and restoration, paint cracking and chipping repair, paint oxidization, fading restoration, roof damage repair, and sealant. They can repair and restore your motorhome to its original exterior look. 


National Indoor RV Center also does interior and exterior detailing. You can have a light interior cleaning done or a complete wash and detailing. They use state-of-the-art equipment for cleaning RVs in a 21’ tall wash bay. They also use micro-fiber towels, ammonia-free window cleaner, and soft brushes. 

A service many enjoy by National Indoor RV Center is interior and a complete car wash.

Where are National Indoor RV Centers Located? 

There are five NIRVC locations spread across the United States. You can find one in Georgia, Texas, Nevada, Tennessee, and Arizona. For their full address, visit the location page on NIRVC.

What Types of Motorhomes Does NIRVC Sell?

National Indoor RV Center sells all classes of motorhomes: class A, class B, and class C. You’ll also find fifth wheels and travel trailers at NIRVC, likely due to trade-ins.

Multiple RVs parked next to each other outside a dealership. Try National Indoor RV Center for your next purchase.

Class A

You’ll find a variety of class A diesel and gas-powered motorhomes at the NIRVC. They sell several luxury models from Entegra, Newmar, Holiday Rambler, Winnebago, and more. New and used models are available. The NIRVC’s service center will check the used motorhomes, and we recommend always getting an inspection done on used RVs.

Class B

NIRVC also sells class B motorhomes and camper vans. They typically have Winnebagos, Jayco, Pleasure-Way, Entegra, and Coachmen in stock. While used class B RVs are difficult to find, you can sometimes find trade-ins at NIRVC. Be sure to act fast if you’re interested in a used RV.

Class C

NIRVC carries diesel and gas class C motorhomes. The brands are similar to the class A and B RVs, including Winnebago, Thor, Entegra, and Jayco. Class C RVs come in various sizes from 20 to 35 feet long. They’re one of the more cost-effective options for a drivable RV.

Is Buying From National Indoor RV Center Worth It? 

Buying from National Indoor RV Center is worth it. They’re a one-stop shop that makes purchasing and servicing an RV a more seamless experience. If you’re a first-time motorhome owner, working with a dealer that specializes in motorhomes is an excellent way to go. 

Let us know if you purchased an RV from NIRVC. We would love to hear about your experience!

  1. We have been NIRVC service customers for several years and cannot say enough good things about them!! We have been at Las Vegas, Atlanta, Dallas and Nashville and had good, solid repair work done at each location. They are our Go-To place!!!! And, as Full-Timets, we can stay, on site, in our coach every night!!

  2. My wife and I have been trying to purchase a Winnebago Ekko at NIRVC North Vegas. We got a VIN, and a build date in November, just as our sales rep said when it would be built. Before it was shipped, a major recall was issued, and our coach spent the winter at Winnebago in Iowa.
    It was shipped to dealer in Vegas late March. Sales rep sent us pictures with sold sign in the window with our name on it, and the VIN. But then we were told the backup lights on the coach are on all the time, and that it would need to be fixed before it can be delivered. It’s been six weeks now. How could two little lights on the back of the coach delay delivery for six weeks. I begged our sales rep to deliver our coach. We drove to North Vegas and begged the sales manager to deliver it, told him I would fix it, and sign off any responsibility to NIRVC. I even told him I would pay for the fix, put it on the bill, and deliver it to us. We were told no.
    We sold our Roadtrek in October anticipating end of year delivery of our Ekko. We are now just wasting away our retirement. The frustration is depressing. We really want the Ekko, and are happy with the price, and are reluctant to back out. Is there anyone with NIRVC that can help us?

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