Are Shurflo RV Water Pumps Any Good?

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Having access to water in your RV is necessary no matter where you are. You’re going to depend on your water pump if you’re camping at a campsite without a water connection. However, because of your water pump’s critical role, you want one that you know will get the job done. So are Shurflo RV water pumps any good? Let’s look and see!

What Is An RV Water Pump?

An RV water pump is a device that pumps water from an RV’s fresh water tank to the faucets, toilets, and showers throughout an RV. A water pump is essential for those who enjoy dry camping or boondocking where they cannot use their city water connection. 

The way water pumps function is relatively simple. When you turn it on, it pumps water through the water lines until it reaches a certain pressure. When an RVer opens a water faucet or flushes a toilet, it releases the pressure in the lines, and the pump cycles again to repressurize the lines.

A stainless steel RV kitchen sink powered by a Shurflo RV water pump

About Shurflo RV Water Pump 

Shurflo RV water pumps come in several sizes for a variety of RVs. They have options for single water fixture RVs and multi-fixture RVs. The right water pump for you will depend on the size and capabilities of your RV.

By choosing a Shurflo, you’re buying a product with a track record for success. Shurflo began producing water pumps for RVs and other equipment in 1968 in Southern California. As the brand experienced tremendous growth, it expanded to become one of the leading global manufacturers of small water pumps and fluid handling equipment.

Who Owns Shurflo?

While Shurflo started in 1968 on its own, Pentair is the current owner of Shurflo. The previous owner, Wicor Industries, purchased the company in 1993 and used its massive global manufacturing network to expand its reach regarding water pumps and other equipment for recreational vehicles.

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So, Are Shurflo RV Water Pumps Any Good?

Shurflo RV water pumps are some of the best available. Some RVers have experienced 20+ years of use from their Shurflo water pumps when they properly maintain them.

With over half a century of experience, Shurflo has been able to fine-tune its water pumps to get optimal results and longevity out of its products. You can buy their products confidently and know that they stand behind them with a multi-year warranty.

A hand under running water using a shurflo RV water pump.

The Best Shurflo RV Water Pumps

While it’s difficult to find a Shurflo product that’s not excellent, we have a few of the best options. Here are a few we suggest you check out if you need to upgrade or replace the water pump in your RV.

Shurflo 12V 3.0 GPM RV Water Pump

RecPro RV Water Pump Direct Replacement For Shurflo 4008-101-A65 3.0 GPM | 12V Water Pump | Self-Prime | Camper Water Pump | RV Plumbing
  • Created with a unique one-piece diaphragm and internal by-pass, this pump is durable and reliable for all plumbing...
  • The 4008 Revolution fresh water automatic demand pump is super quiet, thermally protected, and can run dry without...

The Shurflo 4008 is a budget-friendly water pump that pumps at a rate of 3 gallons per minute. This unit comes with a one-piece diaphragm and an internal by-pass that helps ensure longevity and optimal performance throughout your RV’s plumbing system.

The Shurflo 4008 is easy to mount in any position and works on demand. All you’ll need to do is to flip the switch, and it’ll be ready to work when you need it. 

Shurflo 12V 3.5 GPM RV Water Pump

Precitrade Shurflo 2088-554-144 Fresh Water Pump, 12 Volts, 3.5 Gallons Per Minute, 45 Psi
  • Positive Displacement 3 Chamber Diaphragm Pump
  • Check Valve: (1-Way Operation) Prevents Reverse Flow

The Shurflo 2088-554-144 is a 12-volt RV water pump that can pump 3.5 gallons per minute. It has a three-chamber diaphragm and check valve. This is the typical size and shape of the standard RV water pumps manufacturers use, making it very easy to replace or upgrade to this model. 

This water pump is almost undetectable as it purrs along in the background when you need water in your RV.

Shurflo Electric Water Pump

Shurflo 4048153E75 Electric Water Pump
  • 4 GPM, 55 PSI, 10 Amps
  • Smooth, high-powered flow

The Shurflo 4048153E75 is one of the most technologically advanced water pumps available for RVs. It comes with a premium price tag, but it’s worth every penny to many RVers. The pump chugs along, pumping 4 gallons per minute and maintaining 55 PSI in the water lines. After a day of adventuring, a warm shower with generous amounts of pressure might be just what you need.

This pump can self-prime to six vertical feet, which is more than plenty for any RV. It also provides an exceptionally smooth water flow with no rapid cycling; you’ll likely forget you’re using an RV plumbing system.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Shurflo RV Water Pump

There are some frequently asked questions about Shurflo RV water pumps. Let’s look at a handful of the things people considering these water pumps want to know!

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How Does a Shurflo RV Water Pump Work?

These water pumps work on demand. When the pump detects a pressure drop, typically when a faucet or toilet gets used, the pump begins to cycle. It will work to repressurize the lines, which means pumping water to wherever you have opened the faucet. The water lines will repressurize once you close the tap, and the pump will stop.

An RV kitchen sink that is pumped by a Shurflo RV water pump

How Long Should a Shurflo Pump Last?

A typical Shurflo may last for 10+ years. However, this is under ideal circumstances. Failing to maintain or overuse of a water pump will drastically reduce its lifespan.

Can You Run a Shurflo Pump Dry?

While previous generations and lower-quality models of RV water pumps might fail if run dry, Shurflo can handle the abuse and will even replace the pump under the standard warranty should you experience any issues.

Where Are Shurflo Pumps Made?

While Shurflo was initially a Southern California-based company, they’ve grown to a global manufacturer. They have manufacturing plants worldwide to create some of the highest-quality and best-performing water pumps available for RVs and marine usage.

Upgrade Or Replace Your RV Water Pump With Shurflo

RV manufacturers typically don’t spend more money than necessary when making RVs. They often sacrifice quality by choosing less expensive components, including water pumps.

If you’re unsatisfied with the flow of your water or tired of listening to the loud growling of your pump struggling to work, it might be time to consider upgrading or replacing your RV water pump. If that’s you, Shurflo is one of the best options we think you should consider!

Do you have a Shurflo water pump in your RV?

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  1. MUST READ!!
    Shurflo is the worst garbage water pump out there. They’ve been around a long time and rely on their name only. My first Shurflo pump back in 1979 lasted 20 years. Great right? Hold on…….
    As the company grew, they cut corners more and more, until what you have now is an overpriced, underperforming, short lasting future door stop. Company can’t profit if their product is built too well LOL.

    After my 1979 Shurflo water pump failed, I bought a replacement. It lasted 6 MONTHS!! (yeah, that’s not a typo). I raised hell with Shurflo and they sent me a replacement head assembly, and told ME to fix it. LOL Their Rep said they’ve been getting a lot of complaints and that’s their solution. After doing the work putting the pump together, that pump lasted a little over a year. Like I said…garbage. And poor customer service on top of it.

    Like a fool, I bought another Shurflo pump, with assurances the newer design is much better. That newly designed one lasted about 5 years. Still short of the 20 years of my first one, and now more than twice the price. So now I needed another one, and I was RVing in the middle of nowhere so only option was what the one dealer had. You guessed it…a Shurflo. Dealers love Shurflo pumps as they are built to fail, and they just profit over and over again, selling replacements.
    Take some REAL advice from an actual former Shurflo user and AVOID Shurflo for your water pumping needs.

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