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Boondocking is an awesome way to enjoy the perks of RVing without being in a packed campground. Given the popularity of RVing nowadays, sometimes you feel like a sardine when you stay at an RV park. But if you’re planning to venture into the world of boondocking, there are several things you need to do to equip your RV. One of these things is to get (or upgrade) your RV water pump. Be sure you also have the best battery for boondocking so you have plenty of power.

What is an RV Water Pump? 

An RV water pump is an essential part of your freshwater set up. It provides pressurized water from your water tanks to the faucets throughout your rig. Your RV water pump allows you to run your faucets, shower, and toilet while off the grid. It also comes in handy for multi-day travel when you just overnight park for free to give you running water along the way.

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When Is It Time to Replace My RV Water Pump?

Having to make repairs or replace parts in your RV is a drag. No one likes to spend money on something as boring as a water pump. But it is important to keep on top of so you don’t end up having a terrible camping experience. 

So, when do you need to replace your RV water pump? Well, if it isn’t delivering water consistently or quickly, it is probably due for an upgrade. This problem could be because of reduced power or worse, because of a leak.

That trickle of water coming out is not only annoying but could be a sign of a bigger problem. And water leaks are no laughing matter in the RV world. They can cost thousands of dollars to repair.

Another sign that you should replace your RV water pump is if it isn’t working at all (obviously). Or if it is excessively loud when running. If you need to replace your pump, keep reading to find out what is the best RV water pump.

A kitchen faucet is shown with a slow trickle of water which is an indication you need a new RV water pump.

What To Look For When Choosing An RV Water Pump 

There are a few metrics you need to consider when choosing a new RV water pump. First is the amperage (amps). Amps will let you know how much electricity the pump needs to run. Most pumps require very little energy, but high-volume pumps can turn into energy sucks quickly. If you’re boondocking, less energy usage is always better.

Another consideration is the PSI (pounds per square inch). Your RV plumbing can only tolerate so much pressure; usually between 40 and 60 PSI. If you get a pump that delivers more pressure than this, you risk damaging your plumbing and having to deal with costly repairs.

The last metric is gallons per minute. This refers to the rate of water flow. If you have a low volume water pump, your water will seem to come out more slowly. A high-volume pump could deliver as much as 4 gallons per minute.

Although not a metric, something you should definitely remember are reviews. The internet is a great place full of lots of satisfied and lots of angry customers. 

Reading online reviews for different water pumps can help you make an informed decision and get the best RV water pump. To help you with that task, we’ve put together a review of the best RV water pumps for 2021. Keep reading for our top picks.

The Best RV Water Pumps

Shurflo 2088-443-144

  • PSI: 45
  • Amps: 5.3-9.9 amps
  • Gallons Per Minute: 3.5
  • What People Are Saying: Higg from Amazon says, “Good strong pump, it’s great to have water pressure again!”

Shurflo 2088-554-144

Precitrade Shurflo 2088-554-144 Fresh Water Pump, 12 Volts, 3.5 Gallons Per Minute, 45 Psi
  • Positive Displacement 3 Chamber Diaphragm Pump
  • Check Valve: (1-Way Operation) Prevents Reverse Flow
  • PSI: 45
  • Amps: 4.2-4.5 amps
  • Gallons Per Minute: 3.5
  • What People Are Saying: J.L. from says, “This was a direct replacement freshwater pump on my 26′ cabin cruiser. It feeds two sinks, one in the galley and the other in the head. No adjustment was needed; pressure and water flow were perfect right out of the box.”

Lippert Flowmax Water Pump

Lippert Components Flow Max 12V RV Water Pump, 3.0 GPM, 50 PSI, 9.5 Max Amp, Self-Priming, Screen Filter Included - 689052
  • PREMIUM PRESSURE - Flow Max averages 50 PSI with an average of over 3.0 gallons per minute water flow
  • DURABILITY - Designed with a heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant motor
  • PSI: 50
  • Amps: 9.5 amps max
  • Gallons Per Minute: 3.0
  • What People Are Saying: Lisa from Amazon says, “My old pump burned out on my fifth wheeler & I live in it full time. I’m pretty handy and use videos to see how things are done. This was super easy to install. It is a little bigger than my old ShurFlo and wouldn’t fit the space, but I made it work. It’s quieter and the water pressure is so good that I need to be careful not to use up all my water when showering.”


Having solid water pressure in your rig when boondocking makes life so much easier. And the best way to do that is with a great RV water pump. This is a fairly inexpensive upgrade that can go a long way to increasing your comfort. And besides, an old, faulty water pump is not just annoying but can also cause damage to your rig. So if you need a new RV water pump, we definitely recommend you check out our top picks from above.

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  1. May I humbly recommend that you consider adding Whale Pumps to your list of “best” RV water pumps? They have a BROAD range of pumps (voltages, 1,2,3 bar, flow rates, et al.) Pretty much all of them are pump dry protected, onboard cutout switches, rated for both fresh AND salt water, so no non-SS contact parts, great warranty, good suction range, excellent head rating, relatively light, good power efficiency, et al.

    The FW series (Fresh water) and UF-series (universal) are the ones I’d look at. From a FW1215 (12VDC, 3GPM (conservative), 45PSI) to a UF1815 (12VDC, 4.75GPM, 3.4″ ports, et al.)

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