Do RV AC Silencers Work?

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RV A/C Silencer made by Wacko installed on an RV A/C

If you’re planning to do any camping during the summer months, you may need an air conditioner. However, while they may keep you comfortable inside your RV, they can make it nearly impossible to watch TV or even carry on a conversation. If you like peace and quiet when you sleep, getting a good night’s rest can be difficult. This is where an RV AC silencer can save the day. 

But do RV AC silencers really work? Let’s find out.

Why Are RV AC Units So Loud?

You may hear your RV AC unit kick on and think it’s so much louder than the air conditioner in your home. However, it’s important to remember that a residential central air unit typically has a large compressor outside the home.

This compressor kicks on and off as needed to keep the house cool. These units are often placed somewhere out of the way in the side or backyard of a house. However, because RVs have mobility in mind, manufacturers must take advantage of the space on top of the RV.

Even the largest of RVs is typically not much more than 300 square feet. This means that you’re going to be near at least one, two, or possibly even three air conditioners trying to keep you comfortable inside your RV.

With limited amounts of insulation and the proximity of the units, the noise can be a bit overwhelming. However, you don’t have to use earplugs to keep your sanity when staying comfortable.

Coleman Mach air conditioner on the roof of an RV

How Can I Make My RV’s Air Conditioner Quieter?

If you’re tired of battling a noisy RV air conditioner and yelling for every conversation, the folks at Wacko Products can help. The DA100 air conditioner silencer kit can help you run your AC and stay cool in your RV without all the noise. This product is designed to fit any Dometic air conditioner with a ducted system and can reduce noise by 8 decibels to 10 decibels.

While some other products may require electrical knowledge or a difficult installation to get similar results, it’s not so with this product. The installation is so easy. You’ll only need a screwdriver and 15 minutes to get the job done. You’ll be enjoying a much quieter RV before you know it.

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Dometic RV A/C installed on the roof of an RV

What Is an RV AC Silencer?

An RV AC silencer is an after-market RV accessory that can help your RV’s AC run quieter. It changes the air intake path and uses sound absorption material to drastically reduce the noise level inside your RV when the AC is running.

An RV AC silencer can also help your AC unit to run more efficiently. A unit running more efficiently means it doesn’t have to work nearly as hard. When electronics and other mechanical items need to run harder, they typically run louder.

The RV A/C Silencer by Wacko products booth at an RV rally

Do RV AC Silencers Work?

Yes, RV AC silencers do work. Once installed, most RVers typically experience an 8-decibel to 10-decibel drop in volume when their RV AC runs. This may not seem like much, but it’s quite a large difference, especially in a small space like an RV. However, that’s not the only difference the silencers can make for your AC.

Many users of RV AC silencers share that they notice the product lowers the frequency of the sound. Lower frequency sounds are typically less bothersome to human ears and often quieter. So the silencers help the environment to seem quieter in multiple ways.

Other Ways to Quiet Your RV’s AC 

If you’re on the fence or waiting for your RV AC silencer to arrive, there are a few things you can try to quiet your RV AC. You’ll need to access your roof, so make sure you have a ladder or other way to climb on top of your RV!

Ensure All Bolts Are Tight

Bolts can come loose from vibrations from your AC running for hours and traveling. Loose bolts can cause plastic and other components to make noise. The result is your AC unit sounding louder than it is. So grab a few tools, climb up on your roof, and look for any signs of loose bolts around your AC unit.

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Clean Your AC Unit

While you’re up on your roof, it’s a good time to do some maintenance. Did you know you should be cleaning your AC unit annually? Doing so can help your unit run more efficiently and quieter. You can clean your AC unit in approximately 20 minutes.

Remove the cover for your AC unit to expose the coils of your unit. Clean out all the dirt and debris in the coils. You can purchase coil cleaners that come with a cleaning brush. Use the brush to clean the coils and spray them with a coil cleaner. Allow the cleaner to set and then spray water on the coils to remove the cleaner.

The evaporator coils on the front of your unit will also need cleaning. You can use cleaners that require no rinsing, and you can spray them clean. Once done, put the cover back on your unit and head inside to clean your air filters.

You should be cleaning your filters regularly, especially if you’re running your AC unit regularly. The more dust and gunk that’s on your filters, the harder your unit will have to work.

Upgrade Your Unit

If you have an older AC unit, there’s likely not much you can do to quiet it with an RV AC silencer. As technologies have advanced, manufacturers have increased power and still create quieter units. So you may need to drop a pretty penny and purchase a new unit. Luckily, these are typically rather easy to install, and you won’t always have to hire a professional to get the job done.

Update to a Quiet RV Air Conditioner  

If you’re considering updating to a quiet RV air conditioner, we’ve got a couple of great options. Consider one of these units for your RV.


If you have a ducted RV AC system, RecPro makes a 15K AC that runs under 60 decibels on high. You’ll keep your RV cool and not have to yell or turn up the volume on your television to watch your favorite program. This unit runs at about the same level that many RVers experience after installing an RV AC silencer. So this is a great option if you have an air conditioner that is not compatible with the AC silencer product.

This unit comes with a two-year warranty, a remote, and black and white options. If you’re tired of your noisy AC unit, this might just be what you need. 

RecPro RV Air Conditioner 15K Ducted or Non-Ducted | Quiet AC | 110-120V | Heat Pump and Cooling | Easy Install | All-in-One Unit | For Camper, Fifth Wheel, Food Trucks (Ducted, White)
  • Remote control with cooling, dehumidifying, dry, sleep, timing, and other functions (stored inside AC unit display for...
  • Temperature control for rooms up to 835 square feet


If you have a non-ducted AC system, RecPro makes a 9.5K version that can keep your RV cool. This unit comes with a remote and in black and white options. Most of all, it’s one of the quietest RV AC units you’ll find. While other units will run at more than 60 decibels, this unit runs under 55 decibels at high power. That’s incredibly quiet! If you’re not getting sleep because of a noisy AC unit, this unit will help ensure you get a good night’s rest from now on in your RV!

RecPro RV Air Conditioner Low Profile 9.5K Non-Ducted | Optional Heat Pump | Quiet AC | Cooling Only | RV AC Unit | Camper Air Conditioner (Do Not Include Heat Pump, Black)
  • Ultimate comfort control - With cooling, dehumidifying, sleep, and timing functions, our remote-controlled unit puts you...
  • All-season usage - Don't let extreme temperatures stop you from hitting the road. Our optional heat pump feature allows...

Stay Cool and Silent This Camping Season

Just because you want to stay cool while in your RV, doesn’t mean you have to tolerate a noisy AC unit. By making a few adjustments to your AC unit, you may be able to see quite a difference. If not, upgrading your unit to a quieter model might be necessary. Don’t let a noisy AC keep you from enjoying your RV this summer! 

Do you think your RV AC is too loud?

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