10 Best Micro Campers Any Car Can Tow

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A micro camper is a confirmation that great things sometimes come in small packages. These tiny travel trailers are minuscule compared to the gargantuan fifth wheels and toy haulers we see out and about. For those accustomed to much larger rigs, they may seem laughably small and lacking in a few basic conveniences.

But for RVers of a certain mindset, they’re nothing less than perfect. Besides being adorably cool, they’re lightweight, super compact, and can hit the road at a moment’s notice.

What Is a Micro Camper? 

As the name suggests, a micro camper is a very small travel trailer. In fact, they’re the smallest ones of all. Some are trailers with a teardrop or canned ham shape, while others have a unique identity all their own.

Regardless of their specific design, most weigh less than 2,000 lbs and some under 1,000 lbs. They usually have a small kitchen (in the rear) but no bathroom and sleep no more than two people. 

One of the biggest things they have going for them is you don’t need a huge tow vehicle. In many cases, your daily driver will have no trouble doing double duty – sometimes even if it’s a small sedan.

They also fit easily into tight, sometimes remote spaces, and they’re easy to unhitch and leave behind if you want. Other great traits of micro campers are that they’re easy to tow, and you can park them in a garage.

A sedan car pulling a micro camper with two bikes pulled over on the side of the road with mountains in the background
Courtesy of Sylvan Sport

Are Micro Campers Good? 

Where a micro camper is considered to be good is highly subjective. The quick answer is that some are better than others. That’s why we decided to put together a list highlighting what we believe are the very best ones on today’s market.

Many of them pack a surprising amount of amenities into them. You could also argue that, with a smaller space to work with, manufacturers focus more on quality materials and workmanship.

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A micro camper out in the woods.

How Much is a Micro Camper?

Even though these campers are small, the price tag can be large. Some micro campers are less than $10,000 right off the lot, while others are more than three times that amount. It’s safe to say that most of them fall somewhere in the middle.

What is the Best Micro Camper?

Because of their popularity, it seems like the growing world of micro campers is constantly evolving. To determine the best of the best, we’re weighing various factors like price, comfort, weight, and durability.

It’s difficult to single out one particular model as the ultimate, but you’ll see why these 10 are serious contenders. 

1. TAXA Outdoors Cricket

MSRP: $32,439

Dry Weight: 1,753 lbs

The first micro camper on our Top 10 list is also one of the most spacious. At 15 feet long and with an interior width of 5 feet 3 inches, it can accommodate two adults and two kids. A unique pop-up feature allows for more headroom and ventilation.

That sticker price draws a lot of attention, but so do the Cricket’s amenities, which include plumbing and electrical systems. There’s also a two-burner stove, exterior shower (hot and cold), a 15-gallon freshwater tank, and an optional 5,000-BTU A/C.

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2. Polydrops P17 Essential 

MSRP: Starting at $14,990

Dry Weight: 820 lbs to 1,100 lbs

Despite its low profile, the Polydrop has a striking design that puts some new angles on the classic teardrop shape. You could say it’s more geometric, but it’s definitely aerodynamic and a cinch to tow.

The fully insulated interior was designed with a space capsule in mind. It includes controls for heating and air, Bluetooth speakers, and LED lighting. In addition, there are three models of this micro camper, including two with full kitchenettes in the rear. 

Another option is a built-in security camera, so if you hear a noise outside, you don’t need to move a muscle to investigate.

3. The Pika by Timberleaf

MSRP: $14,520

Dry Weight: 1,025 lbs

Timberleaf Trailers are rugged, and you can upgrade to a more reinforced suspension and lift package. Timberleaf produces three different models, and the 54-inch by 75-inch Pika falls in the middle in terms of size. It’s on a welded steel frame that’s powder-coated and covered with enameled aluminum sides. 

There’s a double mattress inside, and the headboard has sliding doors for storage. There’s also a laminate countertop and four USB outlets powered by a 100-amp deep-cell marine battery.

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4. Little Guy MyPod

MSRP: $16,790

Dry Weight: 840 lbs.

With its molded fiberglass body, the sleek and minimalist MyPod is one of the lightest micro camper trailers around. It’s 11.5 feet long, 5 feet wide, and 3 feet tall. Somehow, there’s room for a full-size bed instead. There’s also electricity, air conditioning, and a three-speed fan.

As an option, you can order a screen room tent that attaches easily and gives you an instant living area. An optional roof rack lets you take a few more things along on your mini-adventure. You can also pick your MyPod’s color: white, silver, black, blue, or red.

5. Sylvan Sport GO

MSRP: Starting at $10,995

Dry Weight: 840 lbs

This is an ingenious take on the classic pop-up camper that also functions as a utility trailer to haul ATVs. How does all this work? The 12-foot steel trailer elevates and expands with help from a hand crank to support a roomy tent.

Depending on configuration, there are two fold-down tables inside and self-inflating pads for two twin beds or one king-sized bed. The whole thing is off the ground and has stabilizers. The interior height is 6 feet 5 inches, and awnings stretch out to enlarge the outdoor space by 46 square feet.

6. Happier Camper HC1

MSRP: $34,450

Dry Weight: 1,100 lbs

Why settle for the tried and true? Happier Camper’s HC1 has a retro vibe, but a quick look inside reveals some modern innovations. Once you get over the generous headroom (7 feet 4 inches), you’ll notice you can move things around to customize the interior.

The modular design means you can literally move components around to change the layout. The grooves in the floor keep them in place, like Legos. Groovy, huh? There’s also a drain in the floor, so you can remove all the parts of this micro camper and hose it down if you need to.

7. Hiker Trailer Highway Deluxe

MSRP: Starting at $5,995

Dry Weight: 800 lbs to 1,000 lbs

Hiker makes some more robust models for off-road use, but the Highway Deluxe is perfect for the roads more traveled. There are three sizes: 5×8, 5×9, and 5×10. All have an interior height of 44 inches. Hiker’s approach is to customize each trailer according to a buyer’s specifications. 

Each is built on a powder-coated frame, has a stabilizer jack, and wired for 12V with a shore plug. There’s a fold-out bed, and the galley is in the rear with pass-through doors to and from the cabin. Options include several choices for battery sizes, solar panels, and tank sizes.

8. Tiny Camper Co 6×8 Rugged Rhino

MSRP: $8,039

Dry Weight: 1,090 lbs

If you’re familiar with a heavy-duty truck bed liner, you know how durable it is. That’s the idea behind the tough exterior of the 12-foot long Rugged Rhino. It’s built to last and to take you on many adventures for years to come. Each unit is 12 feet long and 6 feet wide and has an overall height of 71 inches. 

The manufacturer uses marine-grade plywood, pine studs, and an aluminum liner. Each comes with a 5,000-BTU air conditioner. Additionally, the rear galley has cabinets and counter space plus a 20-qt cooler and a 110 outlet with USB ports.

9. Scamp 13’ Deluxe Camper

MSRP: Starting at $16,095

Dry Weight: 1,200 lbs

If you’re looking for height, the Scamp stands tall inside and out. The exterior is 7 feet 6 inches, and the interior is 6 feet 3 inches. There are three different floorplans, one with a bathroom in the front that includes a shower.

The Scamp Deluxe can accommodate up to 4 people overnight. A front sofa converts into bunks, and the dining area in the rear becomes a double bed. Other pluses are a 12-gallon freshwater tank, a 1.9 cubic foot fridge, and a gas water heater.

10. TAXA Woolly Bear

MSRP: $12,480

Dry Weight: 1,270 lbs

Like the Sylvan Sport GO (our #5), this one’s a versatile alternative to a traditional tiny camper. The Wooly Bear might better be described as a basecamp on wheels. At just under 11 feet, it’s a compact sleeping solution in the form of a rooftop tent that sleeps up to three adults.

The rugged trailer doubles as a gear hauler with a cargo capacity of 830 lbs. During setup, it stretches out to reveal a kitchen with storage bays and a pull-out drawer for your cooler. There’s a foot of ground clearance, and the whole thing rises to 7 feet 3 inches.

Is a Micro Camper Worth It?

We do hear people say micro campers are overpriced for what you get, but that’s usually from the outside looking in. Many of the people we know that actually own one seem to be highly satisfied with their choice. Not only that, they would recommend them to others, as long as they’re like-minded campers. But there’s no question that a micro camper isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. 

If you’re used to a much bigger rig, it may be hard for you to downsize to such as extent. After all, they’re also known as sleepers because that’s about all there’s room for inside. However, if your needs are small, there are many reasons to love a micro camper. In other words, if they perfectly suit your camping lifestyle, they’re totally worth the price. 

Do you have a micro camper, or would you consider buying one?

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