Where to Get the Best Custom RV Bunk Mattress

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Camping trips are something we look forward to as an escape, dreaming of relaxing locations and stress-free activities. But one aspect of discomfort on your trip may be sleeping on that old RV mattress.

That’s especially if it’s an RV bunk mattress. Sometimes crammed in a corner, bunk beds can be unusually cruel to their residents because of their small size and wooden construction. 

But replacing them is difficult, as they don’t come in standard sizes. Well, we’ve got you covered with a slick way to order RV mattresses of all shapes and sizes. You’re camping trip will once again be “dream” status!

What Is an RV Bunk Mattress? 

Many larger RVs have sleeping space for six or eight. They do this by adding bunk beds. A bunk bed mattress is simply the padded support. Most measure around 30 inches wide by 75 inches in length.

They’re made of box springs, dense foam, or gel memory foam. They are usually a little smaller than a typical twin mattress, so they may be more difficult to replace unless you know where to look.

A view of an RV bunk mattress in an RV.

Why Are RV Mattresses So Uncomfortable?

Most RV bunk beds are constructed with a solid wood base, not slats or wire springs, as typical twin beds. This doesn’t make for a comfortable foundation for sleeping. Additionally, it’s been rumored that most RV manufacturers know campers will upgrade their mattresses, so they don’t find it necessary to invest in better brands.

So, a good bunk mattress is essential for a good night’s rest.

Many RVers replace the stock bunk mattresses with something more cushioned, like a gel memory foam mattress, but the unusual size can make it hard to find. Still, others pad the bunk with dense foam mattress toppers to soften the sleeping experience. 

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What Size Are RV Bunk Mattresses? 

There are really no standard size RV bunk mattresses, mainly because RV manufacturers create bunk beds in existing small spaces to increase the number of people each RV can sleep. But there are some general assumptions to guide you. Just be sure that when it comes time to replace your RV bunk mattresses, you measure for specific sizes before buying.

Many bunk beds in RVs are 28 in by 75 in long, but you will find a number have increased the width of their beds to 30 in. But when looking for a bunk mattress, you may find optional sizes, so it’s best to measure before purchasing. 

Here’s why: When looking at various bunk beds, we found five different measurements for five different RV bunk, and 35 in x 79 in. 

After finding the specific size of your bunk mattress, the next question is, “Where can I find an RV bunk mattress with these unusual measurements?” Let’s answer that one.

A small child sitting on her RV bunk mattress.

Can I Put a Regular Mattress in My RV?

In many instances, you can use a regular bed mattress inside an RV. However, bunk mattresses usually don’t have room for the ‘hangover’ on an original mattress.

For instance, a platform bed with room to walk around it may be able to handle a mattress a little larger than the one put there by the manufacturer. But bunk beds are usually built in an alcove, boxed in on three sides. So a mattress made to fit that particular space is required to replace an RV bunk mattress.

Where to Get the Best RV Mattresses

Mattress Insider understands the unusual shapes and sizes of support found in recreational vehicles. Because of their background in RVing, they offer RV-sized mattresses in typical RV lengths. So you will get a choice of several lengths and widths to almost every bed type from twin to California King. And if you still can’t find your perfect mattress, Mattress Insider will build a custom mattress for you.

On their website, you will be able to select the style of mattress, along with the exact width and length to fit your bunk beds, and they will build it to your specifications. Listed below are several of Mattress Insider’s mattress types to give you an idea of their product offerings.

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A girl on her RV bunk mattress.

The Best RV Bunk Mattress Options 

Mattress Insider boasts that it can provide RVers with any size mattress they need to fit the beds in their recreational vehicles. That’s because they take orders based on the specific size of each mattress and don’t provide generic mattresses for sale from their warehouse.

Purchasers can even order the corners of each mattress notched, angled, or cut on a radius! Each custom mattress comes in one of four styles, based on the type and density of foam desired.

1. Budget Friendly: The Sedona RV Mattress 

The Sedona is Mattress Insider’s most reasonably priced mattress and is made of 5.5 in of high-density foam. It comes with a cotton cover and holds an 8 out of 10 firmness rating, with prices starting at $199.

2. Middle of the Line: Elation Gel Foam RV Mattress

The Elation mattress has four layers of varying foam thickness, from high-density foam to contouring foam, with cooling gel memory foam as the top layer. This RV bunk mattress option is 6 in high, has a double-sided cotton cover, and starts at $299.

3. Top of the Line: Luxury Gel Foam RV Mattress

The Luxury mattress provides ‘majestic’ support with five design layers, starting with high-density foam, contouring airflow foam, and two weights of cooling memory foam. You can order this mattress with an 8-inch thickness or an 11-inch thickness. Prices start at $469.

4. Guaranteed to Fit in Your RV: Custom RV Mattress 

Mattress Insider can make any type of custom mattress needed in your RV, from sofa sleeper mattresses to truck sleepers and even round beds. Contact them with specific measurements and get pricing information.

Sleep in Comfort With a New RV Bunk Mattress

You will never have to worry about getting a relaxing night’s sleep if you order new RV bunk mattresses. With innovative materials like cooling gel memory foam, every camping trip will feel like a spa retreat, and no one will wake up with an aching back!

In fact, you may find yourself replacing every mattress in your RV after trying out the bunk mattresses, as their comfort exceeds all expectations.

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