The Best Places to Get RV Parts and Supplies for Cheap

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There’s a running joke in the RV community that you can add “RV” before any product and charge a premium price. Whether it’s true or not is debatable, but one thing that you can’t argue with is that RVers love saving money, especially when it comes to buying parts.

With the massive increase in the demand for RVs in recent years, it can be frustratingly difficult to track down some RV parts and supplies. Today, we’re sharing a handful of our go-to places we run to when trying to score a deal. Let’s get started!


Can I Get RV Parts at Any Hardware Store?

Many hardware stores in areas with a significant RV community presence will carry some RV parts and supplies. They’ll likely have a minimal selection of parts and accessories, but they may have just what you’re looking for.

In small communities, you can find some of the more “mom-and-pop” hardware stores like True Value and Ace Hardware. While you may pay a little more for the same product, shopping locally can save you time and fuel compared to a trip to a larger hardware store.

Many larger hardware stores like Lowes and Home Depot also have a limited supply of RV parts. They may come to the rescue if you’re in the middle of a trip and can’t wait for an item to ship, though.

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Why Are Some RV Parts Hard to Find?

Some RV parts are hard to find because of the principle of supply and demand. A store isn’t going to stock a product with little to no demand from customers.

It’s also important to factor in that some RV parts require particular components. Manufacturers may use a specific part from a partner company. If it breaks, you may need to go directly to that manufacturer to replace it. However, that can be easier said than done in some cases.

Can I Get RV Parts Directly From My Manufacturer?

Some manufacturers are more flexible than others when working directly with customers. If you’re still within the warranty window, you may even get a manufacturer to come to you or to send a certified RV tech to you.

Some manufacturers will require you to take your RV to a certified dealership to have work done. They’ll send the parts to that dealership. Most manufacturers typically won’t sell parts directly to customers. It can be frustrating, but they typically only deal with third parties when it comes to parts.

Some RVers report inconsistencies across manufacturers when it comes to this policy. Some manufacturers will be willing to work with customers directly regarding parts like lights, cabinet doors, and other minor components. However, they’re less likely to accommodate larger items or parts that require expert installation.

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Online Stores for RV Parts

One of the best ways to get a deal on RV parts is by shopping online. Many online stores offer free shipping on orders over a certain amount, and you can have the product in a few days.

Let’s look at some of our favorite places to shop online for RV parts!

1. eTrailer

One of the things we love about eTrailer, in addition to its massive offering of products, is its wealth of knowledge about its products. It does its best to make sure the product you are ordering is compatible with your vehicle and is exactly what you need. It offers expert advice on getting the most out of your purchase and making it last for years to come.

When it comes to its RV offerings, it has everything, including furniture, appliances, leveling tools, exterior parts, cargo racks, maintenance tools, and accessories to make your campsite a bit more comfortable. If you’re shopping for RV parts online, eTrailer likely carries just about everything related to your rig.

2. RV Upgrades

With 10,000 products in its store, RV Upgrades is one of the largest online retailers of RV parts and accessories. It calls Eastlake, Ohio, home, but it ships parts all over the United States and Canada. It has just about everything you could need when it comes to motorhomes and campers.

The store opened in 2002 to provide low prices, fast shipping, detailed product information, and excellent customer support. It offers a massive inventory of products that it adds to daily. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, just reach out to its customer service center, and a representative can help point you in the right direction.

It offers just about everything you could need to keep your RV looking and running like new. Check out its clearance deals section, and you might score the deal of the day!

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3. RecPro 

If you’re looking to renovate your RV, RecPro is the place to shop! You’ll find roofing supplies, doors, furniture, windows, awnings, water tanks, window shades, and even fiberglass in its online store. It has just about everything you could need to bring life back into your RV or give it a custom look and feel.

RecPro is in Briston, Ind., just down the road from some of the largest RV manufacturers in the world. It offers some of the most popular brands in the industry directly to consumers at low costs and with fast shipping. Why battle with your RV manufacturer when you can work directly with the knowledgeable staff at RecPro?

4. RV Parts Nation

Established in 1990, RV Parts Nation is an international RV supercenter. It has one of the largest selections of parts and accessories of any retailer in the country. It buys parts and accessories from its supplies and manufacturers to give its customers discounts.

If you’re looking for RV furniture, it has everything from dinettes to sleeper sofas, captain chairs, jackknife sofas, recliners, tables, and more. It also provides toilets, water pumps, and faucets if you’re looking to make upgrades to your RV’s plumbing system.

RV Parts Nation offers just about anything you can think of regarding RVs at a tremendous value. You can stay on the road longer and for less money by shopping with them!

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5. RV Parts Center 

RV Parts Center of Santa Ana, Calif., offers an extensive selection of made-in-the-USA motorhome parts and supplies. It has top-grade RV parts and accessories that you need to make RVing as convenient as possible. You can browse its online store or contact the store for help finding just what you need.

It offers monthly specials that can save you a tremendous amount of money on parts and accessories for your motorhome. You can even create a wishlist for parts that you can access when you have a bit of extra spending cash. Whether you’re looking for mirrors, door locks, water tanks, or practically anything RV-related, RV Parts Center can quickly get it for you!

6. Camping World

Camping World sells more than campers; it sells all of the gear, accessories, and parts to go with them too. One thing we love about Camping World is its massive online store, as well as its physical stores. There have been numerous times when we’ve needed a part and been able to grab it at a nearby Camping World.

You can even use your membership to save when shopping if you’re a Good Sam member. It also offers 5% savings to military personnel. Camping World offers a wide variety of supplies and parts online and can make it easy for you to do your shopping. It offers some of the most popular items that make RVing easier and the essentials to keep your RV in tip-top shape.

Camping supplies of insulated mugs, pots, and pans gathered on the ground

7.  Amazon

If you’re looking for basic supplies and upgrades, you’re likely going to find them on Amazon. It offers some of the best prices and the fastest shipping. However, if you’re looking for specific or hard-to-find items, you’re not likely going to find them available here.

However, Amazon does offer a vast array of RV-related parts and accessories. Amazon can be tremendously helpful for those who are just getting started and don’t know exactly what they need. Reviews can help you choose between different products. The reviews can also help you avoid wasting money on a poorly performing product. We also love that Amazon often has a very generous return policy if a product doesn’t meet your expectations.

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Get All Your Specialty RV Parts Online

Gone are the days when you had to hop in your car to track down a part for your rig. You can simply pull out your phone or open your laptop and search any of the resources we’ve shared today. You can find practically any part quickly and easily. If not, all of these retailers have expert customer support agents who will gladly assist you in tracking down any RV part.

What’s your preferred online resource for RV parts?

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