Home Depot RV Supplies You Need for Your RV

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A Home Depot parking lot view, but inside you can get RV supplies.

When you think of Home Depot, you don’t usually associate it as the place to pick up RV supplies right? We typically go to Home Depot for purchasing tools, building materials, and a candy bar at the cash register.

But if you’re not in a place to get Amazon packages shipped to you and you need some RV supplies immediately, Home Depot is the place to go! Who would’ve thunk?!

This list of Home Depot RV supplies should help you as you begin your RV journey. Let’s dive in!

Looking for RV Supplies Near You? Try Home Depot

With so many unique items RVers need for the road, sometimes you’ll have difficulty finding one store that carries them all. And if you often travel, finding a location near you becomes a more difficult task. 

As the world’s largest home improvement retailer, Home Depot has over 2,200 stores across the United States. You have a higher likelihood of finding your RV supplies if you shop at Home Depot.

13 Home Depot RV Supplies You Need for Your RV

Although you can get a lot of “nice-to-have” items when you travel, let’s take a look at the 13 Home Depot RV supplies you need for your RV. These items will protect your RV, make life more enjoyable while traveling, and keep your systems functioning properly.

1. Barker 42-gal Portable Waste Tank

If you plan on boondocking or staying in state or national parks without full hook-ups, you need to purchase a portable waste tank. This 42-gallon tank allows you to stay in one spot longer because you don’t have to leave as often to empty your black tank. 

Instead, you can remain camping for several days and just dump your waste into this portable one. This Barker Portable Waste Tank features front swivel wheels, whereas many other portable ones only have back wheels, making it easier to transport.

2. RV Wheel Covers

Don’t forget to cover your wheels when you store your RV or if you remain stationary for several months at a time. Covers prolong the life of your tires. Sun damage is irreversible, and you don’t want to pull up to your RV in September after taking the summer off to find the tires have gone bad. Instead of taking the camper out for the weekend, you have to spend hundreds of dollars replacing the tires.

Avoid this unfortunate event by picking up some RV wheel covers at Home Depot. They’re inexpensive compared to many other necessary items and could save you money in the long run. Just make sure to measure your wheels and purchase the correct size for your RV.

3. RV Surge Protection

Another item to make our list of Home Depot RV supplies is a surge protector. This particular one works for a 50 amp RV, but you can get others designed for 30 amp RVs. This is one of the most expensive and vital items on this list because of the dangers of electricity. Be prepared to fork over the money. Surge protection is necessary.

So why do you need a surge protector? One spike in voltage can cause a tremendous amount of damage. It’s not like flipping the breaker at a house. Power pedestals at campsites malfunction, and if you connect to a pedestal that has gone bad, you’ll be very thankful you had a surge protector. 

Losing electricity to your rig means your appliances and systems like the air conditioning won’t work. Damaging your electrical system will cost you thousands of dollars. Save time, energy, and money by getting an RV surge protector from Home Depot.

4. RV Tank Rinsing Wand

Another maintenance task that comes with owning an RV is cleaning the tanks. This is important because build-up in the tanks can cause them not to flush correctly and can disrupt the tank reading — not to mention the stink. 

Buy an RV tank rinsing wand to help clean those hard-to-reach spaces of the tanks. It’s a simple attachment that requires no tools and is pretty inexpensive.

5. Awning De-Flapper

Any seasoned RVer will tell you to put in the awning when you leave the campsite or on a windy day. A gust of wind can do some severe damage. But on hot summer days, it’s almost unbearable without shade, and awnings provide much-needed relief from the heat. To prevent rips or tears, pick up these awning de-flappers at Home Depot to keep them stable.

You don’t have to worry about the size or model for this item like you do with other RV supplies. These universal de-flappers have soft pads that clamp onto the awning without damaging it, and the straps attach to the awning support arms. 

The clamps tighten it, so you don’t hear the annoying flapping in the wind while enjoying the shade. They also protect it from sudden gusts that may sweep in occasionally. Spend a few bucks on these de-flappers now instead of hundreds or thousands of dollars on a new awning later.

6. Dogbone Adapter

A dogbone adapter also helps protect from electrical damage. This RV essential allows you to connect to a power pedestal with different amps. For example, if your rig runs on 50 amps, but you pull into a campsite that only provides 30 amps, you can’t just attach your 50 amp cord to the power pedestal. Using the dogbone adapter between your cord and the power source allows you to connect to the power pedestal safely.

Using the adapter doesn’t mean you can run the systems on your rig normally. To avoid damaging your electrical system, you need to operate as if you only have 30 amps instead of your usual 50 amps. But because of the dogbone adapter, you still have some power going to your rig.

7. Outdoor Patio Mat

An outdoor mat makes this list for a few reasons. Patio mats help keep dirt and debris from getting into your RV. And when it rains, you’ll be very thankful you have an outdoor rug to protect your shoes from getting stuck in the mud.

Patio mats also help keep your campsite clean and tidy. You can quickly sweep it a few times a day, and it provides a clean place where your family and friends can hang out. Make sure you choose a woven mat made from polypropylene.

8. Propane and Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Our Home Depot RV supplies list wouldn’t be complete without a propane and carbon monoxide alarm. This essential safety item detects gas leaks. Regardless of the size of your RV, whether you boondock often or stay in private campgrounds, or if you travel full-time or on the weekends, a propane and carbon monoxide alarm should not be optional.

When it detects a gas leak, it will alert you with a loud beeping. This alert could save your life and the lives of those you love. Newer RVs will have these alarms pre-installed as required safety precautions. But any RV that carries propane on board should have a propane and carbon monoxide alarm installed low to the floor since propane is heavier than air.

9. Heated Drinking Water Hose

Travelers who stay in Florida or never experience temperatures below 40 degrees may consider this heated drinking water hose non-essential. But cold weather happens, and it’s better to prepare if a cold front moves through unexpectedly.

This heated drinking water hose only heats as needed, and the durable exterior protects from sun damage. It can save you time and money from fixing broken pipes. You don’t want to have to go outside and clean up a split hose in freezing temperatures. Plus, you won’t have water coming into your RV if your hose doesn’t work. Get one of these heated drinking water hoses and save yourself the headache.

10. Inline Water Filter

A water filtration system is essential to RV life. You may not know where your water supply comes from at campgrounds. How much chlorine is in the water? How much sediment is coming through the pipes?

 An inline water filter can protect your health and provide cleaner water to your RV. No one wants to brush teeth, take a shower, or wash dishes with dirty water. You can get heavier duty filtration systems if you want something more, but this inline water filter is a good place to start.

11. Thetford Titan Sewer Kit

Even novices can easily set up this sewer kit. It provides the drainage system you need, and its sturdy design prevents leaks. Plus, it compresses to about 8 ft in length. You can’t go camping without a sewer kit even if you boondock, making this a must-have item.

12. Camco Sewer Hose Support

Another essential for your sewer hookup is a hose support. You can pick one of these up at Home Depot with the sewer kit mentioned above. Why? You don’t want your sewer hose lying on the ground because it will prevent it from running into the ground or your portable waste tank.

This particular hose support by Camco is 20 ft long and made of heavy-duty plastic. On one end, it raises about 7 inches off the ground, and on the other, it decreases to about 4 inches to help the flow of your waste when you empty your black tank.

13. Water Pressure Regulator

The last item on our list of Home Depot RV supplies is a water pressure regulator. This small, inexpensive piece of hardware can save you money and frustration. A water pressure regulator reduces the pressure of water going into your RV. 

As you can imagine, if the pressure is too strong, the results can be expensive and time-consuming to repair. It’s easy to attach the regulator to the spigot of the water source. The water pressure won’t be the same at every campground, so you can rest easy knowing you have the regulator to keep your pipes safe.

Home Depot RV Supplies to Help You Save

These Home Depot RV supplies vary in price, but all of them will save you lots of money in the long run. Things will happen, break, and not work correctly, but these essentials will help reduce the frustration of constantly fixing issues or running to the store to buy products. Plus, they bring peace of mind knowing you and your loved ones have protection.

What are you waiting for? Head to the nearest Home Depot and stock up on these items to make your camping experiences safe and enjoyable!

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