Everything You Need to Know About the Little Guy Camper

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A small MyPod travel trailer with a kayak mounted on top

The word “retro” does not quite cover the appeal for teardrop campers, but it comes close. Newly innovated trailers that mimic the design of those created after a world war are all the rage today. The Little Guy camper can take the credit for rejuvenating their popularity by building three sizes of these streamlined travel trailers.

What Is a Little Guy Camper?

Started by two brothers, Little Guy campers began producing teardrop-shaped, pull-behind trailers for the everyday traveler. Whereas the wartime units were made from leftover salvaged materials, these new versions exemplified quality construction designed specifically for light and easy travel. 

The Little Guy camper seen on the road today is a small, lightweight trailer that is aerodynamic, sleek, and practical. Virtually any automobile can pull the smallest model. Yet, this camper provides not only a sleeping area, but an entertainment center, an air conditioner, and a roof fan.

Larger models have a fully equipped RV inside their curved bodies with bathroom facilities, a kitchen with all the desired appliances, and a living and sleeping space. In fact, the largest Little Guy, “Max,” only weighs 3,010 lbs, making it easily transported by even small sports utility vehicles.

About Little Guy Trailers

With a love for the mostly homemade teardrop campers made after World War II, Joe Kicos thought it was time to reintroduce these favorites to the 21st century. He and his brother began creating lightweight teardrop-shaped trailers made from high-quality materials. Then, they made them available to the masses who wanted a camper that they could transport with a typical automobile.

The manufacturing grew right along with the requests for these practical campers, and the original business that began in North Canton, Ohio, has gone through several revisions. Today, the Little Guy Camper comes under the umbrella of Xtreme Outdoors, LLC and the lineup of campers includes 17 different models!

A little guy max trailer is being towed behind a truck and loaded up with bikes and fun toys for a camping trip.
Image via Little Guy website

Who Owns Little Guy Trailers

Recently, the Little Guy camper became a subsidiary of Xtreme Outdoors, which has a family of trailer brands including MyPod, Rover, and The Teardrop Shop. Before jumping onboard the Xtreme Outdoors team, Little Guy had been under the guise of Liberty Outdoors in Liberty, N.C.

With several brands now under the same roof, the new owners hope to keep up with the demand for teardrop-shaped trailers as more travelers look to lightweight, maneuverable trailers for their camping enjoyment.

Little Guy Camper Lines

The Little Guy brand sells three models. All are teardrop-shaped, but each has its defining style and amenities.

Little Guy Max

The Max, the largest in the Little Guy camper lineup, weighs 3,010 lbs. An SUV easily pulls it. It comes with a full queen-size bed and a single dinette that can be reconfigured into a single bed. The wet bath has a shower, toilet, and sink, and the kitchen comes with: 

  • A high-end stainless steel microwave 
  • A refrigerator 
  • A two-burner propane cooktop 
  • A deep sink 

All cabinetry throughout the rig is made of maple hardwood.

This large teardrop is 21’ long and 7’ wide with an interior height of 6’ 7”. With a provided freshwater tank that holds 20 gallons, the trailer also comes with a 30-gallon gray water tank and a 9-gallon black water tank.

Little Guy Mini Max

The Little Guy camper in the middle is the Mini Max trailer. It has: 

  • One queen bed which can double as your kitchen table if needed
  • A wet bath with all of the trimmings
  • A kitchen that has all of the necessary tools to eat like a king while camping

A stainless steel microwave, two-burner propane stove, a refrigerator, and sink all fit into its 17’ 2” length, and at 6’ 9”, the Mini Max has plenty of room for indoor living space.

Like its big brother, Max, this camper has a 20-gallon freshwater tank, 30-gallon gray water tank, and a 9-gallon black water tank. It weighs just 2,320 lbs. Smaller sports utility vehicles easily pull it.


With a tagline that reads “Easy to Tow. Easy to Love,” the MyPod is for the minimalist camper who just needs a comfortable place to sleep and unwind. A complete fiberglass molded body sits on a single axle, weighing 760 lbs with a tongue load of 110 lbs.

This egg-shaped travel trailer is 11’ long and 5’ wide, with an interior height of 37”. The sleek inside has an entertainment center, complete with a large television and speakers, and an air conditioner for those hot days.

The camper has a 52” x 76” mattress and is equipped with 12v/110 power, window shades, and a three-speed roof van. Even the smallest Mini Cooper can tow a MyPod to your campsite easily!

What Are the Benefits of Little Guy Campers?

One of the best attributes of traveling with a Little Guy camper is its ease of towing. With the aerodynamic shape of a teardrop, these trailers keep the gas mileage up and the frustrations down while traveling. And because they are lightweight, these campers can be towed by smaller vehicles, depending on the models selected.

The Little Guy camper is extremely easy to back into a campsite, hookup, or maneuver into tight-fitting spaces. They are built with high-quality materials to outlast similar trailers and will provide comfort and safety for years to come.

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What Are the Disadvantages of Little Guy Campers?

The only drawback to camping in a Little Guy camper is the lack of space for extra camping gear! As the name implies, these trailers are small RVs. But their high-quality construction and existing amenities will help you forget about anything you couldn’t fit in it.

How Much Does a Little Guy RV Cost?

The largest of the Little Guy camper line, the Max, has a starting price of $39,000 and can go up to $47,000 with optional features. It is larger than a typical teardrop camper, but packs in just about everything you could get in a much larger travel trailer. The Little Guy Mini Max starts at $30,000, and the small MyPod usually sells for $19,000.

Why Are Little Guy Trailers So Expensive?

Little Guy campers have captured the teardrop crowd’s attention and wallets with their lighter-than-normal weights, maneuverability, and superior construction. They are, indeed, pricier than their travel trailer counterparts, but owners have an enthusiasm about these campers that can’t be denied. They tout the company’s quick response to customers’ needs and the thoughtful design and production as reasons they have become loyal fans.

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Is There a Little Guy Camper in Your Future?

Little Guy campers have almost single-handedly reintroduced this nostalgic recreational vehicle to a new crowd of admirers with three styles of teardrop-shaped trailers. Because of their meticulous design, ease of towing, and lightweight construction, it might be time you consider adding a Little Guy Camper to your outdoor adventure trips.

Do you see a Little Guy in your future?

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