RV Supplies You Didn’t Know You Can Get at Lowe’s

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When it comes to purchasing RV supplies, you may not consider Lowe’s. RV supplies at Lowe’s may be limited, but the store has a decent selection of the necessities. Let’s look at Lowe’s RV supplies and why it may be something to keep in mind while RVing.

About Lowe’s

Lowe’s, typically known for being a big-box home improvement store, sells a wide range of products. Whether you’re building a structure, remodeling a room, or doing a simple repair, Lowe’s likely has what you need. 

The company started as a single hardware store in North Wilkesboro, N.C., in 1921. It wasn’t until 1949 that Lowe’s opened its second store in Sparta, N.C. The company switched its focus from DIY customers to professionals in 1958 as it prepared for massive growth.

The company currently has more than 1,700 stores in the U.S. Whether you prefer to shop online or in person, Lowe’s has made it as easy as possible.

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Can You Buy Lowe’s RV Supplies In-Store?

While Lowe’s is typically known for being a home improvement store, they carry a limited amount of RV supplies. These often include the most-used items in RVing like sewer hoses, wheel chocks, and products associated with hitches. Some stores carry a more extensive selection of RV supplies depending on the market demand for their area. 

If you’re in an area with a large RV or camping presence, you may find the RV section at Lowe’s more well-stocked than an area with very little RV or camping presence. 

While the local stores do have some RV supplies, Lowe’s has a more extensive selection online. Depending on how quickly you need the item, you can opt for delivery instead.

Are Lowe’s RV Supplies More Expensive Than Other Retailers?

Lowe’s is typically slightly more expensive than other big-box retailers. As Lowe’s isn’t likely to move many of these products, it charges a premium price.

If you’re shopping at Lowe’s for RV supplies, it’s likely because there are very few other options, or it’s the most convenient choice for you. Lowe’s likely will recognize this and know that they can charge a premium for these items, which means you’re paying slightly more for the convenience or availability of the product.

Lowe’s RV Supplies You Didn’t Know You Can Get

You may not realize it, but there are several essential RV supplies you can purchase at your local Lowe’s. So if you need a few items in a pinch, it may be worth stopping by. Let’s take a look!

Sewer Hoses and Adapters

Having an RV sewer hose and the appropriate adapters is essential for RVing. You won’t be able to empty your tanks without them. Lowe’s carries the necessities when it comes to these accessories, including name-brand manufacturers like Camco.

Whether you’re looking for a sewer hose, adapters, hose connectors, or hose support, you may consider Lowe’s. It may be slightly more expensive, but you’ll be able to empty your waste tanks.

A sewer hose connected to the RV at a dump station.

Portable Waste Tanks

A portable waste tank is an excellent option for boondocking, and Lowe’s carries them. These are incredibly convenient for emptying your tanks when you don’t have easy access to a dump station or sewer connection. Emptying your waste tanks into this portable tote can help you avoid packing up your campsite an extra time.

Holding Tank Treatment

Your RV’s waste tanks will develop a smell over time. However, you can avoid this by using tank treatment found among Lowe’s RV supplies. These treatment packets help break down paper and other solids as they sit in your waste tank. This not only helps keep your tanks clean but also helps avoid clogs, which complicate the process of dumping your tanks.

After dumping your tanks, fill them with five or so gallons of water and dump the treatment into your tank. As you’re driving to your next RVing adventure, the mixture of water and tank treatment will slosh around in your tank. This can help keep them clean and avoid smells from infiltrating your RV living space.

RV Levelers and Wheel Chocks

Levelers and wheel chocks are essential accessories in RVing. By not chocking your wheels, you risk your RV rolling away when hitching or unhitching. An RV can weigh 20,000 pounds or more, and once it gets rolling, there’s no chance you’re stopping it.

These are popular options for not only RVers but also those towing trailers. Chocking your wheels is crucial, whether it’s an RV, a boat, or a flat trailer. Because these products have many uses, you’re likely to find a few options in your local Lowe’s store.

Yellow wheel chocks to hold large RV tires in place when parked.

Water Pressure Regulators

If you’re not using a water pressure regulator, you’re gambling. While many campgrounds are notorious for low water pressure, it only takes one with high water pressure to damage your RV water lines.

A regulator manages the water pressure to your RV water lines to avoid bursting a water line or fitting. The plumbing system in an RV can handle 40-60 PSI. It’ll suffer damage at higher PSIs than this. You can often find this among Lowe’s RV supplies.

Keep in Mind: If you think you might have water damage in your RV, check these places first.

Drinking-Water Hoses and Filters

While an ordinary garden hose will allow you to use water in your RV, you shouldn’t use them for potable water. Using a potable water hose helps ensure that no harmful chemicals enter your drinking water supply.

RVers also attach water filters to the water connection to filter out any harmful chemicals or sediment. Typically, the more expensive the water filter, the more it will keep out of the water. Lowe’s will likely carry some inexpensive water filters in-store but have a broader selection to choose from online.

Pro Tip: We’ve done the research and can help you choose the perfect water filter for your RV.

A water hose filter to make campground water safe for drinking.

RV Extension Cords

While most campgrounds design their campsites with usability in mind, this isn’t always the case. Where a campground places the power pedestal may not be compatible with your RV’s standard power cord due to its distance or location. Having an RV extension cord is essential, but if you don’t have one on hand, Lowe’s may be able to help. You’re more likely to find a 30-amp extension cord available in stores, but you can find 50-amp extension cords and other adapters online.

Whether you run to Lowe’s praying to find an RV supply in a pinch or not, they have a decent selection of RV supplies. You’re likely to pay a premium price for some of the essential RVing accessories, but if you’re in a bind, it’s worth the price. Have you ever bought any RVing accessories from Lowe’s?

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