Sensational Small Motorhomes To Make You Think Tiny

Bigger doesn’t always mean better, especially when it comes to small motorhomes. With creative floor plans and new technology, small Class C RVs and Class B RVs are taking over the industry as a top seller. Everyone wants the maneuverability and ease of locating a camping spot, especially in the National Parks. Check out why these sensational small motorhomes will make you think small can be better.

How Much Does a Small Motorhome Cost

Unfortunately, a smaller size doesn’t necessarily mean a smaller price tag. Prices range depending on the length of the unit. Small motorhomes vary in price between $60,000 for a Class C or $180,000 for some Class Bs or B+s. The prices fluctuate depending on the features, size, and popularity, especially for used rigs. You can snag some deals on used motorhomes.

What is a Class C Motorhome?

A Class C motorhome can be a smaller RV that is self-contained with a driving cab and all the necessities of a home. The tell-tale sign of Class C is a bunk over the cab bump out.

Class B small motorhome parked and charging its battery with solar

What is a Class B motorhome?

A Class B motorhome is also self-contained but tends to be more suited to one or two people. It usually features convertible furniture and a wet bath.

Main Benefits of Small Class C RVs Over Class B RVs

Class C RV small motorhome in front of large rocks

Additional interior space with regards to height, width, and length

Class C RVs have additional space for more people. The bunk over the cab adds additional sleeping areas for one or two people. Many smaller Class B motorhomes don’t have slide-outs, which limits the interior space. You can carry more weight in a Class C RV. And, Class Cs can be small, at 25 feet, or can be much bigger at 31 feet, giving more choices in floor plans.

Larger bathroom (wet or full bath)

Class C RVs have a separate shower. Smaller Class B motorhomes or vans usually have what’s called a wet bath, where the shower, sink, and toilet are all in one space and when you shower, it all gets wet. Class Cs have at least a little storage in the bathroom and a separate sink and toilet.

More storage inside and storage bays outside

There is notably more storage in a Class C RV, from pantries to small closets, the designers make great use of the space. Under the vehicle, there is also more storage for outside gear. Class B RVs usually only have storage for the essentials like batteries, and water and electricity hookups. Class Cs even have more space in the refrigerator, because there’s a larger space for the appliance, as opposed to Class B RVs or vans, which typically have small refrigerators.

Larger tanks

Due to the fact that Class C RVs can carry more weight and have more space underneath, they tend to have larger holding tanks for fresh, gray, and black water.

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Motorhomes Buying Guide


The size can vary, but if you’re looking to go small, check out conversion vans, Class B RVs, and 25 feet Class C RVs.

Type of Bed

Beds in the small motorhomes can be jackknife, murphy, fold up in a slide, a convertible table to bed, or couch that changes to a bed depending on the unit.

Kitchen Facilities

Does the rig have a separate oven or does it have a convection microwave? How big is the refrigerator and does it have a separate freezer compartment with its own door? Is the sink big enough for what you need to use it for?

Washroom Facilities

The choices are a wet bath or a separate shower. I know some people who don’t use the wet bath in their smaller RV because it’s too much work to keep it clean. Watch for bathroom storage and the type of toilet (plastic or ceramic) you want.


Class Cs are going to have more storage. How creative do you need to be to store all of your stuff in the RV? Is there a place to store your camp chairs outside the rig? Also, consider storage when checking water capacity and holding tanks.


When lounging, consider where you will hang out when it’s raining or too cold to sit outside. Is there a couch? Will you sit in the passenger seat that swivels? Or will the bed be your lounging central?


It might be important for you to have a dinette table. Perhaps you want to eat outside at a picnic table. In that case, you could replace the dinette with recliners. Some units have a horseshoe-shaped dinette table. That’s great for having people over for dinner or a larger family.

Small motorhome interior with cozy fake candles and pillows

 Interior Design

If you are a wiz at designing your own spaces, you may be able to save money fixing up an older RV. Interior design is not your strong suit? You should think about if you can live with the colors and styles the manufacturer decided would look best. If you can’t deal with rust-brown cabinets, move on.  


How many seats do you need? Do they all have seatbelts? How comfortable are they for long rides? Do the two front motorhome seats swivel around to make a conversation area? These are some important things to consider.


Is the rig a diesel or a gas engine? That will determine the type and how often you will need to do routine maintenance and the price of that maintenance.

Sensational Small Motorhomes

Roadtrek SS Agile

This passenger coach is great for two people. It’s easy to drive since it’s a Class B and the size of a large van. It has a wet bath and a large closet. The price starts at $167,986.

Gulf Stream Conquest

Touted as “luxury and style that fit a family budget.” The Conquest from Gulf Stream provides many sleeping options on a Ford chassis. The smallest Class C version is 24’1”. The starting price is around $72,000.

Coachmen Galleria

The MSRP on this unit is $180,821. It’s a Class B small motorhome on a Mercedes chassis. It has a few options for seating and tank size options. The maple cabinetry is handcrafted by Amish cabinet makers.

Pleasure-Way Industries

This company offers a variety of Class B van options with solar package upgrades. A typical price would be $125,000. The size of the motorhomes ranges in length between 17’9” to 22’ 9”, making it easy to maneuver and park in traditional parking spots.

Thor Chateau Class C

The 22-foot-long Chateau starts at $97,350 with a slide-out for the master bed or $92,700 for the corner queen bed. The bathroom has a separate shower and the bunk over the driver’s cab can be used for sleeping or storage. The two less expensive floorplans can be built on a Ford or a Chevy chassis, with a difference of only inches in length.  

Winnebago View

This Class C model has the Winnebago quality on a diesel Sprinter chassis. Versions include twin rear beds, corner queen bed, and mid-coach Murphy bed. There is a separate shower in the bathroom. The MSRP on the unit begins at $148,851.

Final Thoughts

Whether you choose to buy a new or used small motorhome, your family needs are the most important things. There is a lot of choices out there, be picky, decide what you want, then get out on the road in the small motorhome of your choice.

Get Your Free RV Buyers Guide Today!

This valuable ebook will guide you step-by-step on how to purchase your first RV and save up to 30% off MSRP! Sign up for your FREE guide today!

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