10 Best Small Motorhomes in 2022 (With Video Walkthroughs)

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A small motorhome at an RV show

Bigger doesn’t always mean better, especially for small motorhomes. With creative floor plans and new technology, small Class C RVs and Class B RVs are taking over the industry as top sellers.

Everyone wants the maneuverability and ease of locating a camping spot, especially in National Parks. Check out why these sensational small motorhomes will make you think small can be better.

How Much Does a Small Motorhome Cost

Unfortunately, a smaller size doesn’t necessarily mean a smaller price tag. Prices range depending on the length of the unit. Small motorhomes vary in price between $60,000 to over $200,000.

RV prices fluctuate depending on the features, size, and popularity, especially for used rigs. If you are considering used RVs, you should also ready 6 Keys to Success When You Buy a Used RV.

The Winnebago Ekko, a small motorhome, parked at an RV show

What is a Class C Motorhome?

A Class C motorhome can be a smaller RV that is self-contained with a driving cab and all the necessities of a home. The tell-tale sign of Class C is a bunk over the cab bump out.

What is a Class B motorhome?

A Class B motorhome is also self-contained but tends to be more suited to one or two people. It usually features convertible furniture and a wet bath. Class B RVs don’t have much exterior storage space as they look more like vans.

Pro Tip: To learn about even more motorhome types, check out What Is the Difference in Motorhome Classes?

Things To Consider When Shopping For Small Motorhomes


The size can vary, but if you’re looking to go small, check out conversion vans, Class B RVs, and 25 feet Class C RVs. Make sure to sit in the driver’s seat, lay down on the bed, and even sit on the toilet. You have to picture yourself living there to truly tell if the particular size and layout will work for you.

Type of Bed

Beds in the small motorhomes can be jackknife, murphy, fold up in a slide, a convertible table to bed, or a couch that changes to a bed depending on the unit. If you are considering any bed type that will require you to make and put it away, really make sure that’s something you see yourself doing every day.

Kitchen Facilities

Does the rig have a separate oven or does it have a convection microwave? How big is the refrigerator and does it have a separate freezer compartment with its own door? Is the sink big enough for what you need to use it for?

Depending on your cooking style, you really need to consider the above questions. Pretend to cook a meal as you do your walkthrough to see if the kitchen layout is functional and has all of the appliances you like using to cook.

Washroom Facilities

The choices are a wet bath or a dry bath. If you don’t know, a wet bath is where you will take a shower in the same space as your sink and toilet. The entire bathroom area is meant to get wet, hence the name. Wet baths can prove to be harder to clean, so be sure that’s the type you want before buying.


Class Cs are going to have more storage than Class Bs. How creative do you need to be to store all of your stuff in the RV? Is there a place to store your camp chairs outside the rig? Also, consider storage when checking water capacity and holding tanks.

A B RV with the rear storage doors open to showing you the sitting area inside


When lounging, consider where you will hang out when it’s raining or too cold to sit outside. Is there a couch? Will you sit in the passenger seat that swivels? Or will the bed be your lounging central?

If you plan on working from your small motorhome, consider that space as well. Make sure that you will have a dedicated space that is comfortable for sitting hours at a time.


It might be important for you to have a dinette table. Perhaps you want to eat outside at a picnic table. In that case, you could replace the dinette with recliners. Some units have a horseshoe-shaped dinette table. That’s great for having people over for dinner or a larger family.

Interior Design

If you are a wiz at designing your own spaces, you may be able to save money fixing up an older RV. Interior design is not your strong suit? You should think about if you can live with the colors and styles the manufacturer decided would look best. If you can’t deal with rust-brown cabinets, move on.  


Is the rig a diesel or a gas engine? That will determine the type and how often you will need to do routine maintenance and the price of that maintenance.

The 10 Best Small Motorhomes

Now that you know what to look for when shopping for your small motorhome, it’s time to check out some awesome floorplans!

1. 2022 Roadtrek SS Agile Class B Motorhome

MSRP: Starting at $181,860

Length: 19′ 5″

The 2022 SS Agile by Roadtrek is great for two people but can actually sleep 5! It’s easy to drive since it’s the size of a large van. It has most of the amenities of a large motorhome, all packed into a small Class B RV.

Some of those amenities include a wet bath, a large closet, an air conditioner, a propane furnace, a 400 AMP lithium battery system, an underhood generator, and much more.

2. 2021 Gulf Stream Conquest 6245 Class C Motorhome

MSRP: Starting at $92,500

Length: 24′ 11″

Touted as “luxury and style that fit a family budget.” The Conquest 6245 by Gulf Stream provides many standard features, including a seamless EPDM rubber roof, in-dash air conditioner, 35,000 BTU furnace, upgraded interior fabrics, prepped for solar, and much more!

3. 2022 Coachmen Galleria 24FL Class B Motorhome

MSRP: Starting at $192,824

Length: 24′ 3″

The Coachmen Galleria 24FL is a small but mighty Class B motorhome. It is built on a Mercedes chassis with a 3.0L Turbo V6 diesel engine and a 24-gallon fuel capacity.

This small motor home is loaded with amenities as well.

This small motor home is absolutely loaded with amenities as well. Some of the standard features include a Onan QG 2500 LP quiet generator, aluminum wheels, Oxygenics Fury handheld shower head, Remote Access Eclipse App (this controls the Firefly system while away from the RV), high gloss hardwood cabinetry, and so much more!

4. 2022 Pleasure-Way Plateau FL Class B Motorhome

MSRP: Starting at $172,185

Length: 22′ 9″

Pleasure-Way is known for offering a variety of Class B van options. The 2022 Plateau FL is a unique model with two living areas, making it great for working RVers or families. A nifty feature offered by Pleasure-Way is that you can build your RV directly on their site. This way, you can add any special features, details, and coloring making it the perfect RV for your lifestyle.

Some standard features of this small motorhome include two Smart LED TVs, Bose soundbar, MCD blackout roller shades, a wardrobe, an enclosed wet bath, a 2.5KW Onan LP generator, and so much more!

5. 2022 Thor Chateau 22E Class C Motorhome

MSRP: Starting at $112,350

Ford Exterior Length: 24′-1″

Chevy Exterior Length: 24′-7″

The Thor Chateau 22E can be built on a Ford or a Chevy chassis, with a difference of only six inches in length. Additionally, if you’re looking for a small Class C motorhome with no slides, this is your best bet. This floorplan has a queen bed and a cab-over bunk sleeping area.

Some key features of this small motorhome include 84″ interior ceiling height, pressed laminate kitchen countertops, solar prep, stainless steel wheel liners, Winegard ConnecT 2.0 WiFi, and much more!

6. 2022 Winnebago View 24D Class C Motorhome

MSRP: Starting at $193,111

Length: 25′ 6″

The Winnebago View 24D has Winnebago quality on a diesel Sprinter chassis. This Class C RV has a beautiful interior with amenities to boot. It comes with a -shaped dinette, a 32″ HDTV, USB charging stations, Oxygenics showerhead, toe kick lighting throughout, and much more.

This specific model has a murphy bed with a queen mattress. By having a murphy bed, Winnebago could make the bathroom larger on this model, which is rare in small motorhomes.

7. 2022 Leisure Travel Vans Unity Rear Lounge Class B Motorhome

MSRP: Starting at $163,735

Length: 25′ 1″

The Leisure Vans Unity Rear Lounge is built on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 Cab Chassis. This model has a 57″ x 75″ Murphy bed in the back. This way, this small motorhome offers seating during the day and a primary bedroom at night.

This is another small motorhome where the manufacturer allows you to custom build it on their website. You can choose everything from the exterior paint color to the upholstery to each add-on. Some features include a lithium battery upgrade, 4 point leveling jacks, aluminum wheels, and much more.

8. 2022 Thor Gemini 23TW Class B Motorhome

MSRP: Starting at $142,050

Length: 23′ 7″

The 2022 Thor Gemini 23TW is perfect for weekend getaways and long-term campers alike. The floorplan of this small motorhome offer one large slide to create more space. It includes a dinette, flip-up bed, bathroom, fridge, microwave, and even a built-in skylight.

Standard features offered on this Class B RV include all-wheel drive, frameless windows, Onan 4000 Gas Generator, a tankless water heater, the Ford Safety Systems, and much more!

9. 2022 Airstream Interstate 19 Class B Motorhome

MSRP: Starting at $201,293

Length: 19′ 5″

The Interstate is the #1 selling Class B diesel motorhome. The new Airstream Interstate 19 is the shortest small motorhome on our list but lacks no amenities. If you’re looking for an easy-to-drive, no-hassle Class B, look no further.

Airstream boasts this rig comes with over 50 best-in-class standard features. Some of those features include a Truma Combi Furnace and Water Heater, rear camera, a microwave, Ultraleather seating, side and rear screen doors, premium Italian cabinetry, and so much more.

10. 2022 Winnebago Ekko 22A Hybrid Camper Van

MSRP: Starting at $171,845

Length: 23′ 0″

The Winnebago Ekko 22A is a brand new small motorhome to hit the market this year. Winnebago claims this hybrid RV combines the efficiency of a camper van and the capacity of a Class C RV.

They didn’t skimp on the features of this new small motorhome either. It comes with two modern interior options for color and a unique exterior design. Some standard features of the Winnebago Ekko include a 3.5L EcoBoost V6 gas engine, 4-wheel anti-lock disc brakes, tinted dual-pane euro acrylic windows, roof wiring access port, USB charging ports, LED lights throughout, and much more.

Small Motorhomes Never Looked So Good

Whether you choose to buy a new or used small motorhome, your family needs are the most important things. With new innovations and floorplans every year, small motorhomes are ever so appealing. There is a lot of choices out there, be picky, decide what you want, then get out on the road in the small motorhome of your choice.

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