RV Basement Storage Ideas You’ll Actually Love

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An organized wall of tools to keep things clean in an RV basement.

You pull up at a campsite, open the RV basement storage bays, and rummage around for five minutes, trying to find your levelers and x-chocks. Then you walk around to the other side and go through three different tubs to find your gloves. Finally, you start the set-up process thoroughly annoyed that it took so long to find what you needed.

Have you ever experienced this frustration? If so, you need to check out these RV basement storage ideas. You’ll love and appreciate them and never go back to rummaging around. Take a look at the list below!

RV Basement Storage Ideas You’ll Actually Love 

You can never have too much storage in an RV. But sometimes, we focus on the inside storage solutions and forget about organizing the storage bays underneath the rig. Here are a few RV basement storage ideas that will make your travels a lot easier and less frustrating. Let’s dive in!

Use Clear Tubs to Keep Everything Organized

IRIS USA 54 Qt Stackable Plastic Storage Bins with Lids, 6 Pack - BPA-Free, Made in USA - See-Through Organizing Solution, Latches, Durable Nestable Containers, Secure Pull Handle - Clear
  • MADE IN USA: Our storage bins are proudly crafted in the USA using high-quality, durable materials, ensuring your...
  • SEE-THROUGH DESIGN: You can easily see what's inside the box without opening it, thanks to its transparent design.

When you store items, you want to be able to see which tub they’re in to get to them quickly. By using clear tubs in your RV basement storage compartments, you’ll easily find that water hose or hammer you need. 

You also want to make sure to get tubs that have good quality lids. Lids with latching buckles work well and provide the sturdiness you need for constant movement in and out of compartments.

Use a MORryde Sliding Cargo Tray for Easy Access

MORryde CTG60-3648W Sliding Cargo Tray - 36" x 48"
  • 800 lb. weight capacity
  • Arrives fully assembled

Although pricey, the MORryde sliding cargo tray is a great RV basement storage idea for easy access. No one wants to climb into their storage bay to try to reach the clear tub in the very back. To make this easier, MORryde has developed a sliding cargo tray that gives you easy access to those deep areas. Just pull it out to easily reach all of your tubs or tools.

Use a Pegboard for Hanging Loose Tools and Cords

Wall Control 30-P-3232GV Galvanized Steel Pegboard Pack
  • More than ten times stronger than conventional pegboard and 32in Tall x 16in
  • Galvanized steel pegboard panels accept slotted, stable, and more secure hooks, pegs, brackets, and shelves

Pegboards are great solutions for hanging loose tools that you don’t want to put in a tub. Some travelers also prefer to hang things in the RV basement storage bays instead of storing them in breakable plastic tubs that get heavy. 

Pegboards provide easy access to those tools and cords. Especially if you use them often, you may want to hang them up instead. Just grab a few hooks and maybe some velcro straps for some easy storage.

Use a Cord Storage Wheel to Prevent Tangled Cords

Woods 22849 Metal Extension Cord Reel Stand In Black, Heavy Duty, Quick Snap Together Design, Sturdy and Durable Stand, Easy to Grip Handles, Holds Up To 100 Feet, 14/3 Gauge Cord
  • VERSATILITY allows you to use with other items such as rope and hose
  • STURDY and DURABLE base stands firm while winding and unwinding cords

No one wants to get to a campsite, start setting up, and realize their outdoor lighting cords are tangled. You can use a cord storage wheel to prevent this from happening. This RV basement storage idea can save time and frustration. It’s also one of the easiest storage solutions on the list.

Get a Sewer Hose Carrier

Valterra A04-5094BK RV Adjustable EZ Hose Carrier with Lockable Door Cap, Black
  • RV HOSE CARRIER: Fits most 3" drain hoses and fittings with the exception of one-piece 90-degree sewer fittings.Fit...
  • CONVENIENT INSTALLATION: End caps come assembled with fixed, pre-glued mounting brackets and includes self-tapping...

A sewer hose carrier may become a great addition to your rig. First, make sure you measure your sewer hose and get a holder that will fit it. Connect it underneath your rig’s frame and save space by not having to store it in a plastic tub in one of your storage bays or opening up space for something else. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the sewer hose contaminating any other tools or hoses when it’s in a special carrier.

Install LED Lights

Leisure LED 5 Pack RV LED Ceiling Double Dome Light Fixture ON/Off Switch Interior Lighting for Car/RV/Trailer/Camper/Boat DC 11-18V Natural White 4000-4500K 48X2835SMD (Natural White 4000-4500K, 5)
  • 5 Pack Leisure LED Double Dome Light Fixture 550 Lumens 48 2835SMD leds 11-18V Super Bright. Dimensions: 11 1/4"L x 5"W...
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Install LED lights everywhere. You may need to get up one night and venture out to the RV basement storage bays to fix or find something. Instead of holding a flashlight and trying to maneuver around with one hand, install LED lights in the storage bays. This RV basement storage idea will make a difficult situation a bit easier.

These LED lights work for more than outdoor storage areas. Install them inside — in the closets, pantry, underneath the cabinets — to make life easier when you have to find something in the dark. When the kids fall asleep and you need to get something in the middle of the night, just click on a small LED light instead of turning on a light that brightens the entire room.

Install Hollow PVC Pipe on Walls or Ceilings for Long Item Storage

PVC Pipe Sch40 4 Inch (4.0) White Custom Length 5FT Feet
  • PVC, ABS, Copper, Pex and other Pipe is Manufactured and or Fabricated in the USA by Ventral.
  • Ventral products are premium quality used for landscape home drainage and or pool and spa

Have you tried to figure out where to store your fishing poles? What about your umbrellas? Another RV basement storage idea is to install PVC pipes for these longer items. You can install this storage solution easily in the basement bays. Attach them to the walls or the ceilings for the perfect spot to keep those longer items out of the way.

Use Small Clear Drawers for Small Loose Items

Sterilite Clear Plastic Stackable Small 3 Drawer Storage System for Home Office, Dorm Room, or Bathrooms, White Frame, 3 Pack
  • Plastic storage drawer allows you to safely and securely store various household items; Features 3 drawers
  • Indexed top allows for secure stacking on top of each other; Drawers slide in and out without the risk of tipping over

Do you have batteries rolling around in your kitchen drawer? What about pencils and scissors scattered about for the kids? Use small clear drawers to store these little items so you can easily see inside. 

Some RV drawers are difficult for children to open and shut, and these small, clear drawers provide a great storage solution. They can hold art or school supplies so kids can get what they need on their own.

Finding Basement Storage Ideas

You’ll find many more RV basement storage ideas to help make life on the road easier. Hopefully, you can implement these few suggestions. You can install most of these fairly inexpensive options quite easily, and you’ll wish you had added these changes a long time ago. No more rummaging around. Take a trip to the store or open the Amazon app and start shopping today.

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