What Are RV Port Homes?

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A house with an RV parked in the driveway.

Can’t decide if you want to live in your RV full time or stay in a sticks and bricks house? What if you could do both? RV port homes allow you to have a place to come back to when you need a rest from the road while still giving you access to your RV. Let’s look at what you can expect from these homes made specifically with RVers in mind.  

What Are RV Port Homes?

RV port homes are homes that have a dedicated covered port for a motorhome. Think of them as an oversized attached carport intended for RV use. RVers who travel for large portions of the year enjoy these buildings, which provide a home to come back to when not on the road. 

Where Can You Find RV Port Homes?

You can find RV port homes everywhere, especially in areas like Florida, Alabama, and Texas. Some RV parks have these homes within the park. You’ll even find a few communities dedicated specifically to port homes. 

What Is an RV Port Home Community? 

An RV port home community compares to having an entire subdivision of RVers. Often these communities run like any other subdivision with amenities like pools, rec centers, gyms, and HOA committees. 

This is a great way to be a part of the travel community while still having a home base to come back to with like-minded neighbors. These RV port communities include The Garden’s RV Community in Tennessee and Reunion Pointe in Alabama. 

A truck brings an RV onto the driveway entering a porthome community.

What Are the Benefits of an RV Port Home? 

Why would someone want to bother with an RV port home? Let’s take a look at a few of the benefits of having your own. 

Protection from Elements and Pests

Having a port for your RV keeps it protected from the harsh weather when not in use. You don’t want it exposed to rain or have the sun beat down on it more than necessary. 

Depending on the port, it can also help protect the RV from pests such as mice, wasps, and other critters. Animals like pack rats and mice can cause significant damage to RVs. Keeping them away can help save you time and money to avoid rodent repairs. 

Climate-Controlled Storage

If you choose an RV port home with a climate-controlled garage, you’ll rest soundly knowing your rig doesn’t have to withstand hot and humid summers or frosty winters. 

Humidity can quickly cause mold in RVs that sit in closed-up spaces with no air circulation. You may find it highly beneficial to have a cool and dry storage space. Similarly, a garage that keeps the RV from freezing temperatures can help you avoid winterizing your rig or risking damage to your water lines. 

No Need to Pay Storage Lot

Storing your RV at home allows you quick access to your RV and can save you money. Storage lots can come with hefty bills. Even just a basic parking space at a storage facility can add up quickly. Plus, finding climate-controlled indoor storage for RVs can cost almost as much as a mortgage in some areas. 

Protection from Theft

You’ll feel a bit more at ease with your rig tucked away and locked up at home. While storage lots have security measures in place, you still hear of RV thefts happening from storage facilities. Having your RV at home allows you to keep a close eye on it. 

How to Find RV Port Homes for Sale

You can start your search for the perfect RV port home with your local realtor. They can scour the market to find you a home for sale in your search parameters. You can also contact port communities, asking them to notify you if any of their community homes come up for sale. 

How to Get a Custom Port Home Built for You

If your search for the perfect RV port home has you coming up short, you might consider building your own custom home. You can contact a local builder and work with them to create the custom port home you want. They’ll help guide you through the many options that come with building a new home. 

As these homes are less common, you might have difficulty finding a builder with significant experience building one. If you hope to get a builder with prior experience with port homes, you may need to broaden your search outside your local area.

Balance Life with an RV Port Home

While your RV serves as your home away from home, sometimes you may want a break from the road. RV port homes can help you find a balance between road life and a sticks and bricks house. Do you think owning an RV port home would be worth it?

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