10 Best Teardrop Camper Trailers in 2022

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A blue teardrop trailer with a kitchen revealed by opening the back hatch in a wooded campground.

If you’re a weekend warrior trying to travel to remote locations and claim those tiny spots most RVers can’t, a teardrop camper may be your best option.

The flexibility is one of the biggest draws of a tiny teardrop trailer.

But can you really enjoy camping in such a small space?

Let’s look at some of the best options for teardrop campers, and then you can decide if this style of camping is for you. Let’s dive in!

What Is a Teardrop Camper? 

A teardrop camper is very lightweight so that almost any SUV can pull it. It features a water drop shape with an aerodynamic front that tapers in the rear.

One feature specific to teardrop campers is the rear hatch. This opens to provide an outdoor kitchen space. 

The inside has enough room for a sleeping area for one or two people. Usually, a teardrop camper will have small gray and freshwater tanks. The gray tank will catch the wastewater from the kitchen sink.

Some teardrop campers come with a wet bath. Even fewer have a complete bathroom with a separate black tank.

An SUV tows a silver teardrop trailer.

What Are the Benefits of a Teardrop Camper? 

One of the biggest benefits of owning a teardrop camper is the size. Since it’s short and lightweight, it’s easy to maneuver. You don’t have to worry so much about the handling while driving down the interstate. Bridge clearances aren’t important and narrow roads won’t affect your route.

This also means that almost any type of SUV can pull a teardrop camper, which is a huge benefit. Owners don’t have to spend more money on a heavy-duty truck. They can use whatever SUV they currently have.

The size also helps teardrop trailers get into almost any campsite.

They can travel to off-road, remote locations tucked away in forests.

They can get into national parks with no problem.

Teardrop camper owners don’t have to worry about whether or not they’ll fit. 

Which Types of Vehicles Can Tow a Teardrop Camper?

In order to know what your vehicle can tow, you need to know the towing capacity and GVWR of the teardrop camper. If a teardrop camper has a 3,000-lb GVWR, then your vehicle needs to be able to tow at least 3,000 lbs. 

Most owners will want a little wiggle room and feel more comfortable having more than enough towing capacity.

For example, a Chrysler Pacifica has a towing capacity of about 3,600 lbs. This SUV would be sufficient to tow a 3,000-lb teardrop camper.

Many popular SUVs will have a towing capacity between 3,500-4,500 lbs.

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The Best Teardrop Camper Trailers in 2022

Below are 10 of the best teardrop camper trailers in 2022. Note the dry weight is not the GVWR. The dry weight is the weight of the camper when it’s empty.

The GVWR is the maximum weight when it’s full of cargo. As mentioned above, make sure your tow vehicle can tow your teardrop camper when it has cargo.

1. Little Guy Max

Starting At: About $39,000
Dry Weight: 3,010 lbs
Length: 21 ft

About: The outdoor kitchen has lots of counter space, a floor-to-ceiling pantry, a residential-style sink, and a two-burner glass top stove.

Inside, the queen size bed provides ample sleeping space for two people.

The Little Guy Max comes equipped with a wet bath that features a full residential size shower.

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2. The Pika by Timberleaf

Starting At: $14,500
Dry Weight: 1,025 lbs
Length: 8 ft

About: If you’re looking for a rugged teardrop camper, the Pika may be for you.

Named after the small American Pika that lives in the Rocky Mountains, this camper is designed to travel on rough, mountainous terrain.

You can add on the standard package, all-road package, or off-road package so that your camper meets your travel needs.

The design is simple yet efficient.

You have what you need, like USB ports and a large countertop surface, but no bells and whistles that other models might offer.

3. iCamp Elite

Starting At: $19,000
Dry Weight: 2,366 lbs
Length: 14 ft

About: The iCamp Elite is fully laminated and reinforced with aluminum tubing frames.

Inside, it comes with a one-piece modular bathroom with a shower and toilet.

At night, the dinette area turns into a large sleeping space.

The iCamp Elite is available in an orange or blue color package for a fun retro-inspired look.

4. Forest River R-Pod RP-201 

Starting At: About $30,000
Dry Weight: 4,379 lbs
Length: 25 ft

About: One of the largest options on this list, the R-Pod RP-201 almost feels like a traditional travel trailer by Forest River.

It features a separate queen bed sleeping space with wardrobes, a center full bathroom, and a rear kitchen and living area.

It also comes equipped with a 12-ft awning.

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5. Polydrop Trailer

Starting At: $13,995
Dry Weight: 760 lbs
Length: 12’4”

About: This Polydrop trailer isn’t your typical teardrop. Featuring a unique, futuristic design, the Polydrop has flat, straight angles and edges rather than the popular round, waterdrop look.

The opposing doors open up instead of out, making this RV look more like a spaceship than a camper.

The solar-powered 110V system comes standard, so wherever you go, you’ll be able to run the air conditioner or heater for comfort in any type of weather.

6. The Meaner Bean

Starting At: $25,590 (base price)
Dry Weight: 2,000 lbs
Length: 14’¼”

About: Featuring the Timbren 3500 HD axle-less suspension, the Meaner Bean by Bean Campers removes the thru-axle, so your clearance from the ground remains the same from front to back.

It also provides a smoother ride than a torsion axle. Standard features include a queen bed, insulated ceiling, and a 100-amp deep cycle AGM battery.

There are lots of upgrades and add-ons to make your travels even more enjoyable, from a children’s bunk to rock sliders to an instant hot water system.

7. nuCamp Tab 320 S Teardrop Camper

Starting At: About $35,000
Dry Weight: 1,946 lbs
Length: 15’3”

About: The most popular teardrop trailer manufactured by nuCamp, the Tab 320 S features a wet bath, a U-shaped dinette that converts into a sleeping area, and a galley kitchen inside the trailer.

You can choose from a variety of colors and graphics to make the Tab 320 S fit your personal style.

The popular Boondock package adds off-road tires, a pitched axle, a rear aluminum cage, and more.

8. Safari Condo Alto R1713

Starting At: $50,799
Dry Weight: 1,825 lbs
Length: 17 ft

About: One of the only models on the list that features a king bed, the Alto R1713 can also convert to two single beds.

With the addition of the dining area that also converts to a sleeping area, this unit sleeps up to four people.

The Alto R1713 also has a flush toilet.

Another great feature is the retractable roof, which allows for almost 7 ft of interior space. Note the Safari Condo manufacturing plant is in Canada.

9. Little Guy Trailers Mini Max

Starting At: About $39,000
Dry Weight: 2,320 lbs
Length: 17’2”

Inside the Mini Max teardrop trailer that includes a kitchen and convertible dining/sleeping space.
The Little Guy Mini Max, photo courtesy of Xtreme Outdoors.

About: Another teardrop trailer by Little Guy is the Mini Max. Smaller than the Little Guy Max listed above, most SUVs and crossover vehicles can tow this travel trailer.

The kitchen comes with a 5.0 cu. ft. refrigerator, 1.0 cu. ft. microwave, and a two-burner electric ignition stove.

The dinette converts to a dual twin or queen bed, and the wet bath is fully equipped and spacious.

10. Vistabule Teardrop Trailers

Starting At: $22,995
Dry Weight: 1,330 lbs 
Length: 14 ft

Review of the Vistabule Teardrop Trailer

About: Manufactured in St. Paul, Minn., these luxury teardrop campers are custom-built.

A pass-through connects the outdoor kitchen to the cabin, and the large front-facing window offers stunning views.

The convertible sofa bed provides comfortable lounging during the day and a spacious sleeping area at night.

Because Vistabule Teardop Trailers are fully customizable, owners can choose from a wide range of add ons like electric brakes, a six-drawer cabinet combo, rooftop solar panels, and more.

Little Campers, Big Adventures

Although these teardrop campers are small and don’t have all the features and amenities that larger RVs have, owners still enjoy big adventures. They provide memory-making moments for solo travelers and couples.

And they still offer the basic necessities for travel with a kitchen, sleeping area, dining and lounging area, and bath of some kind in several models. With all of the available options, you can find a teardrop camper that fits your travel lifestyle.

Which model of teardrop trailer is your favorite?

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