5 Best Tiny Travel Trailers Under 3500 lbs in 2022

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What are the best tiny travel trailers under 3500 lbs in 2021? Pictured is a tiny travel trailer parked on a sales lot around other trailers. Is it the right one for you?

You might be wondering why travel trailers under 3500 lbs are all the rage. For starters, they’re easy to tow and sell at a manageable price point. Some lightweight travel trailers can even be towed with smaller vehicles, like a mid to full-size SUV.

Tiny travel trailers can be a great entry-level unit for those just starting out camping. Or for people who are unsure of what type of RV they want long-term. We’ve identified the five best tiny travel trailers on the market for you to take a look at.

Who Are Tiny Travel Trailers Best For?

Travel trailers under 3500 lbs have small floor plans making them a great option for a couple or solo travelers. They work well for weekend camping or short long-distance trips. Plus, a small trailer means fewer things to break and more carefree camping! 

5 Best Trailers Under 3500 lbs

We found what we consider to be the five best travel trailers under 3500 lbs. They’re from various manufacturers and offer a spectrum of features. Let’s check them out! 

1. Prime Time Avenger 16RD

The Prime Time Avenger 16RD has 2,939 lbs unloaded vehicle weight with a hitch weight of 390 lbs. Cargo carrying capacity is 951 lbs. It’s 20 ft 11 inches long from the hitch to the rear bumper. 

The Avenger 16RD features a rear u-shaped dinette that converts into a twin-size bed with a full bed in the front. It has a full bath. The kitchen has a 6 cubic feet refrigerator, microwave oven, and a two-burner stovetop.

MSRP: Approximately $18,000 

Why It’s Great: The u-shaped dinette in the rear of the trailer makes this tiny travel trailer great. It provides enough room for two to four people to enjoy a meal or play board games. And if you’re traveling solo or with one other person, you can easily stretch out and use it as a couch.

2. Jayco Jay Flight SLX 7

The Jayco Jay Flight SLX 7 has six different floor plans ranging from 2,465 to 3,380 lbs unloaded vehicle weight. The 145RB and the 154BH floor plans stay below 3500 lbs at the maximum cargo carrying capacity. The 145RB is 16 ft 8 inches long, and the 154BH is 18 ft long. 

The Jay Flight SLX 7 145RB has a sofa and dinette that flow together to make a large L-shaped seating area. Its dinette folds into a bed for two people. It also features a toilet, tub/shower, and a small kitchen.

The 154BH has bunk beds and a dinette that converts into a bed. Sleep capacity is up to four people. It also has a toilet, tub/shower, and a small kitchen.

MSRP: Ranges from $20,021 (145RB) to $23,276 (195RB)

Why It’s Great: Having a bathroom and kitchen in such a small space makes these two floor plans great. 

3. Forest River R-Pod

The Forest River R Pod has several floor plans and is a great travel trailer under 3500 lbs when unloaded. Although they will all be slightly over 3500 lbs if loaded to the maximum cargo carrying capacity, the RP-171, RP-180, RP-189, and RP-190 are the lightest. Their lengths vary between 19 ft and 20 ft 4 inches. 

The RP-171 features a queen bed in the rear and a dinette at the front of the trailer. It has a wet bath and a kitchen. 

The RP-180 has one slide out allowing for some more walking space. It comes with a full bathroom, a queen bed, and a dinette. A pantry or ward space offers a fair amount of storage in this floor plan. 

The RP-189 has a 74-inch sofa in the rear and a queen bed at the front. It has a full bathroom and a kitchen with pantry space. The kitchen sits on the only slide out in this travel trailer. 

The RP-190 is almost identical to the RP-189, except it has a dinette instead of the sofa.

MSRP: The MSRP for these four R Pods range from $21,000 to $27,000

Why It’s Great: The modern interior and multiple floor plan options of the R Pod make this one great. They give off the vibes of a tiny condo on wheels. 

Pro Tip: Looking for something even smaller? Something you can tow with just a motorcycle? Check out the 7 Best Motorcycle Camper Trailers for road trippin’!

4. Little Guy Max

The Little Guy Max has a dry weight of 3,010 lbs with 310 lbs tongue weight and a gross vehicle weight rating of 4,000-4,200 lbs. It’s 21 ft 7 inches from hitch to rear bumper. 

It has a queen bed in the rear of the trailer and a dinette in the front. There is a wet bath, kitchen, and a good amount of storage space. The interior ceiling height is 6 ft 7 inches. 

MSRP: The MSRP ranges from $37,000 to $47,000, depending on upgrades.

Why It’s Great: As far as travel trailers under 3500 lbs are concerned, this Little Guy is great due to its big features and slick look. You can upgrade to things like solar, off-road tires, a bike carrier, and more. And for something so tiny, it has a massive cargo carrying capacity of about 1,000 lbs.

5. Coachmen Clipper 17CBH

The Coachmen Clipper 17CBH has an unloaded vehicle weight of 3,014 lbs with a hitch weight of 340 lbs. Its cargo carrying capacity is 826 lbs and is 20 ft 5 inches long. 

The 17CBH has bunk beds and a 54-by-74 inch full-size bed. It includes a dinette that converts into a single bed. The bathroom has a toilet and tub/shower but no sink. 

MSRP: Approximately $20,000

Why It’s Great: This bunk floor plan sleeps up to five people. The sleeping capacity makes it great for a lightweight family travel trailer. 


Travel trailers under 3500 lbs are a great way to get out on the road while not breaking the bank. Some can even be pulled with an SUV, which, for many, can mean an obtainable vacation on wheels. We hope you’ll check out these five tiny trailers and let us know what you think. 

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  1. I just took delivery of a Forrest River Geo Pro 19FBTH. It has a dry weight of 3400 lbs, full size bed, full bath, three burner stove, convection microwave and much much more. Oh, and it fits my motorcycle too. All this in a 20 foot travel trailer. This trailer should be in your top three list.

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