The Best Mail Forwarding Service in Texas For RVers

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Before hitting the road, one of the first things we did was sign up for a mail-forwarding service. While we weren’t necessarily concerned about getting junk mail, we didn’t want to miss any important documents. Thankfully, it didn’t take us long to find the best mail forwarding service in Texas.

If you’re trying to figure out how to get your mail while on the road, you better keep reading. Today, we’re sharing why Texas Home Base is the best mail forwarding service in the Lone Star State.

Let’s get started!

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What Is a Mail Forwarding Service?

A mail forwarding service allows you to receive mail somewhere other than your physical address. These services collect your mail and send it wherever you request.

Whether you’re in New Zealand or New Mexico, they’ll get your mail to you.

Additionally, some providers will scan your mail and place it into a digital mailbox. You can log into your digital mailbox and sort through your mail. This means you can check your physical mailbox anywhere you have internet access.

Why Do People Use Mail Forwarding Services?

There are several reasons why people use mail forwarding services. One of the most common reasons is if they’re traveling for an extended period.

This is becoming popular as #vanlife and #rvlife have become incredibly well-known recently. Travelers can have their mail sent to them wherever their adventures take them.

Additionally, a mail forwarding service is in demand for those wanting more privacy. This reduces the chances that someone up to no good would be able to gain access to your physical location. For those with a large following, the peace of mind of knowing that their loved ones are safe is worth it.

Some individuals use these types of services purely for convenience. They don’t have to walk out to check the mail or worry about missing important correspondence. The service can sort their mail for them, and they only receive the mail that matters.

Who Is the Best Mail Forwarding Service in Texas?

While many well-known mail-forwarding services exist in Texas, we believe Texas Home Base is the best. They’ve been based out of Wichita Falls, Texas, since 2002, and we’ve used them since 2017 to receive our mail on the road.

Not only do they provide a physical mailbox that customers can use, but they also provide additional valuable services like scanning and shredding.

The company has a strong reputation for providing reliable and efficient mail forwarding services. Their members come from various demographics, including boaters, traveling nurses, physical therapists, workampers, sailors, truck drivers, missionaries, and many more.

Essentially, anyone who needs an address to become a resident of the Lone Star State is a part of their clientele.

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How Much Does Texas Home Base Mail Forwarding Service Cost?

Texas Home Base offers weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly mail forwarding service plans. Costs range from $45 to $75 for a three-month contract and $130 to $185 for annual contracts. That works out to only $15 a month if you pay for the year!

However, you also must consider the cost of shipping your mail to you. These fees will depend on how much mail you receive and where you’re having it sent.

Members who want scanning must sign up for a digital mailbox or emailed scanning plan. These plans are available in three, six, and 12-month contracts.

Pricing for scanning ranges from $85 to $220, depending on the length of the contract. However, customers get weekly notifications regarding their mail and can easily communicate how they should handle the mail.

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Why We Chose Texas Home Base

There are several reasons why we chose Texas Home Base over some of its competition. Let’s look at a few things we loved about the service.

Digital Mailbox

One of our favorite features that Texas Home Base offers is the digital mailbox. All our mail was opened, scanned, and stored online in an account we could access anywhere.

It is easy for us to ask them how to handle our mail and where we want it sent. We can tell them to shred, hold, or forward each piece of mail in our digital mailbox with a few clicks.

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Mail Scanning

While we thought the digital mailbox was a great option, we loved that Texas Home Base offered mail scanning. To receive a weekly email with all the mail we had received attached was a fantastic option.

We could update our forwarding address and instruct them to shred, hold, or forward our mail.

A screenshot of the email we receive when mail has been scanned and ready for our review at Texas Home Base, the best mail forwarding service in Texas
Our weekly email letting us know we have mailed scanned and ready to review.

Mail Forwarding

Texas Home Base does mail forwarding exceptionally well – we could always rely on Texas Home Base to get us our mail. We were all over the country, and they were always great about sending it out quickly.

Side note: remember that not all campgrounds or RV parks will receive your mail or packages. Always get permission before having your mail sent to a campground.

No More Junk Mail

Since you’re paying for them to send your mail, the last thing you want to do is pay for them to send you junk mail. Luckily, Texas Home Base pre-sorts your mail for you and tosses the junk mail in the trash.

You won’t have to worry about receiving spam mailers and other junk you don’t want or need!

A mail forwarding service box that is overflowing with junk mail

Receive Packages Anywhere

Some mail-forwarding services won’t accept packages on your behalf. Fortunately, Texas Home Base isn’t one of them. They’ll happily receive your packages and hold them for you. This can allow you to receive packages when you finally reach a convenient spot to receive your mail.

We love this feature and have used it frequently. Texas Home Base has held huge packages for us, as well as multiple at a time. We even had a company accidentally ship them a crate of wood (yes, wood), and they had that forwarded to us with no problems.

Budget Friendly

We love that Texas Home Base provides a variety of plans for members to choose from. Their cheapest plan is $130, which is 20% cheaper than the lowest Escapees option. 

Additionally, Texas Home Base offers quarterly plans starting at $45. Why pay for the whole year if you don’t need it? If you’re looking for the most economical mail-forwarding option, Texas Home Base will likely be it. 

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Support a Small Business

Some big names offer mail-forwarding services. However, we look for any opportunity we can to support a small business, including when it comes to forwarding our mail.

Texas Home Base provides a  customer service experience only a small business can provide. 

Elaine Pennartz, the owner and founder of Texas Home Base, used her knowledge and expertise from working in the shipping industry to start the company. The company has grown slowly, which has allowed her to create a fine-tuned shipping machine.

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Get the Best Mail Forwarding Service in Texas

If you’re looking for the best mail forwarding service in Texas, it will be hard to beat Texas Home Base. The level of service and attention they provide is exceptional.

You don’t have to worry about feeling like a number or a burden if you have a question or need something. We couldn’t have asked for a better or smoother experience working with them.

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  1. I notice you still have California plates on both your 5rr and TV. Just wondering you have change them to Texas plates?

  2. We just lost our home in the Paradise, CA fire. It’s all gone. We happened to be spending the fall in our motorhome in Arizona when it happened, so fortunately we still have our home-on-wheels. We’re possibly going to decide to become full-time RVers for now. Does signing up with Texas Home Base mean that would be considered our permanent, legal address, so we can change to that for all our financial accounts, etc.? We need just one permanent address and we don’t really care where it is as we’ll be traveling all the time. Then do we go to Texas when we’re ready to change vehicle registration, get a drivers license and fill out voter registration? I assume we would file income tax with that address. Is all that considered establishing a domicile in Texas, or is there more to do besides just getting a mail box? Just starting to investigate all this, and it’s all kind of confusing. Thanks for your help.

    1. I’m so sorry for your loss. My family lives in the canyon adjacent to where the Woolsey fire started and were on high alert for days. That address works for your permanent legal address. It’s on our drivers license, bank accounts, everything! That is pretty much what is considered establishing domicile but they have a PDF that walks you through everything.

  3. Hi,
    I signed up and gave you guys the referral and have been running into issue with my auto loan bank and even T-Mobile saying that I can’t use the address since it’s a mail forwarder. I reached out to them and was given a real address but the bank doesn’t like that since it’s a vacant lot.
    Have you guys run into these issues?

    1. We have only had an issue with one bank. We were able to give them another address as the “main address” and use the mail forwarding address as the mailing address. Its an unfortunate circumstance from the PATRIOT act. We have not had issues with our other two banks or anything else we’ve used the address for.

  4. We’re currently looking for a mail forwarding service. Do you guys still use Texas Home Base? Would you still recommend them?
    Thanks – Mark

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