This Mail Service for RVers Is the Largest, But Is It the Best?

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A woman holds a pile of mail outside at her campground because she uses Escapees RV mail forwarding service.

Mail can be a challenge for RVers. While paperless billing delivers your bank statements and other bills to your email, you still need a physical mailing address for essential pieces of mail. So you’ll want a good mail service. The Escapees mail service is the most popular option for RVers, but is it the best? Let’s take a look!

How Do RV Travelers Get Their Mail?

When you live a nomadic lifestyle, it’s hard to get mail. You typically don’t stay put for very long and so getting your mail can require a bit of planning. Let’s look at a couple of options many RVers choose.

Mail Service

Several mail services give you a physical address for mail delivery. The Escapees Mail Service, USPS, and UPS are all options to consider. These can be an excellent option for extended vacationers, part-time or full-time RVers, and anyone who wants their mail sorted for them. You can have birthday cards, packages, or even tax documents delivered to this address, where they will sit in your box until you’re ready to receive them.

Most professional services have tiered offerings. Costs can vary greatly from one provider to the next based on their services. There may be additional fees that pile on to monthly or annual costs. Some services might require you to request your mail at a particular frequency. 

However, the best mail services let you pick when and where your mail gets delivered. Some services even have the technology to scan your mail to weed out the junk and only send the necessary and friendly mail your way.

Forwarding Mail

You could also use a family or friend’s address for your mail. While this can be a great option if you’re only traveling for short periods, it may not be best if you’re traveling regularly. You’re relying on a friend or family member to collect, organize, and ship your mail to you whenever you need it. Over time, handling your mail will likely become a burden and inconvenience for them, which isn’t great for relationships. 

It could create legal issues too. Using a friend or family member’s address could cause authorities to presume it’s your permanent residence. This can be especially problematic if you use the address for anything related to your work or financial statements. It can also be problematic when it comes time to file your taxes.

Can You Use an RV Park as a Permanent Address?

While many campgrounds and RV parks can accept your mail for you, you can’t use it as your permanent address in most situations. Sometimes, you can use an RV park address but usually only if you own a specific campsite in a private RV park.

You’ll typically need one or two utility bills to show proof of residence. So you may need to establish accounts with local cable, internet, and electric companies first. However, staying for a few weeks or even a couple of months isn’t enough to make it your legal permanent address.

The Escapees Mail Service for RVers Is the Largest But Is It the Best?

There are many reasons to like the Escapees Mail Service. For starters, it uses verification software capable of auto-correcting incorrect addresses. One slight typo in transposing an address can make the difference in whether you receive your mail on time or not. So you don’t have to stress about receiving each piece of your mail.

It’s also a great value and is the best in the industry. The fine people working in Escapees Mail Service have been one of the leading mail forwarding services for RVers since 1985. They’ll hold on to your mail and then use the most economical method through USPS, UPS, or FedEx to send your mail directly to you.

What Is the Escapees Mail Service?

If you’re already using the Escapees Mail Service, you might be wondering if it’s truly the best option. Or you might be considering signing up. Either way, let’s learn more about it and how you might benefit from it. 

How It Works

When you sign up for the Escapees Mail Service, you receive a physical address with a PO box number. You can use your new address to see any class of mail, including packages, certified mail, or registered mail. Escapees’ staff then uses some of the best mail sorting technology in the business to ensure that any mail addressed to you finds its way into your mailbox.

Whether you choose to have your mail delivered on a specific regular basis or only when you know you’ll be stationary for long enough to receive it, they’ll send your mail promptly upon request. They’ll send it anywhere in the world, but you’ll need to cover the postage fees. Depending on how quickly you need your mail, you can pick between USPS Priority Mail, UPS, or FedEx carriers. 

Pro Tip: There are more benefits you can enjoy by signing up for the Escapees RV Club too! Check out why you need to join immediately.

How Much It Costs

Joining the Escapees Mail Service can cost anywhere from $95 to $135 annually. These tiers allow for various levels of sorting, the best of which weed out the junk mail, so you’re not literally paying for trash. 

The Mail Scanning Option is a $10 add-on where you can view envelopes and their contents digitally. Then, you can request mail to be destroyed from within your online account. You’ll love the control that the mail service allows you to have of your mail, and it’s no longer a guessing game when it comes to whether an important document has arrived yet or not.

What Are Other Mail Services RVers Use?

Some RVers use mail services from the USPS and UPS. These are great options for those who only travel occasionally, whether it’s long vacations or seasonal travels.

Good Sam Mail Service, Dakota Post, and America’s Mailbox are just a few other options many RVers choose. These all have unique fee and billing structures for when you request your mail. So do your research to select the best option.

Is the Escapees Mail Service Worth It?

When you’re spending weeks, months, or even years on the road, the Escapees Mail Service can be a godsend. 

RVers still need to have mail sent to them, whether they like it or not. Government entities, financial institutions, legal services, and so much more rely solely on mail to send you essential information like car registrations and new credit/ATM cards. So don’t forego a mail forwarding service, and do your research to find the best one for you. 

Do you use a mail forwarding service while RVing?

  1. My wife and I chose Dakota Post for our mail forwarding needs. We can see our mail online when it arrives and decide if we want to have it forwarded our shredded. We also have the option of having them open individual pieces of mail and scan the contents for a small fee. So far we love this service!

  2. We are members of Escapees and have been for twelve years. They have a great mailing service, help with voting and many other discounts and club services. They also have classes about your RV and RV travel.

  3. St Brendan’s Isle …Florida…for mail service..have been using since 1992…they will even provide you with a Florida address that you can use as a permanent address…check it out

  4. I have used St. Brendans’s Isle for a few years and have been very satisfied with their rates and service. the employees and owner are great. Google them, they are based in Florida. I think they’ve been in business for quite a while.

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