Is Anytime Mailbox Legitimate?

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One of the most common questions full-time travelers hear is, “How do you get mail?” Even folks who don’t travel full-time but still travel several months yearly have to figure out how to receive mail on the road. Some people use a family member’s address. Others have a local post office hold their mail. Many travelers use Anytime Mailbox, a virtual mailbox service.

Let’s learn more about Anytime Mailbox, and perhaps you’ll find a solution for your postal needs. Let’s get started! 

What Is Anytime Mailbox?

For RVers who don’t have a permanent residence or business owners who don’t want to use their personal address, Anytime Mailbox is an excellent option. This virtual mailbox provides access to mail 24/7. To pay taxes and have a domicile location, RVers must have a residential street address. They get this with Anytime Mailbox as they search through the database to choose available locations across the United States.

Service plans start at $4.95 per month for the basic address and mailing needs. RVers can add on additional features like Check Deposit or Forwarding. No matter where they travel, users will receive alerts via text, app notifications, or email when new mail arrives, or other actions are complete.

Anytime Mailbox’s goal is simple: to “develop a secure, scalable, and easy-to-use tool for mail recipients and mail center operators that turns postal mail into immediately available digital mail.” The Open & Scan feature allows customers to easily access their mail online without driving to a post office or forwarding mail to a campground.

How Long Has Anytime Mailbox Been Around?

In 2013, Anytime Mailbox began its service with the technology to turn postal mail into digital mail. Matt Going, CEO and Co-founder oversees sales, marketing, and operations. He has decades of experience in technology services. Marcel Buechi, CTO and Co-founder, drives product development and software engineering. Like Matt, he also has decades of experience in his field, developing highly scalable and secure systems.

How Does Anytime Mailbox Work?

The Anytime Mailbox system is straightforward. It only takes three steps to open an account. Once you’re a customer, it’s simple to add on additional features to make your mailing needs more suitable for your situation.

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They Open and Scan Your Mail

There’s a set number of mail pieces to each account. How much mail you plan to receive determines how many pieces you want to pay to receive. For example, a basic bronze plan has 30 pieces of mail per month, with additional pieces costing $0.50 each. You receive a notification when a new piece of mail arrives.

At your request, Anytime Mailbox will open and scan any piece of mail. This service costs $1.00 per mail piece at the bronze and silver membership levels. The gold-level membership has this service for an unlimited amount of mail pieces, with a limit of 75 pages per mail article.

Have It Forwarded 

You can also ask Anytime Mailbox to send your mail piece to another location. This forwarding service is unlimited, but shipping fees apply. Anytime Mailbox will ship to any location in the world. If you’re staying at a campground for a month and want to receive all of last month’s mail, this is an excellent service to avoid open and scan fees.

Have It Recycled or Shredded

If you receive a notification that a mail piece has arrived and you don’t want to know the contents or don’t want Anytime Mailbox to keep the mail piece, you can select to have them recycle it at no charge. You can also ask to have them shred personal documents at $0.10 per piece.

Pick Up in Person 

Another way to physically receive your mail is to pick it up in person. If you’re traveling in the area and want to swing by during business hours, this is a convenient way to collect all your mail at once without paying for shipping. Should you travel in the same area all year, you could easily pick up your mail once a month as this option has no limits.

If you’re a small business owner and use Anytime Mailbox to provide a professional business address, it’s simple to stop by every few days to pick up your mail. At some locations, picking up in person is complimentary, while other sites charge a minimal fee per pickup. Some also require an appointment to pick up your mail.

Is Anytime Mailbox Legitimate?

Anytime Mailbox has served travelers for almost a decade. This service is vital for business owners and entrepreneurs living on the road. Some people don’t want to give out their personal address if they work from home, so having a professional business address gives them peace of mind. Live support is available daily from 6 am to 12 am PST. Quality customer service is crucial to Anytime Mailbox’s success.

Can You Cancel Anytime Mailbox?

There is a one-month minimum term to use Anytime Mailbox. To close your account after that one month, email to request the closure. After you cancel your digital mailbox, they can receive your mail for up to six months, but storage fees may apply. If you want to forward your mail after the closure, you’ll still pay the price for that service.

What Customers Saying About Anytime Mailbox 

With over 1,110 Google reviews, Anytime Mailbox has an overall rating of 4.5/5 stars. One reviewer writes, “The best experience I’ve had in renting a mailbox! All the choices in my area in one place, with price comparisons. Their prices are more reasonable than at the post office, and their service goes beyond what the post office will ever do to help you with your mail.”

Another customer explains, “I love having a business address for my small business. It makes me appear more professional and ensures safety by not having to give my personal address to clients!” Whether you’re a permanent traveler needing a residential address or a business owner requiring a business address, Anytime Mailbox can help you with your postal needs.

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Is Anytime Mailbox Worth It?

If you need a personal or professional mailing address, Anytime Mailbox is an ideal option. With live support and excellent customer service, they can resolve any questions or problems that arise promptly. This service isn’t a new fad. You can trust that they will receive, scan, and securely dispose of your mail. Anytime Mailbox is a professional company helping individuals receive their mail conveniently and efficiently.

Have you ever considered getting a digital mailbox?

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  1. We use it, and couldn’t be happier with the service. My Driver’s License uses the address, my Social Security account uses that address, my banks use that address, my pension uses that address – the list goes on and on.
    One thing you didn’t mention is legal documents sent by local, state, and federal governments. Official mail is a real problem. Bank statements you can get online, but IRS issues really need to at least be scanned, if not forwarded. I am one of those whose taxes haven’t been processed for eighteen months already, and the IRS has questions for 2021 that I can’t answer because 2020 taxes haven’t been processed yet. It’s not the fault of the IRS – they had huge reductions of headcount under the last Administration, their work is difficult, and they are just way behind.

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