Is the Good Sam Mail Service Actually Good?

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One of the biggest concerns of new full-time RVers is how they will continue to receive mail as they travel. Even in this day and age, when most people pay their bills online and email is the standard form of communication, snail mail is still valid.

A few businesses have come to the rescue of the perpetual traveler. These companies offer to go through their mail, scan it, or shred it for them.

Good Sam has risen to the top of these providers with their Good Sam Mail Service.

How Do Full-Time RVers Handle Their Mail?

Many RVers who live on the road can have their mail sent to them through a provider like Good Sam Mail Service. It’s as easy as forwarding, and these companies usually scan the exterior of the envelopes received.

They then put the images in a private digital mailbox online so that owners can see what they have received. From there, the owners select what should happen next.

A mail service provider may scan the interior contents and post them online. Mail owners may choose to shred certain documents or junk mail. Some companies, with direction from the RVer, will ship the mail to them directly.

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Notable mail service companies include the Escapees, Traveling Mailbox, and America’s Mailbox. Others provide mail services along with their domicile declaration assistance. For those who choose to change their home state to a more tax-friendly location, these companies will handle the paperwork and filing, along with mail forwarding services.

Pro Tip: Find out which forwarding mail service for RVers is the largest and if it’s a better option for you than the Good Sam Mail Service.

What Is Good Sam? 

The largest international organization of RV owners is the Good Sam Club. It was created in 1966 to encourage better safety measures in the RV industry and help recreational vehicle users enjoy camping.

Its membership surpasses 1.8 million, and the buying power of Good Sam Enterprises (its parent company) can command good discounts to its participants. From savings at the gas pumps to discounted campsites, equipment, sporting goods, and RV services, a Good Sam member can reap the benefits of the club’s $29 yearly fee.

One of the newest features offered is the Good Sam Mail Service, which members can access with a 16% discount. 

How Does the Good Sam Mail Service Work?
Get an introduction into how the Good Sam mail service works.

Good Sam Mail Service gives users two levels of service:

  1. Premium Service
    Premium service includes a scan of the outside of letters and packages, a scan of up to five interior contents per month for free, and a street address in Florida (if you wish to move your domicile there).
    You have unlimited changing your forwarding address and unlimited shredding of your mail. You can also share your mailbox with family members and mail forwarding, though you would pay the postage cost. These services are available at a rate of $22.41 per month.
  2. Business Level
    The Business level of Good Sam Mail Service includes all premium-level features, plus ten free scans of interior contents, a personal toll-free phone number with a customizable voicemail greeting, call forwarding, and free fax service. It is almost like having a virtual business assistant and costs just $39.95 per month.

Users of either level can enjoy worry-free mail delivery of their choice and checking mail online. They can then choose whether to have items opened, scanned, forwarded to them while on the road, or have the mail shredded and recycled.

Because they have an address at Good Sam Mail Service, there will be no confusion over where mail is delivered. All they need to do is turn in a “Change of Address” to existing contacts. After that, Good Sam will begin receiving and monitoring the mail.

What Are the Fees for Good Sam Mail Service?

Travelers can utilize Good Sam Mail Service even if they are not Good Sam members, but they will save money in the long run if they join first.

Premium Level costs are $24.90 per month for non-members or $22.41 per month for members. The annual fee is $249.00 for non-members and $224.10 per year for members.

This is a 16% savings over the yearly rate. If a Business Level is more appealing, the monthly cost is $39.95 or $399.50 per year. 

An RVer checks her forwarded mail service on her tablet while traveling.

Is the Good Sam Mail Service Actually Good?

The resources provided by Good Sam Mail Service are beneficial. Each feature seems to be in high demand. Even the Business Level has professional services attractive to RVers running a business on the road.

It’s reassuring to know that all mail is delivered to a centralized location and that users can access it directly online. Good Sam even sends an email to remind them that they have mail. That way, members can peruse their deliveries in their digital mailbox 24/7.

Pro Tip: Good Sam offers many services to RVers. Find out if Good Sam RV insurance is right for you.

What Is the Best Mail Service for Full Time RVers? 

Several companies offer mail service to those traveling full-time, but Good Sam Mail Service has one of the best selections of amenities. They have upgraded their offerings to include almost everything an RVer might require to keep up with their postal deliveries.

Good Sam has successfully made snail mail faster and more efficient for those who don’t stay in one place very long!

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