Is Lippert a Good Brand?

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RV manufacturers have been producing RVs for decades. Manufacturers range from Airstream and Winnebago travel trailers, Lance truck campers to Newmar and Tiffin Class A motorhomes.

Many companies have been in business for over 50 years. However, it’s not just the RVs that make traveling enjoyable and memorable. It’s also the products inside the RVs.

Lippert is one of the largest suppliers of RV accessories, both OEM and aftermarket. We’ll look at all of the industries they manufacture for and their acquired brands. You might not even realize all of the Lippert products you have in your RV! Let’s dive in!

What Is Lippert? 

Three generations of the Lippert family led the company, beginning with Larry Lippert from 1956 to 1978, then Doug Lippert from 1978 to 2003, and now Jason Lippert since 2003.

The company serves the hospitality, RV, marine, towing, truck accessories, rail, utility trailer, fitness, commercial vehicle, building products, and insurance industries. As a result of its worldwide expansion, it has a broad customer base. The company has acquired numerous brands that manufacture top-quality products for various industries.

Interior shot of an RV showing different products in the kitchen and living room

About Lippert 

In 1956, Larry Lippert and Don Baldwin formed B&L Industries. Their focus was manufacturing galvanized mobile home roofing. The following year, Don sold his shares to Larry.

Throughout the 60s, 70s, and 80s, B&L Industries acquired several companies to expand its business. In 1969, B&L Industries became Lippert. The company also established locations across the country, from Florida, North Carolina, Texas, to Kansas.

The company employs over 14,000 people and brings in $2.7 billion in annual sales. They have over 90 facilities in 17 states, Italy, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Netherlands, Tunisia, and India.

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Industries Lippert Manufactures For

Lippert’s primary business is all things outdoors, including the RV and marine industries. The company also manufactures for several other sectors like rail, utility trailers, and building products.

Because of this wide range of services, Lippert has acquired numerous brands. They own Taylor Made, Curt, Lewmar, Ranch Hand, Furrion, and innumerable others.

In the hospitality industry, they manufacture top-quality mattresses by Somnun for truck campers and by EnviroSpring for college campuses.

In the fitness industry, they manufacture the Aqua Training Bag and a full line of accessories for home gyms and fitness centers. Their resistant coating products are available to many markets, including the RV, towing, and commercial vehicle industries.

The Rota-flex fifth wheel kingpin, a company Lippert manufactures for

What Does Lippert Components Make?

Lippert Components makes many products for RVs, from Premium Quad Solid Steps to PSX1 High-Speed Power Stabilizers, to 12V Smart Arm Awning Hardware Kits.

These products come standard on some RVs while being available aftermarket for RVers to upgrade their rigs. Lippert brands Thomas Payne and Solera manufacture products to enhance the RV experience, including indoor furniture and outdoor slide toppers and screen rooms.

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Does Lippert Make RVs? 

Lippert doesn’t make RVs. Its focus is on supplying products to enhance the RV experience. Lippert’s RV brands include Curt, Furrion, Happijac, OneControl, Solera, and Thomas Payne. If you own an RV, you may have numerous products made by Lippert.

Does Furrion make your microwave? That’s their brand. Do you monitor your RV systems through your phone with OneControl? That’s their brand. As one of the leading companies in the RV industry, it has a firm grip on the market and years of experience providing excellent products for RVers.

A Smart Jack on a travel trailer, this is a Lippert product

Where Can You Buy Their Products?

You can buy Lippert products at almost any RV dealership across the country. On Lippert’s website, the search function shows over 1500 dealer locations countrywide. You can also buy online from stores like Amazon and eTrailer.

Walmart sells Solera slide toppers, Teddy Bear bunk mattresses, and window shade kits. You can also find stabilizer jack kits, tongue jacks, and water pumps at Home Depot. You’re not limited to just one store or dealership.

Is Lippert a Good Brand?

Lippert has been in business for over 60 years. Even in the early years of B&L Industries, the company focused on innovation and improving its products. Larry and Don created Duratop to improve mobile home roofing.

In 1988, Skyline trusted them enough to allow them to supply all of Skyline’s home chassis, chassis parts, and galvanized steel roofing products. This move boosted their annual sales from $45 million to $80 million.

It’s clear that the leadership has always had an eye for business, knowing when to expand and when to sit back, and they’ve identified quality brands to acquire through the years. Since you’ll find these brands in almost every RV, Lippert’s track record speaks for itself.

You Probably Have These Products Already 

Although Lippert has a considerable customer base and worldwide recognition, the RV industry is one of its top priorities. If you’re looking to enhance your RVing experience, check out their products. They probably have what you’re looking for, whether you need a new air conditioning unit, a bike rack, or a new Flow Max pump.

The next time you take a camping trip, take a walk around your RV. Do you see brands like Thomas Payne, Solera, and Furrion? If you tow a fifth wheel, is your hitch made by Curt? If you own a toy hauler, those Happijac beds in the garage are also manufactured by them. What Lippert brands do you see?

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