RV Magazines You Should Be Reading

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You can search for almost anything about RVing online. However, finding and sticking with a trusted source of information is appealing. RV magazines are the perfect way to stay informed about all things RVing.

We’ll bring to your attention seven magazines to add to your must-read list. They each have a unique style. These magazines have fresh content and resources for the experienced RVer and those new to the lifestyle

Benefits Of Reading RV Magazines

Magazine reading may seem a bit old school. However, we would argue that staying connected with trusted sources will keep you current.

RV magazines bring content from experts who constantly research what’s new and innovative in the RV industry. They’re also providing stories about RVers getting the most out of the outdoors and traveling. 

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RV Magazines You Should Be Reading

We’ve compiled a list of seven magazines we recommend adding to your reading list. They range in content from lifestyle pieces to industry news. Let’s take a closer look!

1. RV Magazine

Who Is It For: RVers

Who Owns RV Magazine: Good Sam owns RV Magazine and RV.com, a comprehensive digital platform. 

Why You Should Read It: RV Magazine is a resource for all things related to RVing. You’ll find articles about camping products, travel destinations, RV maintenance tips, how to cook while camping, and DIY fixes. It also reviews products and RVs. In addition, it provides content on the hottest RVs on the market and topics around life on the road. 

2. RV Lifestyle Magazine

Who Is It For: RVers

Who Owns RV Lifestyle: Taylor Publishing Group in Canada owns RV Lifestyle Magazine.

Why You Should Read It: RV Lifestyle Magazine has a regular section called Road Tests. It reviews and tests RVs and their parts. You’ll get an in-depth look at tires, towing tests, and more. They also put out an annual RV buyers guide. If you’re new to RVing, this publication can be helpful to understand what the best RV might be for your travel style and needs.

3. Rootless Living

Who Is It For: Digital Nomads

Who Owns Rootless Living: Rootless Living is a magazine started by digital nomads for digital nomads. Demian Ross and Nikki Kirk own and publish the magazine.

Why You Should Read It: Rootless Living gives an inside look into what it’s like to be a digital nomad. A lot of the content is related to full-time or part-time RVers working from the road but it’s really for any type of travel. You’ll gain tips and tricks for working remotely. If you’re considering becoming a digital nomad, the articles may inspire your wanderlust and let you know what to look forward to.

A close up of Rootless Living magazine, an rv magazine.
Image source: Rootless Living

4. RV Today

Who Is It For: RVers and Van Lifers

Who Owns RV Today: RV Today is another magazine owned and published by digital nomads, Demian Ross and Nikki Kirk.

Why You Should Read It: RV Today is an excellent source for learning about new campgrounds and boondocking destinations. New and experienced RVers write about their experiences, tips, and tricks. It also keeps you updated on the latest products and gear. 

Keep in Mind: Want to learn about boondocking before subscribing to a magazine that covers it? Learn more by reading What Is Boondocking? 5 Types of Boondocking Defined.

5. RV Camping Magazine 

Who Is It For: RVers

Who Owns RV Camping Magazine: The magazine written by RVers for RVers. Mike Scarpignato and Susan McDonald own and publish the magazine.

Why You Should Read It: RV Camping Magazine features stories on some of the most influential RVers on YouTube or social media. The magazine has content that ranges from campfire recipes to unique camping gear. It’s an excellent source for any RVer.


6. RVBusiness Magazine 

Who Is It For: RV Industry Professionals

Who Owns RVBusiness Magazine: G&G Media Group LLC publishes RVBusiness.

Why You Should Read It: RVBusiness Magazine focuses on all aspects of the RV industry. From market reports to new model year guides, it’s the go-to publication for those working in the industry. It can also be an excellent resource for RVers who want to look at what’s happening with manufacturers and upcoming trends and changes in the RV world.

Woman reading RV magazines sitting outside in the sun

7. RV News Magazine 

Who Is It For: RV Industry Professionals

Who Owns RV News Magazine: RV News publisher Dana Nelsen owns this magazine.

Why You Should Read It: RV News is the oldest trade magazine for the RV industry, as it’s been in publication for four decades. It shares the most important news on industry leaders, dealerships, RV innovation, trade shows, and more. 

Add a Few RV Magazines to Your Regular Reading

Which of these magazines most interests you? Consider adding a few to your regular reading list. All of them are available in digital and print versions. You don’t need the space for magazines to stack up in your RV or at home. Instead, you can read it right from your laptop or phone. 

Keeping up with RV news, trends, and inspirational stories is a valuable addition to your RV adventures. So that’s why we bring you the content we do. We want to help prepare you for RV living, whether on the road full-time or heading out for occasional camping trips. There’s a big community to engage with, and RV magazines are an excellent way to stay connected.

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  1. Escapees Magazine is my go-to RVing magazine. It’s great for learning about the lifestyle, ways to make it easier, and places to go.

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