Inflatable Campers Are a Thing

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Inflatable campers aren’t exactly what you might think they are, especially when we’re talking about Opus campers. 

So while you might be thinking an inflatable camper is something you pack in your truck and then blow up once you arrive at your campsite, you’d be wrong. It’s not like a bounce house–although that could be kind of fun. Until the wind picks up or your entire camper deflates while you’re cooking, that is! 

Inflatable campers like the Opus camper aren’t like that. So how do they work exactly? Let’s find out. 

How Does the Air Opus Camper Work?

The Air Opus Camper is a small travel trailer built for off-roading. It has a tent on top reminiscent of a pop-up camper. However, it’s an inflatable tent that’s better defined as a pop-out. Due to the ingenious Air Beam self-inflating technology that includes “air poles” connected to an integrated 12V powered pump, your camper inflates in 90 seconds with the flip of a switch.

It’ll take about five minutes to set up the camper from start to finish. Just open the lid to fasten the bed into place, match the tent corners to the edge of the platform, and flip the switch. It’s like magic.

And when it’s time to tear down camp, a quick-release valve discharges the air, and the camper folds down in an instant. You can put it away as fast as you set it up.

Air Opus Off Road Pop-Up Camper Review

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Features of the Air Opus Camper

An Opus camper is small enough that a mid-size SUV could tow it, yet it’s still loaded with features reminiscent of larger rigs. That includes 8ft ceilings and skylights with at least 20 feet of fully functioning living space.

Fully Functional Kitchen

Speaking of fully functioning, the slideout outdoor kitchen on the Opus Camper is phenomenal. With a four-burner stove and sink hooked up to propane and water, you’ll be making gourmet meals in no time. 

And what kitchen is complete without a fridge and freezer? Yep, it’s got that, too, along with a built-in prep deck, pantry, and dish rack–everything you need to prep, cook, and clean.

Inflatable Annex

If the included 20ft of livable space isn’t enough, you can always add an inflatable annex for even more, including two-bedroom pods. The inflatable annex comes with the same air technology and includes the main awning, two inner bed tents, a removable ground skirt, and a front skirt. This entire setup almost doubles the camper size, giving you ample sleeping, living, and storage space.

Off-Road Performance

Billed as “Tough Luxury,” the Air Opus camper can handle rough terrain almost anywhere you want to go in relative comfort.

Thanks to an independent trailing arm coil suspension and dual shock absorbers, it’s meant to be taken off-road. It’s axle-less, which allows for 14in of ground clearance. It also comes with off-road, all-terrain tires, two spares, and a lock-and-roll articulating hitch giving 360 degrees of movement. 

Almost anywhere you go, the Opus camper can handle it.

See the “Tough Luxury” of the OP4 off-road camper

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Sleep Up to 10 People

While you may be heading off-road for some solitude, you don’t have to leave your friends and family behind. They’ll all want to come along for the adventure, and since the Opus Camper OP4 model sleeps up to 10 people, this is not a problem. 

The leather u-shaped dinette and removable table convert into a bed. Along with the two standard sleeping areas, you can sleep six people. But with the optional inflatable annexes, you get two additional sleeping areas, making room for 10 people!

Did We Mention It’s Inflatable

Let’s get back to the basics of why this camper is truly remarkable: it’s inflatable! The technology behind it is top-of-the-line, and it’s almost unbelievable the space that unfolds when you flip that switch. 

Coming complete with skylights so you can stargaze all night yet still stay warm, what more can you ask for? How about the fact that it can withstand extreme weather? And that its tough exterior is heavy-duty and puncture-resistant? 

It clearly stands up to the description “tough luxury.”  

How Much Does the Air Opus Camper Cost?

With all this luxury and strength, you would expect the Air Opus camper to be expensive, but it’s actually quite affordable. With prices starting around $20,000, this is quite possibly one of the sturdiest, most luxurious, and adventurous overland campers you can buy.  

Plus, if you bought an Opus camper before they implemented the inflatable tent technology, you can add this feature for around $2500. Now, that’s a good deal! 

Opus off-road camper on an adventure run. Photo Credit: OPUS US

Is the Air Opus Upgradable?

Still need more luxury? No problem. You can upgrade with a microwave, air-conditioning, cargo and roof racks, and even a portable cassette toilet. 

And you won’t be bored at night when you’re camping if you install the cinema system for your living area. And as mentioned previously, there are additional rooms with inflatable annexes. 

Comfort in the middle of nowhere is within your grasp and your pocketbook.

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Should You Give an Inflatable Camper a Try?

So, should you try an inflatable camper? If you want an Opus camper, the answer is a resounding yes. With its off-road capabilities, luxurious spaces and amenities, and its inflatable technology, it would be hard to go back to the traditional pop-up camper? 

This new technology is truly an overlander’s dream come true. 

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Leave the Setup to the Experts: Opus Campers

The Opus camper is an exceptional choice for camper trailers. Not only will you get to the places you’ve always dreamed of, but when you arrive, you’ll do so in style and comfort and without breaking the bank. Your time will be spent exploring Mother Nature, not setting up camp. Leave the setup to the experts at Opus.

What do you think of this technology in pop-up campers?

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