5 Coolest RVs in the World

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A really cool RV drives along the highway into the sunset.

RVs are getting bigger, better, and cooler. Innovations are taking RVs and RVing to the next level. Today, we’re looking at five of the coolest RVs in the world.

What Makes an RV “Cool?”

Things like four-wheel drive or extra clearance might be the definition of cool to some. Waterproofing or overlanding capabilities speak to others. The definition of “cool” often depends on your perspective. There are some innovations that most of us can agree are cool, though. With RV technology improving, there’s a lot of features to love these days.

The 5 Coolest RVs in the World

While your definition of “cool” might be subjective, here are five RVs we think everyone can get excited about.

#1. Sealander

About the Sealander: Developed and built in Germany, this unique RV is both a travel trailer and a boat. All materials work on land and water. A gel coating protects the fiberglass-reinforced plastic. The Sealander comes standard with seating for six. It can sleep two people. Despite its small size, it packs in all the necessities.

With a variety of extensions, add-ons, and options, such as an outdoor grill, your RV life will never be the same. Made with adaptability in mind, everything on the Sealander serves multiple functions. The ladder, for example, provides hitch support and safe entry on land. And it’s the perfect place for the onboard grill, whether on land or water.

Coolest Feature: The coolest feature is hands-down the fact that it can go from land to water. But it doesn’t stop there. It also has a folding roof that opens up to two-thirds. Made for both land and sea, this has got to be one of the coolest RVs in the world. 

Price: The base price is €24,950 (about $29,730). Customized add-ons such as a wash and cooking module, a cooler package, and a toilet and shower option raise the price. 

#2. Mink 2.0


About the Mink 2.0: The Mink 2.0 uses a trademarked solid shell structure and ABS plastic for its construction. With the 30 mm thick walls and optional heating system, you’ll sleep comfortably in all seasons.

The open-air kitchen comes with space for optional storage boxes, an onboard ice chest, and a food prep and cutting surface. The two-level shelving system and optional cube gas stove may make a gourmet chef out of you.

When done cooking, you’ll find comfort in the queen-size bed for two adults and a kid-size canvas bunk bed. Its unique circular side door windows and panoramic skylight will provide an expansive view no matter where you camp.

Coolest Feature: While the panoramic rooftop window is quite cool, it’s not the only thing that makes this camper appealing. It has so many add ons despite its extremely compact size.

Price: The base price is €15,340 (about $18,279) and increases from there depending on accessories and upgrades. 

#3. Opus OP4

About the Opus OP4: The Opus OP4 is a popup camper trailer like none you’ve ever seen. Created for adventures, it’s luxury and off-road ready. It uses aluminum dibond walls, polystyrene insulation, and a powder-coated aluminum frame for its construction. 

It sleeps six and holds 40 gallons of water. With solar power, the batteries can last three to four days. The outdoor slideout kitchen includes an outdoor fridge, a four-burner stove, and a sink. The camper includes a porta-potty and an outdoor coldwater shower as well.

Coolest Feature: Unlike traditional pop-up campers where you have to crank it open, this camper inflates on its own in 90 seconds. That makes this RV cool for people of all sorts of physical abilities.

Price: The base price is $24,500. There are many options and add-ons to choose from, including open-air canopies, a hot water shower, solar options, and even a home theater.

#4. Track T4

About the Track T4: The Track T4 hybrid camper trailer is Australian-owned and made.  Created with military-grade suspension and composite aluminum walls, it’s both sturdy and lightweight.

It includes a toilet, shower, and a fully functioning kitchen. It’s made with comfort and convenience in mind with a sliding table that stows away easily. You’ll save even more space, thanks to the pop-up pantry.

Choose between three models. One maximizes sleeping space at the price of cooking space. Another offers more seating. The third tries to find the balance between these two.

Coolest Feature: With the push of a button, you can raise the roof for increased headspace. But there’s something on this RV even cooler than that. Push another button, and all of your cupboard doors will lock automatically. 

Price: Pricing starts at about $105,000 Australian (about $79,338 USD). You can select among several customization options. Which of the three floor plans you choose will also impact the price.

#5. Bruder EXP-6

About the Bruder EXP-6: If you’ve ever dreamed of taking your RV off-roading, you should check out this cool RV. It was designed and created in Australia from a 30 mm thick closed-cell epoxy-bonded composite. 

It has an airtight chassis to keep out water and sand. The suspension system has more than 12 inches of wheel travel. The camper offers top-notch towing performance.

Large enough to sleep up to six people, it’s still streamlined enough for narrow spaces. This streamlining also helps reduce drag while you’re on the road.

Coolest Feature:  The RV includes a two-way kitchen you can use inside or outside. The suspension can raise or lower the kitchen as you like.

Price: Pricing starts around $175,000 Australian (about $132,248 USD). Options include electric awnings and an external hot and cold shower. They can ship anywhere in the world.

Cool RVs or Extraordinary Works of Art?

You may have thought your RV was pretty cool. However, the five RVs mentioned here go above and beyond. With land and sea capabilities and panoramic roofs, these RVs truly take it to the next level. Which RV do you think is the coolest?

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