Why We Didn’t Buy the Fantastic Fan

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The Fantastic Fan is a quality add-on for your RV, but it’s not your only option. If you want to install a roof vent fan or upgrade your current fan to make your RV more comfortable, consider your options before going with this brand.

This article will describe what a Fantastic Fan is and why a quality roof vent is essential for your RV. We’ll discuss the pros and cons and even share why we chose to go with a different brand.

Let’s get started!

What Does a Fantastic Fan Do? 

The Fantastic line of fans is the brand name of a roof vent fan that you install in your RV to help circulate air. Proper RV ventilation is crucial to reduce moisture build-up, reducing the risk of mold and other damage within an RV.

This fan also improves the comfort inside your RV and can act as a ceiling fan when you close your vent and leave the fan on. It’s an excellent way to reduce smells in the bathroom.

Also, it’s helpful to move the steam or smells outside when you’re cooking in the kitchen.

A high-powered vent fan can even reduce the need for running your air conditioner. Since the fans run off your 12V DC system, you can run these without shore power, making it an excellent upgrade for those who boondock often.

Who Makes the Fantastic Fan?

In 2017, the global company Dometic started selling the Fan-Tastic Vent line. Dometic’s a leader in selling products for people who live in mobile homes.

Before that, Atwood Mobile Products owned the company, and in 2014 Dometic acquired Atwood.

Today, you can find Dometic Fantastic Vents online and at RV retailers, and your RV might even come with them from the factory.

A woman working in a Dometic factory making an awning light turn on
Source: Dometic

Pros of the Fantastic Fan

These fans exchange almost 1,000 cu ft of air each minute in use. The fans use ten 12” blades which operate at various speeds, letting you adjust them to your needs.

With the vent open, you can use the fan to push stale air out like you would an exhaust fan, or you can pull in the clean, fresh air inside.

With the vent closed, you can keep the fan running, so it acts like a ceiling fan in your RV.

There are various models of Fantastic Fans; some operate with a manual hand crank, and some with a lift you work through a wall control.

Some even come with a thermostat, like the famous 2250 model. The automatic thermostat-controlled fan runs off a preset temperature on this unit. It turns off once the room meets the temperature you’ve programmed it to reach.

You can also run this model in manual mode at various speeds and turn the fan off when you’re ready. This fan works by opening up the vent with a manual hand-turn knob.

Fan-Tastic Vent
  • Built in thermostat
  • Solid state rain sensor

The 7350 model comes with a remote control to change the speed and temperature. It also has a rain sensor that closes the lid once it senses raindrops or snowflakes.

This is very helpful if you’re away from your RV and you’ve forgotten to close the vent beforehand.

All Fantastic Fans operate at a low level of sound. They’re lightweight and made from high-quality, impact-resistant, UV stabilized materials. They’re not difficult to clean and use.

Dometic assembles their fans in the USA, and they stand behind their product with a two-year warranty on the vent assembly.

Cons of the Fantastic Fan

Although the Fantastic Fan is pretty fantastic, there are a couple of things we wish it could offer.

It doesn’t come with a rain cover, so you’ll have to buy one separately if you’d like to run your fan in all types of weather. Some fan models come with a rain sensor, which means you can’t operate the fan in rainy or snowy weather.

It also comes with only one support arm. We think a fan lid with two support arms provides the sturdiness to withstand higher winds.

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A dirty fantastic fan installed in an RV

How Much Power Does the Fantastic Brand Use? 

These fans run off your 12V system. This means you’ll be able to use the fan through your DC power, even when not connected to shore power.

The fan uses around three amps when you operate it on high power, and it uses as little as 1.86 amps on low.

How Much Does a Fantastic Fan Cost?

The price of the Fantastic line of fans varies, depending on which model you choose and its many options. Fees range from $240 for basic models, with more deluxe models – like the 7350 with a remote, an automatic lift, and a built-in thermostat – running around $370.

If you want to use the vent in all weather, plan to add a vent cover for about $70 more.

Man installing a Fantastic Fan into his RV.

Is the MaxxAir Fan Better?

We think so. We like the Fantastic brand fan and think it’s a quality product, but there are a few things we believe set the MaxxAir fan apart.

This especially comes into play when talking about the MaxxAir Deluxe models.

MAXXAIR Maxxfan Deluxe Vent, Fan and Vent Cover All in One - Powerful 10-Speed Reversible Fan with Thermostat, Built-in Rain Cover, Remote Control, Intake & Exhaust Fan, Smoke (00-07500K)
  • ALL-IN-ONE VENTILATION SOLUTION: The Maxxair Maxxfan Deluxe combines a vent, fan, and vent cover into a single unit,...
  • POWERFUL 10-SPEED FAN: Experience optimal temperature control with the powerful 10-speed reversible fan equipped with a...

Why We Got the MaxxAir Fan Instead

The MaxxAir Deluxe fan is a low-profile, all-in-one unit that takes the cake. When you open the vent, the lid on the roof raises from a low-profile position. The roof vent cover moves into its higher position every time the vent is open, and then it tucks away to a low-profile design when not in use.

We also appreciate the touch keypad on the ceiling unit, and the deluxe models come with twin lifting arms which make the vent sturdier in higher winds.

Finally, these units come with a rain shield cover, perfect for keeping your vent open in inclement weather. The MaxxAir Deluxe pulls four amps on high speed and only two-tenths of an amp on low speed.

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The Fantastic Fan Isn’t Bad; It’s Just Not the Best

While a Fantastic brand of a fan isn’t a poor choice, the MaxxAir steps it up a notch. The sleek factor is on point for the MaxxAir Deluxe with their all-in-one unit, and we appreciate the ceiling controls. You can operate your vent fan no matter where your remote is.

A good roof vent is something you don’t want to overlook in your RV. It creates a more comfortable climate and helps protect your RV from moisture build-up and mold.

Although Dometic’s Fantastic line of fans is a decent option, we’re confident you’ll love the upgraded features of the MaxxAir fan.

Do you have a MaxxAir fan in your RV?

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