Arctic Fox Camper Buying Guide

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An Actic Fox Camper outside.

The summer heat is almost here, and an Arctic Fox camper for your truck could be the anecdote to the swelter. Adventuring in the summertime is fun, but you need somewhere to clean up and cool down at the end of the day. 

The right camper can be a game-changer, especially if adventuring with the whole family. Research is the key to success if you want the right trailer to transform this year’s outdoor explorations. 

For starters, Arctic Fox makes all types of campers, but let’s stick to truck campers for simplicity’s sake. Prepare yourself for a speedy education on just what Arctic Fox campers can offer your next nature quest. 

What Is an Arctic Fox Camper? 

Arctic Fox has a range of campers on their lineup. They have a travel trailer model, several fifth wheels, and a variety of truck campers. Arctic Fox is known for its quality.

You can get them with or without a slide, a wet or dry bath, and a slew of other customizable options. It has a lot of variation in the lineup. 

Who Makes the Arctic Fox Camper? 

Northwood Manufacturing makes all Arctic Fox fifth wheels, travel trailers, and truck campers. The coolest thing about Arctic Fox is that they are the only brand that creates all types of camping trailers, and they do it well.

The company uses sturdy materials to build its campers. You can trust that your Arctic Fox will last through many years on the road if you treat it right. 

An Actic Fox Camper outside.
Source: Northwood Manufacturing

About Northwood Manufacturing 

Northwood is a rather large manufacturing company founded by Ron Nash in 1993. He has since passed away, but the company he worked hard to build is still going strong.

The company provides more than 400 jobs in Northeastern Oregon. You’ll find the scenic beauty of the Blue Mountains in the background of the manufacturing plant and a healthy stock of Arctic Fox campers in the yard. 

They are also the same company that makes Outdoors RVs.

Where Are Arctic Fox Campers Built?

The Northwood Manufacturing plant is located in La Grande, Oregon. This one plant constructs the trailers in their entirety. This means you could have a little trouble grabbing a custom job in a short time.

You’ll need some patience to get what you want. Otherwise, you can find the campers on second-hand selling sites or in your local trader. 

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An Actic Fox Camper outside.
Source: Northwood Manufacturing

Are Arctic Fox Campers 4-Season?

Arctic Fox campers are four-season campers. And they’re built by people who understand just how cold it can get outside.

With all-conditions/four-season foam block insulation and heated holding tanks, your camper will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

In fact, Arctic Fox campers are some of the most popular all-season campers on the market.  

About the Arctic Fox Camper

Northwood offers several models for those looking to camp in style with an Arctic Fox camper. Here are a few specs on the truck camper lineup. Take a moment to check out some brief info to get you started on what the brand offers. 


Arctic Fox has eight floorplans. Seven of those include a hard side and one slide side, and the eighth floorplan doesn’t have any. The 865 model has a double hard side. Others offer an option of a wet or dry bath, a conversion dinette with a bunked sleeping area, and many other utility options. 

Inside of a Arctic Fox camper.
Source: Northwood Manufacturing


Arctic Fox campers come in formats ranging from 16-19 ft long. Adding a camper to your truck will up your vertical clearance to 10 ft, no matter which plan you choose.

All of the Arctic Fox campers come standard with a 59-gallon freshwater tank, 39-gallon gray tank, and a 43-gallon black water tank. They also have a 6-gallon water heater, two 30 lb propane tanks, and two batteries. 


The exterior of the Arctic Fox campers has several LED lights, an awning, a sliding battery rack, a roof rack, a phat ladder, storage compartments, and outside speakers.

The roof of every camper is fully walkable, which creates an easier way to access and manage the components on top. 

Additionally, the interior features several 120V outlets, two or three sleeping areas, a wet or dry bath, and tons of storage compartments.

The kitchen has a large refrigerator, a three burner stovetop, and a 24” oven. The seating space has a dinette table that transforms into a bed. You can also enjoy the quality textured floor. 

What Size Truck Do You Need for an Arctic Fox Camper?

It’s important to match your truck with your camper properly. The wrong combination can cause undue wear and tear on your vehicle and even a dangerous situation.

Your truck won’t handle well if you don’t have the right match. You can experience issues with steering and braking too. 

Arctic Fox has long-bed and short-bed truck campers. Take the time to match your truck’s tow rating and suspension capabilities to a model before purchasing. There’s no one-size-fits-all truck for carrying an Arctic Fox. 

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How Much Does an Arctic Fox Camper Cost?

The Arctic Fox campers have an average MSRP between $32,000 to $37,000 for a brand new model. Of course, you’ll pay more than that if you customize it in any way.

But this isn’t too bad for what you get in their campers. Used models may run around $25,000, making Arctic Fox one of the more affordable options on the market. 

Get the Adventure Started with an Arctic Fox 

Now that you know a little about the brand, explore which models suit you and your family best. A good truck camper could be the more affordable answer to your camping needs, and the Arctic Fox brand is reliable.

It offers a large variety and plenty of customizable options for buyers. Start planning for your next summer vacation adventure, and consider Arctic Fox along the way. 

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