MaxxAir Fan: The Best RV Fan on the Market?

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White and black Maxx fan deluxe

A fan is just a fan, right? Wrong! You need a great fan in any RV type to help circulate air in and out. That’s where the MaxxAir 7500K MaxxFan comes into play.

We currently have two MaxxAir fans in our RV. One in the kitchen and the other in the bathroom. We love them both and since installing them, they have helped cool our rig, circulate air, and quickly remove smells.

Let’s review why the MaxxAir fan is our favorite RV fan!

Who Makes the Maxxair Fan?

MaxxAir makes MaxxAir fans, which is one of the many brands owned by Airxcel. MaxxAir has been manufacturing vent covers, vent lids, fans, and shrouds since 1988. They have a reputation in the RV industry for making high-quality products that last.

A big differentiator for this company is that they design all of their MaxxAir vent covers to be installed without screwing into your RV roof. Their unique design includes brackets that are meant to mount to the sidewall of the RV roof vent fan for a secure fit.

Pros of the MaxxAir Fan

There are many benefits to this MaxxAir fan, including its powerful 10-speed intake, rain cover, interior insect screen, sleek design, and the fact that it fits all standard 14″ x 14″ roof openings. We love that we have full control over the fan speed and can adjust it as needed.

A great feature is that you can set a temperature range for the fan to automatically turn on or off. This is great for temperature control on those hot or cold days. Additionally, the electric lid opens and closes with a remote control, and the keypad controls the fan speed. If needed, you can open or close it manually by simply rotating a knob.

Customers also like that you can use this vent fan in the rain to bring in the crisp fresh air. This is because it has a built-in rain cover. However, if you’re worried about rain while you’re out, don’t worry because it does have a rain sensor. Lastly, the MaxxAir fan only weighs five pounds and comes in either black or white.

Cons of the MaxxAir Fan

The biggest con for the MaxxAir fan is its price. However, we are firm believers in your get what you pay for, so the price is well worth it in our eyes.

How to Buy a MaxxAir Fan

If you’re ready to pick up a MaxxAir 7500K MaxxFan for yourself, they are available on Amazon. This MaxxAir Deluxe fan is easy to install and will end up being one of your favorite RV upgrades.

Maxx Air 00-07500K MaxxFan Deluxe with Remote - Smoke, Black
  • Powerful 10-speed intake and exhaust fan
  • Thermostat to control room temperature

Pro tip: The price for the MaxxFan on Amazon fluctuates. If you’re reading this at one of the high points, you can buy it via Camping World instead.

Bonus: The MaxxShade Plus

If you would like to take your fan upgrade to the next level, we recommend checking out the MaxxAir MaxxShade Plus.

We have this shade installed over our MaxxAir 7500K MaxxFan in the bathroom and love it. The additional light has a blue hue that is very relaxing. It’s perfect for winding down at night or to use for those midnight potty breaks when you don’t want the hard bathroom lights on.

Additionally, the shade helps keep heat out during hot days.

MAXXAIR MAXXSHADE PLUS 00-03901 Lightweight RV Window Replacement; Block Out Sunlight & UV Rays, White
  • MAXXSHADE - The perfect solution for blocking out sunlight and UV rays to stay cool and comfortable, day and night;...
  • FUNCTIONAL - Fully retractable, spring loaded roller shade with secure “snap-lock” closure; Easy installation using...

How Do You Install the MaxxAir Fan?

The installation process is very simple. What takes the most time is removing the lap sealant and the old fan. Once you have the old fan out, installing the new MaxxAir 7500K shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes. Be sure to have all the right sealant and tape for any roof maintenance though!

You can watch our installation video here:

Can You Drive With The MaxxAir Fan Open?

Believe it or not, you can drive with the MaxxAir fan open. Airxcel has advised that if you do drive with the fan open, be sure that it is open fully. This is so the dual lift arms are completely extended and support the lid.

Additionally, because of the twin lifting arms, your fan will not vibrate or rattle during high winds when your RV is parked. We can personally attest to this as our fans haven’t rattled when we were camping in 40+ MPH winds.

Which is Better: The FanTastic Fan or MaxxAir?

When it comes to RV roof vent fans, MaxxAir and Fantastic on the top two brands. While the FanTastic fan does have good reviews, it appears that RVers prefer the MaxxAir brand better. A common complaint is that the FanTastic fan is louder than the MaxxAir. Additionally, they fall within the same price range, but the FanTastic fan is a manual open.

Lastly, some loyal customers of the Fantastic fan have complained that the quality has declined in the last two years. Things like customer service, build quality, and craftsmanship appears to be on the decline based on reviews.

An Upgrade You Won’t Regret

Whether you’re building out a camper van or looking to upgrade your current RV fan, a MaxxAir 7500K MaxxFan should be top of mind. If you want great air circulation, a protective rain shield, and a solid bug screen, you’ve found your product.

The only regret we have about ours is that we didn’t install them sooner!

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