Maxx Air Fan: The Best RV Fan on the Market?

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We didn’t realize how helpful Maxx Air fans could be in an RV. In other words, we thought a fan is just a fan, right? Wrong! You need a great fan in any RV type to help circulate air in and out. That’s where the MaxxAir 7500K MaxxFan comes in to play.

We currently have two Maxx Air fans in our RV. One in the kitchen and the other in the bathroom. We love them both and since installing them, they have helped cool our rig, circulate air, and quickly remove smells (from the kitchen and the bathroom 😳).

Let’s review why the Maxx Air fan is so awesome!

Benefits and Features

There are many benefits to this Maxx Air fan, including:

  • Powerful 10-speed intake and exhaust fan
  • Can set a temperature range for the fan to automatically turn on or off
  • Thermostat to control the room temperature
  • Provides over 900 CFM to keep you cool and comfortable
  • Fits all standard 14″ x 14″ roof openings
  • Open and close the vent lid by simply rotating the knob
  • Electric lid opening with remote control
  • Only weighs five pounds
  • Sleek design, unlike other outdated RV fans
  • Comes in black or white

However, the con for this fan is that it’s not the cheapest around.

Installation of the Maxx Air Fan

The installation process is really simple! What takes the most time is removing the lap sealant and the old fan. Once you have the old fan out, installing the new Maxx Air 7500K shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes. Be sure to have all the right sealant and tape for any roof maintenance though!

You can watch our installation video here:

How to Buy a Maxx Air Fan

If you’re ready to pick up a MaxxAir 7500K MaxxFan for yourself, they are available on Amazon. We love when RV companies have their products on Amazon as it makes ordering and receiving super simple. Click on the image below to get yours.

Maxx Air 00-07500K MaxxFan Deluxe with Remote - Smoke
  • Powerful 10-speed intake and exhaust fan
  • Thermostat to control room temperature

Pro tip: we’ve noticed the price for the MaxxFan has been fluctuating on Amazon (most likely to due low stock). If you’re reading this at one of the high points, you can buy it via Camping World instead.

In addition, I wanted to mention the MaxxAir MaxxShade Plus. We have this shade installed over our MaxxAir 7500K MaxxFan in the bathroom and love it. For instance, the light has a blue hue that I find very relaxing. It’s perfect for nighttime showers when it’s time to start winding down for bed. Additionally, the shade helps keep heat out during those hot days.

Maxxair Vent Corp 00-03901 Maxxshade Plus
  • Product Type:Air Conditioner
  • Item Package Dimension:5.08 cm L X 49.53 cm W X 53.34 cm H

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re building out a van or looking to upgrade your current RV fan, a Maxx Air 7500K MaxxFan should be top of mind. The only regret we have about ours is that we didn’t install them sooner!

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