Can You Put a Ceiling Fan in an RV?

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An RV ceiling fan comes in handy to keep air flowing, keep moisture accumulation at bay, and help tackle the heat. But what if your RV doesn’t have one? Some RVs come with RV ceiling fans, but even if yours doesn’t you can simply install one.

If you don’t have one installed, stick with me. We’ll explore what types of fans work in an RV and what to think about before purchasing one. And we’ll also take a look at our top picks for RV ceiling fans.

Let’s get started.

Can You Put a Ceiling Fan in an RV? 

Yes, you can put a ceiling fan in an RV. You can find RV-specific ones or use any residential ceiling fan even those from the big-box store.

However, you’ll want to consider a few important details, such as size and power usage. Also, take a look at the room you want to put it in. Putting a fan in an RV isn’t hard but make sure to do it right.

12V ceiling fan in an RV bedroom

Why You Want a 12V Fan in an RV

Your RV’s electrical system has an AC 120V system and a DC 12V system. Appliances and outlets that run off 120V will only work when connected to an electrical post. If you have an inverter installed on board, you can run your 120V items off your battery power.

Without shore power or an inverter, you can only run 12V items off your battery. Many things in your RV already run off 12V, like your roof vent fans, interior and exterior lights, auto-leveling system, water pump, and propane appliances. 

When you get a 12V ceiling fan, you can run this off your battery power, too. Having a 12V-powered fan allows you to turn it on whenever you’d like whether you hook up to power or boondock for the night.

An RV ceiling fan in the living room of a large travel trailer

Things to Consider When Choosing an RV Ceiling Fan

Aside from the power source, there are some other things you’ll need to consider before buying an RV ceiling fan. From size to how it mounts, find the right type to fit your space.


Consider the size of your space before buying an RV ceiling fan. Do you have a larger open space that would benefit from a larger-blade ceiling fan? Or do you need one that fits in an ultra-compact area?

Just as you’d consider the size of your room when buying a ceiling fan for a sticks-and-bricks home, think about your RV room size, too. For maximum airflow, choose a size that works in your space.


Weight is everything when it comes to RV life. Some RVs have little cargo-carrying capacity. If this is yours, you need to pay attention to the items you install in your RV to ensure you stay within your weight criteria. 

This might not be such a big deal if you have wiggle room. Still, you don’t want to add the heaviest one. The good news is that many companies design 12V ceiling fans with RVs in mind and take the weight into account.

An RV ceiling fan in a fifth wheel living room

Mount Type 

A ceiling fan’s mount type is most important for RVs with lower ceilings, like motorhomes and travel trailers. You’ll need to consider how far a ceiling fan hangs down before buying it.

A close-mount or flush-mount design will work best. You won’t have dead space between the ceiling and the fan motor, so you’ll lose less space. Ideally, you’ll have room to walk underneath it without hitting your head.

This isn’t as big of a deal if you have higher ceilings, like in a fifth wheel. You could opt for a semi-flush mount or even one with a short down rod.

The Best 12V RV Ceiling Fans 

We’ve searched the internet for the best 12V RV ceiling fans. Some are bigger for the main living area, and some are smaller for tighter rigs or smaller rooms. Here are our top picks.

1. RecPro RV Ceiling Fan 12V 4 Blade with Remote

This 42” black RV ceiling fan comes in a brushed nickel finish and is about 4” tall. It comes with a wall control allowing you to turn it on, change the speed, and change the direction of the fan blades.

Furthermore, it uses 20W and weighs 7.5 lbs making this a lightweight option for your RV. The wall control also means you don’t have to worry about losing a remote.

2. Cherry LaSalle Bristol 12V RV Ceiling Fan 

This ceiling fan with four blades is a bit smaller at 36”. It features oak and reversible cherry blades with brushed nickel hardware. The LaSalle Bristol weighs just over 7 lbs and drops only about 5” from the ceiling.

Additionally, it has four speeds and can reverse airflow directions, making this a great option for year-round use. The reverse flow can create cool air or push hot air out. LaSalle also makes a slightly bigger one listed below. You can use this for smaller spaces like the bedroom in your RV.

3. White LaSalle Bristol 12V RV Ceiling Fan

The LaSalle Bristol 12V RV ceiling fan is 42” wide and 6” tall and has four blades. It weighs just under 7.5 lbs, and its large size makes it a great option for a larger room in your RV.

Additionally, it has a wall control where you can power on the fan, reverse the direction, and increase its speed. Its white finish and brushed nickel hardware blend in with most styles. And, if you have a white ceiling, it’ll blend in seamlessly.

4. Global Electric Ceiling Fan for RV

The Global Electric RV ceiling fan measures 36” in diameter and has four reversible blades. It comes in cherry and light cherry with silver hardware. This means you can switch up the look depending on your style.

It’s noiseless and only uses 12W of electricity, one-third less than brush motors. This is a good choice for those regularly monitoring and conserving their electricity use.

It features six reversible speeds, and it comes with safety features like thermal overload and overheat protection. It weighs just over 7 lbs and hangs down 6” from the ceiling. Finally, it has an included wall control that reverses the fan’s direction and controls its speed and power. The lightweight, low wattage, and small size make this a great option for RVs.

5. Camper Comfort 12V Ceiling Fan

This 36” diameter black ceiling fan has four blades and brushed nickel hardware. It features four speeds and a wall switch control.

Additionally, it uses 20W of electricity and has a low-profile close-mount, hanging only 4.25” from the ceiling. It includes a wall control to reverse the direction and control the speeds. If you want a black ceiling fan for a smaller RV room, this may fit you.

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6. 12V Hanging Camping Tent Fan

You can hang this white mini fan wherever you need a bit of a breeze. This plastic fan has blades 20” long, making it the smallest on this list and the least expensive coming in at under $20. To power it, hook up the negative and positive leads to either a 12V storage battery or a 12V power adapter. 

Additionally, it comes with a clip to hang it and only comes down 5.7”. The 94” cable has an on-off switch. And, since it’s portable, you can take it down and move it where you need it. Need a fan in your sun tent? Check. Need a fan to hang under your awning? Check. This one fits the bill.

Get Great Air Flow With an RV Ceiling Fan 

If your RV doesn’t come with a ceiling fan, you have plenty of options to add one yourself. For an easy choice, replace one of the ceiling lights in your RV. Or, go for the portable fan to add air movement wherever you can. 

Buying an RV ceiling fan helps make your RV more comfortable, and it’ll cut down your air conditioning use. And when it comes to RVs, air circulation is of the utmost importance to reduce moisture buildup and prevent mold growth. Try out one of these RV ceiling fans, and let us know what you think.

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